Let’s Do That Again

bucky x reader
words: 1.6k
summary: “See, for some reason, you thought it would be funny to eat a lot of grapes. And I thought… it would be funnier if we got married. So, as a  compromise we decided first to get married… then to eat a lot of grapes.”
warnings: none
a/n: hehehe.

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we go hand in hand

summary: your boyfriend helps you get through the shock of getting your first detention.

pairing: punk!bucky x reader

word count: 1089 words

warnings: a bit of swearing, and ya girl’s usual fluff

notes: I’m sure a few of you remember one of my older fics, ‘ glory and gore ‘ right? because this is a continuation off of it, so if you would like to read it to grab some context, then go for it!

this is my first time writing after about 11 weeks, so I’m a lil rusty, but hopefully I get back into the habit!

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Your hands tremble slightly as you approach the group, feeling extremely contrasted to their vibe of black leather and the scent of smoke.

“Hey, um…is Bucky here?” You finally ask nervously, all their heads turning towards you, eyes piercing you. Oh fuck, you think, breath hitching in your throat.

Before any of them can say anything, a taller boy pushes to the front of the group, his mouth curled into a beautiful smirk.

“Bucky is here.” He murmurs, stepping towards you and tilting your chin up with his fingers. “How’re you, doll?”

Your boyfriend’s smile falters when you don’t reply, eyes cast down despite his gentle gaze on you. “Hey, what’s the matter?” Bucky says softly, leading you away from his gang, and closer to the main school grounds. He sits you down against the brick wall, crouching in front of you.

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Please may I request for 9. Things you said when I was crying with Bucky? I love your work, thank you sharing your talent ❤️

things you said when i was crying

“Maybe we could take a break?”

She says it, and he’s thought of her saying it for weeks, known it was coming. He knew she was going to say it when she was still wrapped up in his arms. Knew she’d say it even when she was looking at him like he was the brightest thing in the world.

It’s predictable. It’s known. He knew she was going to leave him. He feels like he’s choking on his own lungs.

“If you want that,” he sounds hollow. He hates how she can probably hear that. “I can be out in the afternoon.”

She’s standing and he’s sat on the edge of the bed. He knows this is his fault. He hasn’t talked to her, slept in the guest room because he’d keep her up all night. He’d sleep alone, in cold sweat when his cure is a room over. He’d avoided her at breakfast, flinched at her touch- been away when he hadn’t needed to. But if she’d seen him like that- broken and weak and nothing like the hero she thinks of him as, she’d leave.

She’d leave if she thought he was weak and she left when there wasn’t enough of him to give to her.

“Bucky,” her voice is soft, and her soft hand is on his cheek, lifting his chin so he can meet her eyes. Christ, she’s lovely. “I don’t want to go. I don’t want to be anywhere but here. I want to be here, with you- but if you’d rather have the place to yourself-“

He gathers her round the waist and pulls her in, burying his face in her middle. She smells like home and she immediately holds him back.

He’s crying, he realizes. Dampness seeps into the fabric of her shirt and he wants to hold her so tight that she never thinks to leave. Thinks he wants her to leave.

“I’m sorry,” he breathes, “I love you. I can’t have you leave. I can’t have you see-“

“I’ve seen, and I only mind when you push me away. Who you are is not an issue. I love who you are. Don’t hide from me.”

He breathes into her shirt again, inhaling safety and kindness and warmth in a way he’s never been good at indulging himself in.

things you said prompts

You Are The Reason Ch.3 | Bucky Barnes

Summary : Growing up in a small town, your life has always been mediocre, until you meet someone who will forever change your life.

A/N : Thank you all for the amazing feed back. It makes me so happy!! I love you!!

Chapter One - Chapter Two

The sky was filled with flickering stars, as part of the moon hid behind some clouds.

It was gloomy, and cold but you didn’t mind one bit.

This was the perfect weather.

Bucky pulled up to the cafe and before he stepped out of the old beat up truck, he looked at his reflection in the rear view mirror. Making sure everything was perfect.

He was more nervous than anything.

Until he pulled himself out of the truck and met your gaze. Suddenly, all his worries had disappeared.

Seeing you standing there with a small smile, he was taken aback.

You were absolutely beautiful to say the least. And this was one moment he wished to stay in forever.

“Hey.” You said, walking over to him.

The closer you got, the faster his heart beat in his chest.

“Hey.” He exhaled. “You look—you look beautiful.”

Your lips curved at the edges, as your stomach fluttered. Feeling as if it were filled with butterflies.

“Thank you.” Your voice was soft. “You don’t look bad yourself.”

He let out a little chuckle. “Alright, come on. We should get going.”

Bucky opened the passenger door and helped you into the truck. The moment his hand held yours, felt like a million sparks ignited in not only you but in him as well.

Once he climbed into the driver seat, and started the vehicle, he started to drive.

You would think being with him alone would have been awkward, but somehow it wasn’t. It felt peaceful.

“So where are we going?” You asked.

“It’s a surprise.” He smiled at you.

Even though you barely knew him, you felt like you could trust him. You felt safe.

“Is this the part where you kill me?” You teased.

He glanced at you, and reached for your hand. Intertwining your fingers with his. “I would never do anything to hurt you.” He said with such a soft tone.

Slightly, you tightened your hand around his, and scooted closer to him. “I know.” You whispered.

With that, you two sat in silence holding each other as he drove down the dark roads.

Being with him, not having to say a single word, it was perfect.

After a little while, Bucky parked the truck in the middle of an open field.

“Okay, we’re here.” He said.

You glanced around, trying to figure out exactly where ‘here’ was. It wasn’t familiar to you at all.

“Where are we?”

He reached into the back and pulled out two blankets and a basket.

“Just outside of town.” He said. “We are going to sit on the bed of my truck and have a little picnic.

You couldn’t help but flash a smile. “You’re so cliche.”

He shrugged, and opened his door. “Sometimes it’s good to be cliche.”

You watched him make his way to the back and lay out one of the blankets over the bed. He then pulled out candles and began to light them up all over the truck.

Until he ran out, he then made his way over to you and helped you down from the passenger side.

Bucky jumped onto the bed of the truck and pulled you up immediately after.

You had fell into him, though he caught you. And being there in his arms made your heart begin to race. He was beautiful.

Looking at you under the light from the moon, he wanted nothing more than to kiss you right there and then. And he almost did.

But he had to fight back the urge. It was the right moment. And he didn’t want you to think that’s all he wanted.

“Alright let’s start eating, shall we?” He said.

You almost felt upset that he didn’t kiss you.

“Oh god yes. I’m starving.” You chuckled.

The two of you sat on top of the blanket, and he pulled out some wine and the food he prepared earlier.

Bucky even played some music on his phone. A playlist he put together just before he left to pick you up.

“This is beautiful.” You said, looking up at the twinkling stars, feeling more at peace than ever.

Being there with lightly dimmed candles all around you, soft music playing in the back ground, you were mesmerized.

Though you were paying attention, Bucky had his eyes on you. The way your eyes lit up the second you looked at the stars, and the smile that formed on your lips, was everything to him.

“I have to give it to you.” You said. “So far so good.”

As you two sat there, eating the pasta, talking about whatever came to mind, you were both beginning to feel the pull grow stronger.

He made you laugh so hard, your stomach ached. And just the sound of the little snort before you belted out laughing was Bucky’s favorite thing.

The conversation was all over place. One moment you were talking about your childhood, then you were talking about zombies and aliens. There was never a dull moment, nor any awkward silences.

“Okay, if you had to take one thing with you before zombies came, what would you take?” He asked.

You thought about it for a moment. This wasn’t a question you have ever been asked. Usually guys would ask the basic ‘what’s your favorite movie’ and all that crap. It was refreshing.

“I—I don’t know. I never thought about it.” You said.

As he was about to say something, a song came on and you knew just what it was.

“Oh my god! I love this song!” You exclaimed. “Come on, lets dance.”

You climbed out of the back of the truck. As your stood there, you decided to quickly take off your heels.

Bucky followed you and stepped down into the grass. He wasn’t one to dance but he wanted this to be a night you’d never forget.

He pulled you in to him, your hands wrapped around his neck while his laid gently against your lower back.

Just standing there, in your arms, Bucky felt a sense of warmth and peace. He felt whole.

As the song went on, Bucky listened to every word that was sung and in that very moment, being with you, he knew he didn’t want to let go.

Your bodies swayed together, in sync with the song and though it was faintly playing in the background, it was perfect.

Being in his embrace, he held you close to him. Breathing him in, you felt like you were walking on cloud nine.

As you rested your head against his chest, you could hear the sound of his heart beat.

“Can we just stay here forever?” You asked.

Suddenly, drops of rain began to fall around you. Sprinkling over your hair and cheeks.

You were both in utter shock, looking up at the cloudy sky.

It was beautiful to say the least, and before you knew it, rain began to pour over you. Soaking you both from head to toe.

You couldn’t help but belt out into laughter, holding Bucky’s hands.

Slowly, you met his gaze, flashing a smile so big, your cheeks were beginning to ache.

And that was it. It was the moment he waited for all night.

Bucky leaned in and gently pressed his lips against yours.

It was a night you’d never forget.

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Okay hear me out

The avengers on a mission with bucky and nat teamed up and he takes a bullet to his metal arm for nat and she sarcastically goes “thank you my knight in shining arm.” And over the communicators you just hear tony LOOSING it.

1. Because it’s GENIUS and

2. Because why didn’t he think of the first

Subject 302 (Avengers x Young!Assassin!Reader) Epilogue

Summary: Subject 302 had spent her entire childhood in a HYDRA Facility.

Her mother was also a test subject of HYDRA’s who had gotten pregnant when she obviously wasn’t supposed to. They took her from her mother the second she was out of the womb, killed the mother afterwards.

Since then, she has been injected, probed, cut, and put back together, over and over again. She was then proclaimed as the youngest out of many of HYDRA’s assassin.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6


You woke up to a faint, steady beeping. You forced your eyelids open and find yourself in the warm embrace of a comforter, you were in a room with walls painted a calming shade of blue. One of the wall was made out of glass and through it you can see the beautiful view of New York. You were back in The Avengers HQ.

You tried to sit up but failed as you immediately were attacked by pricking sensation of pain all over your body. Then you noticed the bandages wrapping almost every inch of your skin below the warm blanket and an unfamiliar oversized tee.

“Good evening, Miss.” You heard a familiar voice inside the empty room, FRIDAY. “Mr. Stark, Mr. Rogers, and Mr. Barnes will be with you shortly.”

You looked up, trying to find the source of the voice but your head started to throb at the sudden movement and you gave up. You closed your eyes again and laid back on to the soft pillow.

As the voice had promised, the door to your room soon opened and you open your eyes to see Tony with Steve and Bucky.

“We thought you were dead,” Tony commented as he walks in, earning himself a harsh glare from Steve.

“How are you feeling?”

You paused at Steve’s question. “Shit.” You simply answered.

“Watch your mouth there, kid.” Tony smirked. “Our old man here is not particularly fond of bad words.”

You almost chuckled at the remark.

“We just wanted to check in on you,” Steve said, “we’ll be leaving now.”

Then he left, but only with Tony. Bucky stayed behind, awkwardly looking at you from a distance.

“I don’t bite.” You said, naturally switching to Russian.

“I know.” He simply said, matching your language change. “I’m sorry.”

“For what?” You asked. “You didn’t do anything.”

“For that.” He sat down on a chair near your bed, looking down. “I knew what they did to you, I’ve always known, from the start. I should’ve done something but I didn’t.”

“That’s not on you.”

Bucky sighed, intertwining his metal arm with his real one.

“We both went through hell,” you said before Bucky could say anything else. “And neither of us did anything to save each other, that’s true, but it wasn’t our fault. We didn’t have a choice.”

“I guess, you’re right.” He let his lips tug up a little.

Then it was silent. Not an awkward or tense silence, it was oddly a comfortable silence. You finally felt safe for the first time in sixteen years. You finally felt like everything is going to get better. You might need a little time to fit in and get used to everything new around you, but you felt like it wouldn’t be that way with Bucky. You felt like you’ve known him all your life. And to a certain extent, you have.

He had a sense of familiarity to him. Your early memories of him were not particulary good memories –yes, of course you remembered the time HYDRA made you fight each other- but you knew he has changed, he is now his old self, the Bucky Barnes before HYDRA.

And he knew you’ve changed, you are now the new you and HYDRA is now nothing but your dark past. Your new personality is yet to be discovered but Bucky promised himself he’s going to be there for you, every step you take. Because after all, he knows exactly what it feels like to be you.

Bucky looked up to speak but then he saw you asleep. Your eyes were closed and mouth slightly open. You looked just like a normal kid if it weren’t for the metal arms tucked under your head and slightly yellowing bruises on your face.

Bucky smiled to himself. He realized just then that you now had him wrapped around your metal fingers.

Why Are You Recording?! - b.b.

request: no request, inspiration struck me after watching this video. brief summary: You have joined the Avengers camping and they decide to play a prank on your boyfriend, Bucky.

pairings: bucky barnes x female reader, avengers x female reader

warnings: cursing

length: 2k

a/n: after watching the video all i could picture was that exact thing happening to bucky 😂 so i decided to write this fic. please excuse any spelling errors. thank you to everyone who has sent requests, i’m making my way through them now. REQUESTS ARE OPEN.

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The Long and Winding Road

Requested by: @stargazingbucky Stargazing with Bucky

You press your body closer to Bucky as the wind whips around the two of you. You nuzzle your helmet into his back, and you feel him chuckle. The bike starts to slow, and you look from side to side at the unfamiliar stretch of road. Bucky pulls off to the side and kicks down the stand. He slides off the bike and offers you a hand with a small smile.

“Buck, where are we? I thought we were going into the city.” You take his hand, and he snaps both of your helmets to the motorcycle.

He ducks his head and leads you to the edge of the trees. “Is that what I said?”

“Yes, that’s what you said!”

“Oh, well I lied.” You roll your eyes at him and tug on his arm to pull him to a stop. He tugs you into his arms and presses a kiss to your lips. “Don’t worry, doll. I’m taking you somewhere special.”

“I’m not dressed for a hike, Barnes.”

He laughs and takes your hand again. The setting sun lights the path that Bucky is guiding you down. He stops you at the edge of a cluster of trees, and he places his hand over your eyes. After pushing into the clearing, he helps you into a sitting position and slowly removes his hand.

Bucky rubs his thumb over the palm of your hand. The trees that surround you are illuminated by the fading sun. The reds and oranges of the falling leaves look like the glowing embers of a dying fire. You turn your attention back to Bucky, and he’s already looking at you.

“I found this place one night when I was running from my nightmares. I came here every night and stared at the stars. I was searching for something.”


He shakes his head with a smile. “I gotta get this out. I know I’m not the best at feelings, so I just gotta talk.” He lays back on the blanket and you place your head on his chest. “I was so angry for so long. Mad at the world for destroying me. Hell, I didn’t even know why I was still alive. Then I met you. You lit up my world.”

He looks up to the darkening sky and you follow his lead. The stars are beginning to fade into view. Bucky strokes his hand down your back and you look back to him.

“My life hasn’t been an easy road. But, it’s all been worth it because it brought me to you.”

You surge up to him and connect your lips again. He pulls you on top of him and holds you tightly in his arms. “I love you, Bucky Barnes.”

Bucky looks up at you with bright eyes. “I love you. So much.”

Fall Ficlet Fest

House Warming

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(Gif credit to @veronikaphoenix)

Warning- Drinking, mention of weed, abuse, violence against the reader, cheating and I think that’s it.

This is my first Bucky Imagine so I hope you all enjoy.

Happy reading Dollies.

Just moving into your very own house, you were very excited living on your own so you wanted to share the joy. Gathering your friends and families numbers you sent out a invite to your house warming party and you couldn’t wait.
Sitting up the last tables, you had tons of food and alcohol. Music was softly playing as the door bell rang.
Looking around one last time you opened the door with a smile to greet your very early guest.

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Bucky proposes to you

You and Bucky have been together for 4 years, and they have been the best four years of your life. You have talked about getting married, and you both had mutual feelings of wanting to be together for the rest of your lives. You cannot wait until he proposes to you, but he has not really shown that he is going to propose any time soon.

You walked through the front door to the house that you and Bucky shared, and when you walked in, the first thing you saw was Steve Rogers, Bucky’s best friend.

“Steve, I’m glad to see you, but what are you doing in my house?” you ask.

“Bucky has sent me on a mission. This is for you.” He says, handing you a letter. You open it and it says:

Good evening (y/n). I hope that you had a wonderful day at work. I bet you are wondering why Steve is here and why you have this letter. In our bedroom, there will be a dress, jewelry and shoes. Put them on and be ready by 6:00. Steve will give you instructions after that.

“Steve, what is going on?” you say, with a smile on your face.

“That is classified information” he replies. “Go get ready.

You walk into your bedroom to find a beautiful black dress laying on the bed. It was strapless and flowy. You put it on, and it fit perfectly. The shoes were very simple flats, and he picked out a simple necklace with a heart on it, with pearl earrings. You decided that you would put on a bit of makeup, so you wore concealer, mascara and a lipstick. You looked at the clock and it was already 6:00. You walked into the living room, and you saw Steve sitting on the couch. He stood up and he was holding a bandana. He handed it to you.

“You have to wear this as a blindfold. I will be driving you to where you need to go” Steve said, helping you put the bandana on to where you couldn’t see.

“Are you ready, (y/n)?”

“Yes, but where are we going?” you replied with a smile.

“Again, that is classified information”. He helps you out the front door, and to the car, making sure that you do not fall on the way. He opens the car door for you and helps you into the car, the shuts it. You hear the driver’s side door open, and he climbs into the car. You hear him stick the key into the ignition and start the car. Steve drove for about 30 minutes, and you had no clue where you were. All the sudden, you feel the car stop, and Steve turned the car off. You heard him get out of the car, and hustle over to your side of the car, open the door and helped you out.

“Don’t take it off yet” he tells you.

He leads you somewhere, and you have no clue where you are. All the sudden, you stop, and you feel someone taking off your blindfold. The next person you see is Bucky. He is wearing a suit and tie, and hot damn, he looks sexy.

You look around at where you are, and you are in the middle of a field with one tree in it, and Bucky has set up a beautiful picnic, with cheese and wine, and many other of your favorite foods underneath the tree.

“You look stunning, doll,” he says to you, making you blush. You both sit down and start eating. You cannot believe that he took the time to set this up, just for you. You asked Bucky why he would go to the trouble of doing this for you.

“Because I love you,” he says kissing you on the cheek. You just giggle in response.

You noticed that it was starting to get twilight outside, then you heard music start playing. It’s yours and Bucky’s song, I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) by Sleeping at Last. You look at Bucky and he is holding a hand out, offering to dance with you. You gladly accept his hand and start dancing with him. He has his hands on your hips, and your arms around his neck.

“This is the sweetest thing that anyone has ever done for me, Bucky. Thank you” you tell him, with tears threatening to spill over.

“Then you are doing to love this,” he says. He gets down on one knee, and sticks his hand in his pocket and pulls out a ring box. You gasp, tears falling on your face.

“(y/n), I have loved you since the first time I saw you. I knew that you were the one that I was going to marry. You are my rock on my hardest days and a light that shines brighter on my best days. You make me a better person. I love you with all my heart. Will you marry me?” he asks. You throw your arms around him, crying.

“Yes! I will!” You say. He takes your hand and places the engagement ring that he bought on your finger. It was perfect.

“I love you so much,” you say to him.

“I love you too” he replies “now, looks like we have a wedding to plan”.


Summary: Every relationship has a beginning and unfortunately, an ending. Bucky and Y/N refuse to accept an ending. This chronicles their journey into each other’s arms.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 1,086

Warning: Little angst, fluffy ending

A/N: @bolontiku, this was supposed to be for your writng challenge. Since it’s so late, I’ve decided it’s just a fic using this your prompt. I love you dearly and am truly sorry!!! 

Prompt: “When I picture myself happy….it’s with you”


James Buchanan Barnes hung his guns and knives in the closet safe. His wife, Y/N sheathed her katanas. Time had come to walk away from the madness of missions, city noise, living at the compound and always anticipating an attack from HYDRA.

Longing for simplicity, Bucky embarked on another kind of mission. Building a cabin, complete with flower and vegetable gardens, a garage for Bucky to restore old cars and motorcycles,  and an office for Y/N to work on her book. Life as they know it, was bliss.



Hues of yellow, orange and white bathes Bucky’s sleeping form. The rise and fall of his chest, lips slightly agape, soft snores echoed throughout our bedroom.

“James, you sound like a wounded moose when you sleep.”

Dismissing my remark, “Hmpf, that’s you doll. Never heard a dame carry on and whatnot.”

Then, I give him the famous “Barnes stare.” Trying to hold a serious face is impossible. We’ll break out in a fit of laughter. These moments I treasure. His handsome face ruins me everytime, not to mention what it does to my “lady parts.”

Thinking back, we’ve had our valley low experiences. My god, where do I begin? In the beginning, nightmares plagued him to no end. Living at the compound was a blessing in disguise. Steve, Sam, Tony and Bruce were my support system.

I’ll never forget the terrifying incident after an especially grueling mission. HYDRA had taken over an old base in Russia. James didn’t inform us it was where he was kept in the past. Ghosts mirroring an octopus wrapped its arms around his mind. One of his old handlers taunted him. Steve handily took care of him, but something snapped inside James’ mind.

That night, the Winter Soldier showed up, more vicious than ever. Talking him down proved futile. The mattress, box spring, dresser were torn to pieces. Reaching the gun he kept in the nightstand drawer, one swift movement he fired hitting me in the stomach. Before further damage was done, Steve swooped in and knocked James out.

Eventually, the strain took a toll on our relationship. No longer were his arms “home.” James travelled to Wakanda. Shuri, her team of phenomenal doctors and scientists discovered a formula to remove the trigger and back-up words HYDRA embedded. In the meantime, I’d decided to move out of the compound into a place of my own.

For a 18 months, James and I didn’t contact one another. Honestly, the strain of being apart for such a long period of time didn’t help. It ripped us further apart. I ached for his presence. One day afternoon, I’d gone shopping. Opening the door, a handwritten note laid on the floor.


I can’t tell ya how many times I’ve written this note. Thing is, I dunno what to say to ya. When they brought me ‘round, Stevie and Sam explained what happened. Lost m’mind. Tony let me see ya before sending me to Wakanda. Baby, those machines keeping ya alive scared the hell outta me.

We can’t go back, we can only go forward. When I picture myself happy….it’s with you!

Forever yours,


Needless to say, James and I fought tooth and nail to make our relationship work. Time became our ally. The time apart brought us closer than ever.

James Buchanan Barnes, you are my constant.

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the marvel characters as john mulaney quotes:

Tony Stark:

Steve Rogers:

Bucky Barnes:

Natasha Romonov:

Peter Parker:

Nick Fury:

Sam Wilson



Bruce Banner:

do you think animals are in the soul stone too, like do u think bucky was super stressed and about to cry cause he lost steve again, and then he just gets headbutted by one of his goats and it makes him smile, even if just for one second

Most important fact in this scene -kids

Just think people of wakanda decided that this ww2 vet, worlds longest serving pow, tortured and brainwashed ex assassin is safe around kids!

Safe enough for them to startle him from sleep !

If there was the tiniest risk the citizens of worlds most secure kingdom won’t let their kids around a man who can break a neck with one hand.

He might never be what he ones was , but he is all Bucky Barnes .

Not a danger


Sebastian Stan: Certified meme-lord ( Credits go to their rightful owners )

exhibit A: 

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exhibit Z:

Peter: mr. Hawkeye sir please get out of the vents

Clint: (muffled) no

Peter: I’ll call mr. Stark

Clint: (challenging) do it!

Peter: I’ll call ms. Natasha

Clint: (scrambling down hurriedly) no its fine. We’re fine.