some fun facts about the romanian protests:

the government just made train rides free for students a few days ago. hundreds of students took that opportunity to get to bucharest to protest
pubs are offering free drinks, restaurants free food, hotels free accommodation, taxis free rides, kindergartens free babysitting
police officers and guards stay in the squares to protest after their shifts are over
people in bulgaria and moldova have also come out to protest in solidarity

it’s day 6 of protesting in the cold and humanity is truly beautiful. also, romanians are savage

300.000 people in Bucharest, 300.000 in the rest of Romania. WE WON. For now. The government won’t quit. They are going to legalize corruption, no doubt. But we will stand up for our rights every time. The fight goes on.

Thank you for the love, world.

(Great photo by the way, Dan Mihai Balanescu.)

We won’t stop, because we can’t stop. The government of the PSD legalized corruption and we, the people, are against this messed up law (of course!)… They are going to repeal, maybe, we don’t know for sure, certainly not with our lying government. So we can do only one thing: resist and protest. And that is what we do. We won’t stop until these bad boys are in jail.

But we can’t do it alone. Help us. Share, reblog, talk about us with your friends and family. We need a free Romania! Now! 

You know what is the most annoying thing today?


Romanians during the year: Ugh this country! I hate this country! These people! All! Politics, systems! I want to leave and not come back! Roads full of holes, only churches, where are the hospitals? We need hospitals! Să se ducă naibii ei şi Catedrala Neamului lor, vrem legi noi, vrem schimbarea clasei politice, drumuri, autostrăzi, sisteme de învăţământ şi de sănătate, mult mai bune!

Romanians today: Wehey! Happy birthday Romania! We love you Romania! Let’s drink, let’s party, let’s eat fasole cu ciolan! We are so happy! We are so fake!