i can’t believe my team leader is a meme: the new series on mtv


Such a cute and light hearted episode! I love any episode with Connie.

What we learned:

  • Stevens never been to a library
  • Connie is going into 7th grade
  • JAMIES BACK! It’s cute the kids pictured him as Buddy
  • Buddy has been to alot of Gem places. Now we know that even though humans can’t use warps they can still make it to Gem locations EDIT: let me clarify, Humans can’t use a warp without a Gem or a Gem object like the warp whistle. Greg used the warps in ‘House Guest ’ but only because Pearl gave him a warp whistle. And Sadie and Lars did with Steven being the one to warp them. They cant use a warp on their own
  • The Strawberry Battlefield is around Norway/Sweden 

  • The Crystal Gems was adorable
  • When Steven and Connie came across ‘The Palanquin’ Steven said he didn’t know what it was, it looks alot like the thing Blue Diamond was in, in ‘The Answer’. I wonder why she left it on Earth? They showed it to us, it will porbably be important later. 

  • Rose had 7 Lions that look alot like Stevens Lion

And the best picture: