Bucky the Ducky

Treat her right part two.

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Plot: The entire team including Peter and his aunt have to go back to clint’s house because of a scandal in New York. Peter meets Clint’s oldest daughter and they develop feelings for each other but Clint doesn’t like because he doesn’t want her to get hurt. But realizes he was wrong especially when he sees his daughters ex who cheated on her trying to worm his way back into her life. He agrees to Peter and his daughter dating as long as he treats her right.

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a/n again look for the teen wolf quote and comment it along with the character that said it and yes there is going to be a part three

*Clint’s pov.*

“I don’t like it” I complained to Laura and Natasha as I watched Peter push y/n on the swing. Over the past month those two have become inseparable and it was getting under my skin.

“They’re teenagers, leave them alone” Natasha responded before throwing something at my head.

“Lila, tell y/n that I need to speak to her this instant”

“Ok daddy” Lila replied before running out of the room and dragged y/n inside the house with Peter following right behind them.

“What’s up?” Y/n asked

“Go finish your homework” was the first thing that came out of my mouth.

“It’s summer, I don’t have homework” y/n looked confused.

“Then go clean your room” I watched as she rolled her eyes before grabbing peters hand. “And Peter can’t help, sorry kid but she’s gotta do it on her own”

“Fine” y/n let go of Peter’s hand. “I’ll see you in a little bit” I watched as she kissed his cheek, I glared at Peter after she left.

“Ummm I’m going to be outside” Peter left in a hurry.

“Really? ! ?” I turned and notice both my wife and Natasha glaring at me.


“What do you mean what? Why don’t you want y/n around Peter?” Natasha’s glare turned into an annoyed expression.

“I’m just looking out for what’s best for her and peter’s not it.” I wanted to protect my little girl, she had gone through a terrible breakup six months ago and I didn’t want her to get hurt again.

“Are you fucking serious Clint? He’s a good kid and you know that. He’s 100x better than that Robbie kid she dated” I cringed at that name. That little fucker broke my daughters heart and if Natasha and Laura didn’t stop me I probably would of beat the shit out of that punk.

“Don’t mention that little fucker ever again” I warned Natasha.

“Hey all I’m saying is that Peter is a good kid and he would never treat y/n the way “that little fucker” treated her” I sighed as Natasha left the room.

“Hey Clint can you go to the store and get me some bread, we’re all out.” Laura waved the empty bag.

“Sure thing sweetie, y/n let’s go to the store.” I shouted as I got my jacket and keys.

“Why do I have to go” I heard her complain as she came downstairs.

“Because you’re driving” I threw her the keys, causing her mood to instantly change. “But it’s only going to be the two of us” I added on.

“Ahhhhh ok” I smiled as she bolted out the door and told Peter she would be right back.

“We’ll be right back, hopefully” I gave my wife a worried smile before walking out and praying that y/n won’t kill us on the way to the store.

*at the store y/n pov*

“Dad I’m going to go get more cereal, Steve ate all of mine this morning” I shouted at my dad as I took the shopping cart with me to the next aisle. Everything was going great until I heard a familiar voice calling my name.

“Y/n?” I dropped the cereal box that was in my hand and shut my eyes. It was my ex boyfriend Robbie. I turned around and gave him a fake smile.

“Robbie” I replied bitterly at my cocky ex

“It’s been a long time” he got closer.

“Not long enough”

“I see you’re as feisty as ever, I missed that about you.” I watched him as he was openly checking me out. “I miss you”

“Well maybe you shouldn’t of cheated on me with my ex best friend”

“Aww don’t be like that. You’re the only girl I ever truly-”

“Step away from my daughter you little fucker” I heard my dads voice and for once I was happy was stepping in.

“Chill old man, this is between me and that fine piece of ass” my mouth dropped when he said that. He didn’t hide the fact that he hated my dad, in fact he openly told everyone at school that he thought my dad was the lamest avenger.

“Why you little-”

“Dad stop, he’s not worth it.” I physically had to stop my dad from starting a fight in the middle of the store. “We got what we needed so let’s go”

“I’ll be seeing you again y/n, whether your old man likes it or not” I flipped him off before heading off to the checkout.

“Honestly y/n, what did you see in that idiot”

“His abs” I answered sarcastically as we were placing the stuff on the checkout counter.

“Ugh seriously ! ? !” My dad groaned “If I was four years younger I would punch him in the face”

“What! ? Dad that doesn’t make sense” I looked at him weird as the man behind the counter started scanning our stuff.

“You know where I was going with that” my dad rolled his eyes as he playfully hip bumped me so he could pay for the stuff so we could leave.

“I’m serious y/n why on earth were you with that low life in the first place” my dad asked as we were loading the stuff in the car.

“Believe it or not he was actually nice. Then once we became official he started to act mean and was bragging that he was dating the daughter of an avenger. I thought it was a phase but he was just becoming a bigger ass as we dated longer. He would make side comments about how you were the least important and lamest avenger in front of our friends. I had no idea he was using me until I walked in on him cheating on me with my best friend. They both said they were using me so they could meet the rest of the avengers but I would never introduce them to you guys.” I actually didn’t tell my mom, dad, and Natasha that Robbie cheated on me with my best friend. I knew that if Natasha found out she would of murdered my ex best friend, even though she deserved it. “Since then I’ve isolated myself from all of my former friends for the rest of the school year” I looked at my dad when I finished loading the stuff in the car. “Dad?”

“I’m so sorry sweetie” he quietly said before giving me a bone crushing hug. I didn’t realize I was crying until I felt my dads shirt getting wet.

“It’s ok, I’m ok now. Peter has been a big help this past month, he’s helping me move on” I replied as I pulled away and wiped the tears away.

“You really like Peter don’t you?” I tried not to smile at my dads question.

“Yeah I do” we both remained silent for a while.

“Ok let’s go home, your mom is probably wondering why we’re taking forever” my dad closed the trunk and went towards the passengers side. I wiped the remaining tears off my face before I got inside and drove us home.

First Line Meme

Rules: List the first lines of your last 20 stories. See if there are any patterns. Then tag your favorite authors.

I was tagged by @cywscross :) I had a hard time remembering which ones were my most recent, so best guess here. I’m also gonna do what Cross did and do first paragraph… because I can. Also, I’m not posting these in order of posting, I’m doing it by fandom.

1. Stand By You (darcy/steve, whiteboard soulmates)

For the longest time, Darcy believes that she doesn’t have a soulmate. She is one of the unlucky few what has never had anything appear on her skin. She never gets to be one of those kids who excitedly shows off her soulmate’s messages to their friends at school because they’re old enough now to have learned to write. She never sees random notes. No hastily scrawled appointments or phone numbers. No poems or long letters meant just for her. She has no soulmate to draw vines and flowers and whatever else catches their fancy in swirls of colors like she sees on people with artistic soulmates.

2. Movie Loves A Screen (darcy and tony, tiny robots)

It’s been weeks since any of them has stepped foot in the tower. Usually, the chaos is contained to Stark’s lab through the combined efforts of Pepper, Jane and Bruce, but not this time. Jane’s in Asgard with Thor, so she isn’t around to keep Darcy busy. Pepper’s been in Tokyo on business for the past two weeks, and Bruce is in South America on his yearly sabbatical.

There’s no one left to contain the combined chaos of two Starks who have been left to their own devices together.

3. I Believe (darcy defending tony)

Pepper leaves.

At first, she’s off to a highly exclusive research hospital to get the Extremis out of her system before it blows her up. At first, Tony believes her reassurances that ‘just a few more weeks, Tony’ actually means just a few more weeks. At first.

4. I Don’t Have Time To Be In Love (darcy/clint, sort of cinderella)

Darcy isn’t exactly sure what happens. One minute she’s unloading all their things and hauling them up sixty stories all by herself, the next she’s on the ground… shoeless. She flops onto her back and stares at the ceiling, glasses askew and very, very done with the world.

5. She Knows (darcy/sabretooth)

Darcy doesn’t think much of Jane’s kind of heartbreak. Sure, she feels sympathy for what Jane is going through; and she can relate, but Jane’s got it easy in comparison. After all, it’s all about the kind of man one is in turmoil over.

6. All This and Heaven Too (darcy/sabretooth pt 2)

“Are you kidding me?!”

Darcy doesn’t bother rolling her eyes, but she does give Jane a look. This is the fifth time the astrophysicist has said that, and Darcy’s about done.

7. Incredible Love (ducky, whiteboard soulmates)

Darcy is born with a large red star on her left shoulder. It’s not unusual for a child to be born with marks on their skin if their soulmate is older. By the uniformity of the star, her parents believe that her soulmate must be old enough to have just gotten a tattoo. Logically they think that given the standard four to six weeks healing time, the mark will fade like tattoos usually do.

It doesn’t.

8. Gasoline (mcdanno, mad max!au pt 1)

The Badlands are harsh. The sun beats down from overhead like its’ only goal is to incinerate you. Dry, cracked earth and overheated rocks. There’s nothing out there but sand and salt and far off mountains. Nothing there to kill you except the sun and other people.

9. Nothing Left (mcdanno, deserving)

Fingers brush across sun-warmed skin. They trace freckles across shoulders and down the dip of a spine. They are large hands, calloused and work-toughened. They are gentle hands, caressing with reverence and care. Danny loves these hands.

10. Little Wonders (mcdanno, faeries)

The case is a weird one. Superstition, magic and faeries. Or, at least, victims that lived their lives like they believed they were faeries. Danny doesn’t judge, his own life is complicated enough. Besides, what someone does behind their own doors is not his business. Until it is. Then it’s just weird shit.

11. Garden (mcdanno, mad max!au pt 2)

Hawi isn’t a large settlement.

It makes use of small sections of the old city up in the hills of the oasi. The crumbling ruin of what had once been a thriving metropolis is ominous. Clara says she feels sad when she looks at it. It is a reminder of what used to be, before the world burned. Danny just tells Grace to stay away from the Old City. Don’t disturb the ghosts.

12. Reading Time With Pickle (mcdanno, vases)

“What do you think of this?”

Steve looks up, eyebrows scrunched together in thought as he takes in the object in Danny’s hands. It’s glass, or ceramic, maybe. Tallish, but also squat and round. Rounded widely at the middle and narrower at the ends. It’s a matte, grayish purple color that reminds Steve of a few of the things he’s eaten (or not eaten) out of MRE’s in the field.

13. Day of the Dandelion (steter, red panda!stiles fem!stiles)

Stiles’ head comes up, ears flickering this way and that. It’s a beautiful spring day, the sun is warming her fur as she chases butterflies and pounces upon dandelions. She doesn’t get to do this very much anymore; be out in the forest enjoying the simple pleasures of being in her fur.

14. Trapeze (steter, stiles in a coma)

Things go from bad to worse at the drop of a hat. The walls of Kate’s berserker making temple shudder with every impact in the fight against Scott. It’s inevitable that one of said walls comes down. It’s just bad luck that it’s Stiles that is under it when it happens.

Stiles goes down and doesn’t get up, and Peter no longer cares.

15. Til It’s Gone (steter, hurricane)

Stiles is quick. Quick like a streak of silver light. He leaves spots dancing behind the eyelids just like it too. A snap-boom that shakes the soul, but is forgotten moments later. Forgotten. Until it’s not. Until it strikes you and everything is burning. Burning.

16. Let It Be (stiles as a hostage)

He’s being held at gunpoint by a guy with crazy eyes. He knows from crazy eyes, he runs with wolves , he knows from crazy. Don’t get him wrong, he’s feeling a proper amount of mind-numbing terror, but he’s been held at gunpoint by people with psychotic eyes, and cold, impersonal murder eyes. He’ll take crazy eyes any day.

17. Bones (steter, monsters)

There are monsters; and then there are monsters.

A monster, if you tame it, becomes something else entirely. It becomes something you recognize. Something you care for. It is still capable of monstrous acts, but in the end it is no longer a monster.

18. The Big Bang (steter, pretend dating)

Stiles knows he’s staring, but he can’t help himself. He feels like he’s got a red neon sign flashing above his head that someone put there declaring: Newly Single, Hit On Me! It was probably Scott, if the wildly amused grin on his best friend’s face is any indication. Stiles mouths ‘Shut up!’ at Scott, which only makes him grin wider and raise his beer in salute.

19. Jealous (renhardt as seen by juliet)

By the time that Juliet remembers Nick, it’s far too late. It’s been a year since Nick left; and nearly two since she lost her memory. Nick had fought hard for them for six months. He’d done (or not done) everything Juliet had asked of him. He’d been stubborn, and had tried so hard to help her remember. To guide her back to the love they had shared.

20. Growing Up (renhardt, s3 au)

Sean always thought that he would die at the hand of some assassin sent by his father or half-brother. Maybe even at the hand of one of the cousins. He never expected this. He’d never had the hope for it beyond dreaming.

But then, Nick is not the usual kind of Grimm.

So, supder duper long post. I’m not even remotely ashamed. I wanted to put the first paragraph of the Zombie AU up here, but since it isn’t posted yet, I didn’t.

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