Accidental scolding

Max’s dad had disappeared for about 3 months. Since his removal from the affidavit of parentage was denied he has decided to do his service plan including visitations.

Tonight was the first one. When I picked him up, he said, I gave him some blue bug juice but he didn’t like it at first; then he chugged it down.

Before I could control my mouth, I said, well; he hasn’t had that because it is unnecessary sugar. He only drinks water and milk. His case worker was behind him and gave me a thumbs up.

Oy vey!

Can we just appreciate the fact that Disney posted this on their Facebook page, acknowledging their previous shows instead of just dropping and forgetting about them in favor of their newer, less desirable ones?


These days, the same shit happens every month. There’s rent, paychecks with which you’ll pay that rent, and that’s pretty much the extent of it. 15 years ago, life was a little different. It was Disney Channel Original Movies that we had to look forward to on a regular basis.

DCOMs have been around since the early ‘80s and the network’s still making them now, but only a handful truly matter, and by some incredible stroke of luck, they all came out around the same time. It was a golden era for television if I’ve ever seen one. Disney was on fire and I don’t think the channel’s run from the late ‘90s to the early 2000s gets enough recognition.

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