Tentomon is a Hero.

Why am I not seeing a lot more Tentomon love? D-Did no one else watch him literally go Ultimate/Mega, (depending on which you choose to use), just so that he can protect the world, keep his friends from hurting their partners, and sacrifice himself to save everyone. Not to mention he fucking went up against Wargreymon!! Fucking one half of the great Omegamon, and he barely flinched! No fuck that, he stood his ground against the entire group, all while holding Crazy Meikoomon!! Furthermore, during all of this, he managed to pull all his friends back to reality, just so that when he pushed them into the portal and they were rebooted, their partners would remember them trying to save the world!! Tentomon is a fucking hero, and he needs more love!!! Somebody give him a fucking hug! Shit, I’m crying! So please, show our favorite little brainiac Digimon more love, show that you care!! Show that Kenshiro isn’t the only one who thinks Tentomon is a HERO!!!

Silly F!Azurrin rambling

Wolf Children AU. Azura rides the dragon, and then later Corrin dies in a tragic accident and poor Azura is left to raise her two sons Shigure and Kana; both have the power to transform into dragons but Kana uses it more while Shigure tries to suppress it, because he doesn’t particularly like the whole dragon schtick. He feels much more comfortable among people and tries to live life as a normal human being.

Stuff happens, and in the end Shigure gives up his draconic heritage to live among the humans (and stay with Azura) while Kana fully embraces dragonhood and departs to live as a free spirit in nature, sometimes visiting his mother and brother for short periods of time before leaving again.

This was originally conceived back in August but I recently got Shigure and Kana’s ending cards and tell me they don’t sound somewhat superficially similar to the final fates of Yuki and Ame like seriously

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A Carnivorous Plant and its Bug
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Carnivory and symbiosis are two topics within the field of botany that are endlessly fascinating. Because they are static entities, plant evolution has gone through some very interesting pathways for survival. Recently, a group of plants found only on the southern tip of Africa have shone a light on yet another interesting plant/insect relationship that is unlike any other yet known to science.

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The genus Roridula contains two species that, for all intents and purposes, look like carnivorous plants. They closely resemble sundews in having leaves packed full of sticky hairs that ensnare hapless insects. However, they are neither closely related to sundews nor do they have any sort of digestive enzyme for breaking down their insect victims. Why then would these plants go through the trouble of producing glandular traps? There must be some adaptive benefit to make up for the cost of production. A closer look at these plants revealed that indeed there is.

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Living on Roridula plants are tiny capsid bugs that are covered in a special waxy substance that keeps them from getting stuck in the sticky traps. The bugs move about the sticky leaves, looking for trapped insects. When the insects are found, the capsid bugs impale them with their proboscis and suck them dry. As the capsid bugs feed, their droppings end up littering the Roridula leaves. This is how Roridula gets the added nutrients it needs to survive. Although the plants are not capable of actively digesting the full insects, they are capable of absorbing the components of the capsid bug feces. They are literally getting a little bit of fertilizer every time a capsid bug goes to the bathroom. By offering the capsid bugs a place to live and plenty of free, immobilized prey, the plant is able to get nitrogen-rich meals in return!

Photo Credit: Alex Lomas, CARNIVORASLAND, and Darwiniana

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Ok so @prod-with-the-prod told me to make a post about this.
 I was looking for alcohol and money to steal from people in Mankind Divided :v and I was in the sewers and I got the weirdest bug ever.

If I talked to her I would appear in Jensen’s apartment to have again the same conversation about who she is and all that.
That’s not all.

If I “talked” to the damn card reader thing, it would speak “Helle’s” lines XD

This was outside where you do the “Cult of personality” quest, so I started the quest and when I came back to help the people she wasn’t there anymore :/
Later in the quest I accidentally killed myself with the turret so when I went back and reload it before getting noticed by the turret I went to check outside and SHE WAS THERE AGAIN.

What the fuck.