Jim Kelly announces Buffalo Bills’ second-round draft pick, receives standing ovation

The fact that the 2015 NFL Draft Picks were held in Chicago did not stop Buffalo from being center stage. Despite the purpose being to hear the announcement of the newest Buffalo Bill, Ronald Darby, it was the one one announcing Darby’s pick that received the majority of the attention when it was time to focus on the Bills.

Jim Kelly has been a long time hero in Western New York but as the NFL Draft Pick confirms he has become a national hero as well. Having recently defeated cancer the former four-time Super Bowl contender received a standing ovation complete with a chant. Kelly took a moment to thank the crowd before announcing the Darby pick.

nobthehobbit asked:

So here's what I came up with for the thirty-two teams: Buffalo Bills - Frontier Guide (Buffalo Bill Cody); Miami Dolphins - Great Whale; New England Patriots - Vulpine Goliath (a play on the fact that they play in Foxborough); New York Jets - Magma Jet; Baltimore Ravens - Mist Raven; Cincinnati Bengals - Zarichi Tiger; Cleveland Browns - Shelkin Brownie ; Pittsburgh Steelers - Steel Golem...

You clearly put some time into this…

Christ, it’s totally absurd how difficult it is to find media which isn’t grossly transmisogynistic.

I loved Insidious, for a lot of reasons. Insidious 2 is just some straight-up Buffalo Bill style transmisogny with a ghost thrown in, I ended up just turning it off halfway through.

That movie had HUGE opening week box-office sales, and everyone who saw it was taught that 1) trans women are just crossdressing men 2) who are mentally ill or damaged and 3) are dangerous predators.

UGH I’m just so done with everything

(1st Quarter)
5yo: “The Buffalo Bills are going to score 1,000 points!!”

(2nd Quarter)
5yo: “The Buffalo Bills are never going to win.”

Just like that, he’s a seasoned Bills fan.