Buddy Nielsen


Buddy is spitting out the straight truth right now on Twitter. I am so proud to call Senses Fail my favorite band, they’re using their stage time as a platform to talk about the real issues in between playing their music. Not only do more bands need to stand up and speak out, we, as fans, need to do the same. If you hear a band on stage talking about these issues, don’t walk away because you think they’re preaching and that they should shut up and play their music. Stay and listen to become more educated because we can make a difference as a whole in the music scene.

Buddy Nielsen Opens Up On Sexual Addiction, Orientation, Depression On New 100 Words Or Less Episode

Buddy Nielsen of Senses Fail joined Ray Harkins on 100 Words Or Less Podcast for an incredibly introspective episode. Nielsen opened up about sexuality, substance abuse, sexual addiction, anxiety, depression, grief, and self loathing. 

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