Blueberry Oatmeal Stout (Buffalo Bill’s)

Brewery : Buffalo Bill’s
Beer : Blueberry Oatmeal Stout
Style : Oatmeal Stout / Sweet Stout / Stout
Variance : Brewed with Blueberries and Natural Flavors

8.5 / 10

Holy chocolate covered blueberries of goodness! This beer is freaking awesome and I really wish I had another bottle because this is the perfect dessert. I love the fact that Buffalo Bill’s instantly reminds me of Buffalo Bill’s casino right outside of Vegas because A) The Desperado is a bad-ass rollercoaster and B) Who doesn’t love a western themed casino? No one, that’s who! I’ve really been in the mood for a super flavorful stout lately due to the abundance of IPAs I had in my fridge and this beer hit the spot perfectly and for that, I thank you Buffalo Bill. This has an amazing authentic blueberry flavor to start with some gooey chocolate joining in quickly after before some slight roast smoke flavors mix in adding more to the flavor before ending with more of that chocolate covered blueberry goodness. If you are looking for a great way to spoil yourself after dinner, pick this beer up and drink it down because it doesn’t get much better than this when it comes to sweet stouts. If you are a first timer or a craft lifer, this is is a must drink so make sure you you snag a bottle and while you’re at it, head over to that casino and puke your brains out on the rides!

Written by: Steve B.

Tasmanian Devil (Buffalo Bill’s)

Brewery : Buffalo Bill’s
Beer : Tasmanian Devil
Style : Strong Ale / American Strong Ale / English Strong Ale
Variance : Brewed with Tasmanian Hops

8 / 10

How the hell did the Tasmanian Devil become one of the biggest Looney Toons characters? I mean, he speaks like he had twelve strokes and usually is a prick and is trying to eat one of the better characters so I just don’t get it. For those of you out there who don’t know who the Tasmanian Devil or “Taz” is, just look on any trashy 40 year old woman’s shoulder blade or any douche-y older guys bicep and you’ll probably see his image in all of it’s faded horribly tattooed glory. Fun fact: I have always wanted to visit Tasmania for no particular reason other than being able to say that I have been there and also to see a Kiwi bird. That’s a pretty dumb fact but oh well. I had no fucking clue what kind of beer this was until I looked it up but I must say that I am a fan of this here strong ale. This has a mix of malt and floral hops to start with more sweetness and almost a nuttiness than any real bitterness before just a slight bitterness joins in with an almost mossy type flavor before mixing together to close. It’s a breath of fresh air tasting a style that really isn’t popular in today’s market and even though my mind hasn’t been blown, my taste buds appreciate something different more than Tom Holland appreciates the fact that the last Andrew Garfield Spiderman (I can not wait for Homecoming!) sucked a bag of dicks. If you are looking for something out of the norm but still worth the pickup, snag a bottle of Tasmanian Devil and spin as fast as you can in a circle and puke your guts out then drink this whole thing down to get the full experience. I don’t give a fuck how experienced you are as a drinker, this beer is sure to delight your mouth so pick one up today!

Written by: Steve B.

Alimony (Buffalo Bill’s)

Brewery : Buffalo Bill’s
Beer : Alimony
Style : IPA
Variance : None

7.5 / 10

Let me tell you a little story if I may. Back in the day when I was the drummer of a touring band, there was a venue in Wheeling, West Virginia named Yesterday’s that was owned by one of the most awesome dudes ever, Chuck. We played there numerous times but the one night we were there was different. While we were hanging out on the street, a homeless man named Dee bringing a bagged diner back to his wife decided to stop and hang out with us for a while. What a fucking mistake he made. He tossed the dinner in the trash, was handed a bottle of Hennessy, and decided to throw his t-shirt in the garbage and wear one of our band’s instead. Later that night we brought him on stage with us to give him his 15 seconds of fame but instead it turned into 30 minutes because between each song he would rap, always starting with “Listen to the motha fuckin’ child support” which made absolutely no sense. All of that really has nothing to do with this beer but alimony and child support are pretty similar so we’ll go with that. This is my first beer from Buffalo Bill’s and luckily I didn’t even have to stay in a pit and rub lotion on myself to enjoy their stuff. This has a bitter hop punch to start things off with some floral flavors before some slightly spiced hop flavor joins in before some light malt mixes in to close. I can see this being a good place for first timers to start because it definitely will introduce you to those little green nuggets of beer joy while still being mild enough to quench your thirst so make sure you pick up a bottle ya’ little rascals. As for you pros, don’t go too far out of your way to pick this up but If it’s available definitely grab some. Cheers!

Written by: Steve B.


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  • Leatherface in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, 1974
  • Buffalo Bill in The Silence of the Lambs, 1991
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  • Frank Zito in Maniac 1980