Even though I’ve seen the last episode of Season 5 of Buffy, “The Gift” several times it still kills me to see Spike crying over Buffy

Gahhhh I love Spike’s character development throughout the series and as it continues on Angel. He was always misunderstood, evil sure but always more to him underneath the surface. There was always an internal battle of being the monster and attempting to not be. He’s one of my most favorite characters on the show

Just read the newest Mark-Watches bit and...

It REALLY irritates me when people go and chalk up “The Gift” as heroic sacriffice.

It really disappoints me when  people forget the fact that Buffy is a realistic human and start going all “what a hero! she saved the world so selflessly”.

Let’s stop pretending. It was a suicide.

We have seen an expansion of Spike’s monologue in “Fool For Love” about what ties her to this world and then we seen her lose it all.

She outright states in “the gift” that she does not want to live in this world anymore.

Thus she ended her existance, allowing the “Buffy” that she saw in Dawn to live a normal and happy life Buffy never had.

Thus a “Death was her gift”. A gift given to her. A release from it all, from pain, torment and sorrow. Death was gift of peace and end for her.

It was a beautiful, morbid and sad situation that showcased just how HUMAN Buffy is as well as explained her behavior in Season Six.

Uhh, so frustrated right now.