WE WILL MISS YOU LIAM!! MAKE SURE YOU MAKE SOME SURPRISE (but-not-really-because-brad-will-have-to-become-part-hipster-now-to-make-up-for-your-lost-hipster-ness-so-he-will-just-go-instagram-crazy-and-accidentally-on-purpose-let-everyone-know-that-you-will-be-appearing-and-twitter-will-explode-maybe) APPEARANCES BECAUSE W E MISS YOU ALREADY AND IT HAS ONLY BEEN ONE VIDEO.

Have fun with your new job and and keep WOTO in your heart (*we say this next word all together*) forever.

*scattered applause*

Goodbye, good bye now, bye-bye, bye-now, bye-bye-now, good bye, good bye, bye-bye, bye bye now - Goodbye.