Drew the sons yall,, ,

does anyone remember these shows?

So I used to love watching Bug Juice on the Disney Channel and Moolah Beach on Fox Family (before it became ABC Family). They were reality shows before reality TV was a thing. I was so jealous of those kids who got to go to the summer camp on Bug Juice and I wanted to compete on Moolah Beach so bad (think survivor for kids). actually I’m still not over the fact that I never got to do either. Anyone else know what I’m talking about?!

Bug Juice & Heavyweights

Disney had a show that was called Bug Juice, I didn’t get to watch it often considering I was only eight…or was I nine? Ehh screw doing the math it’s 4ish….I do remember watching and always wanting to go to a camp like the one they showed on there. Sadly I never got to go to one like that. I just remember looking at the views of all the scenery and thinking “That place looks awesome!” I used to go to a church summer camp for a week but it wasn’t as big as the camp they shown on there and I was only gone for a week. I remember asking my mom and dad for a notebook just to draw up my own fake camps! Than when school came around  and I looked at the copies of the Boys Life magazines and at the end of the magazine they mentioned all these summer camps and such, so throughout the school year I would daydream constantly about going to a summer camp!…come to think of it there was a movie called Heavyweights that made me want to go to a summer camp as well. It was called Heavyweights!  Fantastic movie, made me want to go to a fat camp although I was super skinny at the time. Ben Stiller is in it as the new camp director Tony Perkis who bought out the camp from it’s original owner who is played by Jerry Stiller, Perkis who is a bit insane gets the campers mad and they go out to get revenge on Perkis to bring back what made the camp fun in the first place! This film also features a young Kenan Thompson. Fantastic movie, and I highly recommend it if you want to relive the wonders of being a kid in the 90s! Or if you want a good movie the whole family can enjoy! I am sure there are other actors in it I’d recognize but it’s been awhile since I seen the movie so excuse my ignorance. Well I hope you enjoyed learning a small bit about me, there might be more posts like this in the future, and I might even go into more detail on this someday but considering the time I won’t be doing it now.