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Xander: Okay, but we’re still talking party, right? I mean, some of us relish celebrating the birth of the Buf. Buffy: Maybe it’s time to call a moratorium on parties in my honor. They tend to go badly. Monsters crash, people die…
Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1996 - 2003) Season 03 Episode 12 “Helpless” Directed by Joss Whedon

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fic recs plz: bangelus (sorry not sorry;))

Thank you so much for this! You have no idea how much it thrills me to get fic rec requests!

Ah, Bangelus. So wrong. So hot. So right? ;)

Given that it’s Angelus, this is dark stuff, so please remember to check ratings and warnings before reading!

The all-time classic of Bangelus stories is Leni’s Courting Sin. Set in BtVS Season 2, beginning post-Passion. Rated R. (And in looking up this link, I’ve just discovered there’s a lot more of this than I realized! I’ve only read the first chapter through the IWRY Marathon. Yay, more reading for me!)

Another personal favorite is Maren’s Elysian Dream. This is ridiculously, scorchingly hot. Set in an altered version of the AtS Season 4 episode Orpheus. Rated NC-17.

Not for the faint of heart is D.L. LePage’s Salvaging the Emptiness. Set in BtVS S7/AtS S4. This one is quite…operatic. But hot. (And NOT Scooby-friendly, just FYI!) Rated NC-17.

Another worth checking out is Chrislee’s Sacrifice, set in AtS Season 3. It’s a compelling mix of Angel and Angelus fighting for control. Rated Explicit.

I also like Mia’s The Space In Between, in which Buffy tortures Angelus with love! (Well, it sounds kind of silly when I put it like that, but it’s actually Very Sexy.) Unrated, but smutty.

There was a great Bangelus story posted last year that sadly seems to have been deleted. If anyone has a link that still works for KC Blossom’s The Closest Thing to Crazy, I’d love to have it.

I don’t think I would call this Bangelus, but one of the best recent fics to tackle the Buffy/Angelus dynamic is @mrsgordo84’s First Love. This is The First playing Angelus (and Angel), but it’s got an incredibly good take on all of the characters involved. Rated Teen & Up.

Finally, and it’s probably tacky to mention my own stuff, but I just posted a Bangelus fic called to kill this girl, you have to love her. I think it’s kinda hot? Rated Explicit.

okay, so the idea of mental illness in the slayer line.

like, yeah, there was Dana in Angel season 5 which an important story to tell within the new Slayer populated world especially as a predecessor to the comics, but that was also an extreme situation. What about Slayers with ADHD and Generalized Anxiety Disorder? Or slayers on the Autism Spectrum? Headcanons aside.

I mean if, post-Chosen, Slayers are awakened during a severe life threatening moment but a super young slayer (like, a kid) has a panic attack while being bullied at school, will they be called in that moment? Will the slayer powers be sentient enough and know the difference?

These are things I think about a lot as a person living with some of these.


Joyce: Dawn…She’s not mine, is she? She does belong to us though. And she’s important. To the world. Precious …As precious as you are to me? Then we have to take care of her. Promise me, Buffy - if anything happens to me, if I don’t come through this- Buffy: Mom. Joyce: No. Let me finish. No matter what she is, she still feels like my daughter, and I have to know you’ll keep her safe. You’ll love her like I love you. Buffy: I promise. Joyce: Good. Good…My sweet, brave Buffy. What would I do without you?
Buffy The Vampire Slayer (1996 - 2003) Season 05 Episode 9 “Listening to Fear” Directed By Joss Whedon

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I would love some Bangel fic recs! I'm not new to the fandom (watched Buffy when it was on TV) but I only really just started reading fic so you can rec anything, I probably haven't read it. Thank you :)

Two fic rec requests in one day?! I’m so excited!

Given your URL, I’m going to say you should definitely read @ariaadagio‘s Some Say in Ice. It’s a Bangel fic, but Cordelia has a big role. And the timing is great, because Aria is about to be featured on @thesunnydalefanficclub podcast! So if you want, you can send questions for her to the podcast hosts! (Aria’s Nothing Gold Can Stay is also great and features Cordelia prominently.)

This one is a little divisive, and it has Bangel but I would not say it’s a Bangel fic, but I have to recommend one of my favorite fics, As Time Goes By by Yahtzee. It’s a Casablanca/AtS mashup and it’s full of great character work for Cordelia. I can’t say more without spoiling. :D

Some of my all-time favorite Bangel fics include:

All Souls’ Day by Spiralleds: This was one of the first fics I’ve read that really worked for me, so it’s close to my heart. Set post-NFA. (8K, Explicit)

Phoenix Burning by Yahtzee: No fic rec list for a new Bangel reader could be complete without Phoenix Burning. It’s a classic for a reason. Set in a far-future dystopian AU, branching off after Buffy’s death in The Gift. It’s a full-fledged novel with a Bangel subplot, essentially. (88K, Mature)

If You Drive Me Back by thecarlysutra: This story just perfect. It’s told in a unique style, it’s romantic and evocative and it makes me think. Set post-NFA. (4K, Teen & Up)

Ten Observations on Being in Love With a Human by KairosImprimatur: My very favorite Bangel fic. Utter perfection. Set in a post-Shanshu future. (2K, G)

La Mariée by maren: This is heartbreaking and incredible. Another dystopian future fic (that also happens to be sooo hot). (14K, Mature)

Weight of Life by maren: Yes, I have a thing for maren. This is post-The Girl in Question and is such a good use of that storyline! Also, ridiculously hot. (20K, Mature)

If there’s anything that particularly appeals to you — a certain season, a type of AU, etc. — let me know and I can try to rec more specifically. Happy reading!