Bath Bombs

Description: You introduce Bucky to bath bombs and things take a pleasant turn.

A/n: expect this gif to make several reapperances O-O


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“What’s that smell?” Bucky said, sniffing the air as you came drifting in to the living room in your pyjamas.

It was late and you always spent this time of day with your friends in the living room, finding it to be a great way to relax when Sam and Bucky weren’t at each others throats.

“Hey, it wasn’t me this time!” Sam said defensively, throwing a scowl his way.

“Not that. It’s a nice smell.” He said, continuing to sniff the air.

You smiled as you sat next to him, watching his brow furrow and his nose scrunch up adorably. He moved his head around, trying to catch the trail of the scent like a dog. He finally turned to you and widened his eyes in realisation. He took your arm and rolled up the dressing gown sleeve, pressing his nose to your warm skin.

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Bucky as a Roommate
  • When Clint’s family were visiting there weren’t enough rooms for everyone, so you and Bucky had to share a room
  • It wasn’t the first time you’d shared a room – you’d done it on missions before, just this time there was no life threatening situation
  • “I’ll take the floor.” “No, Bucky, you’re my guest, take the bed.”
  • “You’re not sleeping on the floor.” “Well neither are you!”
  • You argue for ten minutes about sleeping arrangements but agree to share the bed
  • It’s awkward at first. You forgot Bucky slept with no shirt on
  • After a while though, it just feels like you’re with a friend
  • He hogs all the blankets – you don’t mind because he burns ridiculously hot and you’d probably melt if you were sleeping under the covers
  • He snores – not too loudly though
  • You almost scream when you feel something cold against your skin, but realise it’s Bucky’s arm when you roll over to see him sleeping peacefully
  • You wake up the next morning with Bucky’s arms around you and you don’t know what to make of the situation
  • He apologises profusely if he overstepped his bounds but you tell him it’s fine
  • When Clint’s family leaves, it feels weird for the both of you not to be sharing a room together
  • Every so often, you’ll find Bucky sitting on your bed asking if he can stay the night, or Bucky’ll find you sitting on his bed asking the same
I See You

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader 

Word count: 5,237. I don’t know how to control myself with words. 

A/N: This was a silly idea that popped into my head. I hope you’ll like it! 
I noticed that one of my favorites people here on tumblr liked/reblogged my first fic so I’m going to tag you in this one @crazychick010 and also @jarnesbrnes just because. Sorry if you didn’t want to be tagged. Also a tag for @marvelfanfichq because I’m super thankful to be part of it. Also I’m so sorry if this is horrible. 

Feedback is greatly appreciated!  

Warnings: Idk, fluff, a little bit of angst maybe. 

Sometimes it was hard for Bucky to tell the good days from the bad. There were still days when he felt guilty and horrible for everything he had done in his years as the Winter Soldier. Today was one of those days. Every look that came his way felt judging and he wanted nothing more than to hide away in his room under the safety of his duvet covers.

Unfortunately for him, Steve never let him wallow in self-pity and pain. So whenever Bucky was down, the Captain always took him out for a small road trip around New York. This time Sam had joined.

Bucky was sitting in the front passenger seat rubbing his temple in annoyance. Steve was currently having a heated discussion with Sam about his parallel parking skills. The bickering was getting on Bucky’s every single nerve and he was less than a second from snapping, preferably their necks.

Pinching the bridge of his nose, he looked out on the street trying his best to ignore them. Spotting a coffee shop he let out a sigh of relief and stepped out of the car. Steve and Sam stopped talking and looked at him in question.

“Buck, where are yo-”  

“Gonna get us some coffee” Bucky interrupted and slammed the door shut before they could tell him what they wanted. Stuffing his hands in his jacket pockets, he walked into the café. It wasn’t a big café, the atmosphere was calming and Bucky let out a small breath, walking up to the counter. He looked at the menu as he waited for his turn, trying to figure out what to buy for himself. The barista smiled at him and asked for his order, Bucky squirmed slightly under her gaze, he felt her seizing him from top to toe and really wasn’t liking it.

“Three regular latte’s and one latte with caramel sirup” he said politely and took out his wallet to pay. The barista turned around to start making the coffees and Bucky stepped to the side, to make way for the next in line.  

Bucky felt a hand on his left forearm and went completely stiff. He felt the metal blades in his arm glide against each other, he turned his head to politely tell the person off, but halted his words when he saw you. Your head was in his direction, but eyes were not focused on him. It was those kind of reactions from people that annoyed him to no end. He didn’t ask for people to touch him so why did they not even have the decency to look at him?

“What?” he snapped and you removed the hand so fast as if he had burned you. You still did not looking at him.

“I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to startle you” you said apologetically and the sadness that crossed your face made Bucky feel guilty.

“Oh. don’t.. Worry… I’m..” he couldn’t find words and when you still didn’t look at him, he felt worse. This was what made him feel like a monster: people were afraid of him. Heck, you didn’t even dare look at him and his heart was heavier than it had been this morning. Bucky knew he should never have left his bed. Why was he even out and about, when all he did was scare people? He turned his head away from you, but heard you speak again.

“Could I get you to tell one of the baristas to come to me?” you said carefully, your head in his direction, but eyes elsewhere. Bucky figured that maybe you wouldn’t be afraid of him if he helped, so he called out for the barista. The second the barista spotted who Bucky had called her for, she looked apologetic and quickly approached you.

“Oh, Y/N, I’m so sorry I didn’t even see you” The barista looked like she had kicked a puppy. Bucky watched the exchange in curiosity.

“No worries,” you said, chuckling a little, Bucky noticed how you weren’t looking directly at the barista either and his curiosity turned to confusion.

“The usual?” the barista asked, you nodded. Pulling out your card from your pocket, you held it out, the barista took it and swiped.

“You’re getting a piece of chocolate cake too, on the house” the barista added and you thanked her. 

“You just go back to your seat, Tom will bring the coffee and cake to you” she gave you a sincere smile and you smiled back. Turning around you walked back, holding the chairs to guide your way to the table. Bucky watched you carefully and couldn’t put two and two together. The barista brought him out of his thoughts.

“Here is your coffee, sir ” she said and Bucky thanked her, taking the coffees from her. He looked back at you and saw you smiling, hands placed on the pages of a book. On his way out he made sure to pass your table, he looked over your shoulder and got a look at your book. 

It was braille and everything clicked.

That was why you had touched his arm to gain his attention. You had no idea who he was and you hadn’t diverted your eyes from him on purpose. Bucky cursed under his breath at how stupid he could be.

He had snapped at a blind woman.  

Walking out of the café, he mentally smacked himself and got into the car, handing Steve the coffees. The blond looked at Bucky in concern, he looked worse than when he left the car and Steve placed a reassuring hand on his shoulder. He gave him a glare and Steve shook his head, handing Sam his coffee. Steve started the car and drove off, looking at Bucky from time to time, who was doing nothing other than stare out of the window, looking miserable.

Bucky felt horrible for the rest of the day. he had judged you exactly like he knew people judged him and he hadn’t even apologized for his shitty behavior. Running his hands over his face he let out a deep sigh.

“Steve, drive home” his voice was full of defeat and Steve looked at his friend in even more concern, but did as told. Sam took a look at Bucky as well, but didn’t comment when he saw how devastated he looked.

Bucky kept tossing and turning in his bed all night. Looking up at the ceiling he decided that he would have to go back to the café.  

The next day he drove to the café by himself. Finding parking right outside, he took a deep breath and got out of the car. Walking in, he scanned the room, looking for you and when he spotted you by the counter he didn’t know if he felt relieved or scared. Deciding to wait until you had found your seat, before approaching you, he sat down by another table. He kept his eyes on you and watched as you turned around and slowly made you way back to your table, white cane in hand and Bucky’s heart sank to his feet.

You sat down and began reading, smile quickly finding your lips, Bucky figured it was because of something funny in the book and had to stop the smile that was tugging at his lips. Taking another deep breath, Bucky approached your table. You hadn’t noticed him, so he carefully cleared his throat, trying his best not to startle you. Your head shot up in his direction, eyes searching for where he could be.

“I’m sorry to disturb you” he said, scratching the back of his neck nervously and your eyes narrowed slightly, like you were trying to remember something.

“You probably don’t remember me, but I was here yesterday, and I acted quite rude with you. I came here to apologize, it was inappropriate of me” he said quickly, how the words even came out of his mouth was beyond him. Your face softened.

“I do remember you” you smiled at him and Bucky’s heart fell even more, thinking about what a horrible impression he must’ve made.

“And no need to apologize, I startled you, I should be the one apologizing” you said as a matter of fact, still smiling and eyes focused on Bucky’s chest, not his face.  

“Oh no, no no. it was all me” he smiled sincerely and smacked himself for doing so. You couldn’t see his smile, he had to find words to express himself. You smiled more at his small outburst and chuckled, You held out a hand and gestured to a seat. 

“Please, sit down” you offered and Bucky froze, not knowing what to do. You smiled brightly and Bucky found himself pulling out the chair, sitting down across from you. He let out a breath and you spoke.

“You are probably apologizing because you realized that I am blind, right?” Bucky nearly choked on his spit at your words. .

“Oh no, I was a total dick, it has nothing to with.. Eh..” He cursed himself for not knowing how to speak.

You chuckled, “Don’t worry about it”. He smiled again and he took a moment to look at you.

You were absolutely beautiful. Your smile was so bright, he already couldn’t get enough of seeing it and your eyes were shining like diamonds. Bucky felt a pang of pain hit his chest when he thought of how young you looked, how beautiful you were and how unfair it was that you couldn’t see it all with your own eyes.

“Let me buy you a coffee as an apology” he offered and you smiled again,

“You don’t have to, probably have better things to do” you replied and Bucky shook his head, stopping when he once again realized that you couldn’t see him.

“I insist” he said, the smile never left your face and you nodded.  

“If you insist” you said sweetly and Bucky found a genuine smile tug at his lips. Getting up, he asked the barista for your usual and got himself something as well. He watched you from the counter and saw you smile even brighter than before. Bucky chuckled at the sight. His heart felt light and at ease.

You couldn’t believe that someone had approached you. You had recognized his voice from the day before instantly, he had a rather soothing voice, even though he had seemed mad the last time. When he had apologized your heart had fluttered, his voice was so melodic and sweet, it was the most beautiful sound your ears had the pleasure of hearing. You heard him sit down again and you looked up making sure to smile his way, hoping that your eyes were focused on his. He chuckled slightly and you assumed that he was smiling as well.

“I’m sorry, I’m really horrible at knowing where people are with 100% certainty” you said apologetically and moved your head a little, Bucky chuckled again and was about to shake his head indicating that it truly wasn’t a problem, but remembered that he had to speak.

“You don’t have to worry about that” he said reassuringly and placed the coffee on the table. You used your hands to carefully try to find the coffee cup on the table and without thinking Bucky guided the cup to you. You thanked him with a wide smile and he smiled back. Cursing under his breath at his excessive use of body language and facial expressions. He had a tongue, he could speak, so he forced himself to do just that. He didn’t want you thinking that he was being rude.  

“I’m Bucky, Bucky Barnes” he introduced himself and you smiled brightly, putting the coffee down you held out your hand.

“Y/N Y/L/N” you answered and Bucky took your hand in his. You both noticed just how perfectly your hands fit together, but neither said anything about it.

You and Bucky spoke for the rest of the evening, talking about anything and everything. He was surprised at how easy it was for him to talk to you and how normal it felt. He made sure to drive you home and nervously asked you to meet up with him again. When you agreed, Bucky felt happiness like never before.

Bucky met you at the café every Wednesday to talk. It had quickly become his favorite day of the week, and he found himself counting down the days untill he would see you again. Whenever you smiled and laughed, Bucky felt his heart flutter making him feel alive. The excitement on your face when you spoke of things that interested you, like the current book you were reading, made Bucky forget everything bad in his life and all he could do was smile and listen intensely.

You loved being in Bucky’s company. Whenever he spoke you felt your heart melted more and more and when you heard him laugh, you were sure that no sound could be more beautiful. It had been a long time since anyone sincerely wanted to keep you company, and when Bucky kept meeting you every week, you let yourself believe that you had a friend. When he told you with words that he was your friend and you should never doubt that, you had never felt more happy. This was a friendship you wanted to  You wanted this friendship to last and did everything to do so.

After meeting you a couple of times, Bucky decided to tell you about himself, about being an Avenger He told you about Steve and you couldn’t help but laugh at the fact that Bucky Barnes: former Howling Commando, the Avenger, Steve Rogers’ best friend was also your friend. When you thanked him for saving the world on a daily basis, he couldn’t help the heartly laugh that left his lips. 

Bucky did feel a little selfish for hanging out with you. You never looked at him with judgement nor did you vocally judge him. He felt as if you could really see him, despite not being able to see at all. Sometimes he felt like he was partly lying to you about who he was. He had told you everything about himself, but you didn’t know what he looked like. You didn’t know that his left arm was purely vibranium nor did you know that he could snap someone’s neck with it like it was nothing more than a toothpick.

You couldn’t see how much he looked like a monster and Bucky loved it. He loved that you didn’t see all the horrors that haunted him, because that allowed you to see him, the real him. He knew it was selfish, but he wanted you all to himself and that was why he hadn’t even told Steve about you yet.  

Running down the street, Bucky hurried into the café. Walking up to the usual table, he slumped down on his seat regaining his breath from running.

“You’re late” you stated and he chuckled,

“I’m actually right on time” he smirked and you laughed, knowing very well that his lips were formed in a smirk. 

“Do you remember the book I told you about? The one I loved back the 40s?” he asked and you nodded, taking a bite of your cookie.

“Well, I looked for it everywhere in braille and as a soundbook, but can you believe that they don’t have it? It’s a classic!” he exclaimed, sad about the fact that you couldn’t read it. You sensed the sadness in his voice clearly.

“You have the original, don’t you?” you asked and he said yes. Indicating for him to hand you the book, you felt the cover with your hands and put it in your bag. 

“I’ll get my sister to read it to me” you smiled brightly at him, tilting your head. Bucky smiled back, placing his hand on top of yours and an idea struck him.

“I..I could read it for you?” his voice was uncertain. Your eyes and face lit up at the suggestion, and a small shriek of excitement was close to escaping your lips, Bucky couldn’t stop the teethy smile from appearing on his face. 

“Only if you want to, of course, I would love to hear you read it” you said quickly and bit your lip, trying to hide your excitement. Bucky’s voice was your absolute favorite, it was so melodic, sweet and deep at the same time and it brightened the darkest of days. His voice made your heart flutter uncontrollably and to hear Bucky read his favorite book to you, was truly a dream come true. You heard him chuckle and you felt blood rush to your cheeks.

The next time you met Bucky was at Central Park. Bucky had linked your arm in his and was reading the book to you as you strolled around the park. You knew, if you were to die at that moment, it would be okay, because Bucky’s voice was like the angels were speaking to you.

You desperately tried focussing on what the book was about, but all you could focus on was Bucky’s voice. The way his voice so beautifully and smoothly would fall from his lips when he read. The way you could hear his lips were formed in a smile, because his voice changed ever so slightly. You could only focus on the way he would let out a laugh at a funny paragraph before reading it, because he knew what was to come. The way he would change his voice when something exciting was happening. You loved his voice with everything in you, and your heart beat even faster when you admitted it to yourself.

You loved his voice. You loved his gentleness. You loved how he always found a way to verbally express himself even though he wasn’t much of a talker. You loved him.

Your smile fell at the thought and you froze. Bucky called your name and you turned your head in his direction.

“Everything okay, doll?” he asked in concern, you quickly nodded and forced a smile, nudging him to continue reading. He held your hand and let out a small laugh, but his brows were narrowed in concern. He knew something was up. When he was about to continue reading, his phone beeped. Excusing himself, he pulled it out and groaned when he read the message. You held his hand tighter and smiled at him. 

“The world needs you, Bucky” you joked and he snorted a laugh. He looked down at your hands and his heart felt so warm. Smiling, he tugged you towards himself. 

“Let’s get you home, doll” you smiled, but didn’t say anything. Bucky didn’t like it when you were sad, so he tried cracking jokes to lighten your mood. When you couldn’t stop laughing, he smiled in victory. Dropping you off at home, Bucky kissed your cheek and he did not miss the way your face went red as he did. You tried hiding your face in your scarf, smile not leaving your lips and he was grinning from ear to ear, and was sure you would’ve laughed at him if you could see his expression.

“Stay safe, Bucky” you lifted your head to look at him, bringing your bottom lip between your teeth and It took everything in him not to lean in and press his lips to yours. He felt his hands twitch at the eargerness to get to touch you, but he knew he couldn’t. 

“I will, Y/N” he loved the way your name tasted on his lips and you gave him one of his favorite smiles. It wasn’t the one you wore to seem polite, no it was the smile you wore everytime he was with you and he loved how it was specifically reserved for him. He couldn’t get enough of your smile. His phone beeped again and he cursed under his breath before he told you goodbye again and walked to his car. 

You heard the car drive off in the distance and walked into your apartment. Closing the door behind you, you leant against it and let yourself slide to the floor.

You felt horrible. You couldn’t be so selfish to fall in love with Bucky. He deserved so much more. He had been through so much, he deserved someone who could compliment him on his eyes, his face, his body. You couldn’t do that, you didn’t even know what he looked like. Sure you had an image of him in your head, but you would never actually know what he looked like. When you looked at him everything was just..dark.

You had never once complained about being blind, never once complained that you couldn’t see the sky, that you couldn’t see your family, that you couldn’t see the colours that painted the world. You had never complained about anything, but right now, all you wanted was to be able to see. 

To see Bucky. 

To actually see him. So you could tell him how you felt, and maybe, just maybe he would feel the same. Squinting your eyes shut, you pressed your hands together in a prayer, asking the God above to grant you a miracle, to give you the ability to see. Slowly opening your eyes, you hoped for the best and your heart broke to a million pieces, when you were met with the same darkness that was there every time you opened your eyes. The lump in your throat made you break, and your own heart wrenching sobs was the only sound.

Bucky was back from the mission the day after, and had called you to meet him in Central Park. He had wanted to pick you up, but you insisted that you would meet him there. He looked around, trying to spot you. When he saw you, the smile he wore around you found its rightful place. He walked towards you, meeting you halfway.

“Hey there, beautiful” he said and your head snapped in his direction.

“Bucky” you said and offered him a smile. He linked your arm in his.  

“Wanna take a walk?” he asked and you nodded. You were wearing your sunglasses today, which was a first. You had once  told Bucky that you hated wearing them, because they did nothing good or bad for you. He wondered for a moment if he should say something, but decided against it.  

You asked about the mission and he told you that he had been in Wakanda. He described the beautiful landscape in full detail, wanting to paint a beautiful picture to you with words. The more he spoke the more you felt yourself falling for him and you didn’t know if he would ever be there to catch you. 

You felt as if your lungs were collapsing and your heart would burst any second. You tried desperately to steady your breathing, and hoped Bucky hadn’t noticed the state you were in. But when he stopped walking and cupped your face with both his hands, one of them in a glove like always and the other flush against your cheek. You didn’t have to be able to see to know that concern was written all over his face.

“Y/N? doll? are you are okay?” the concern lingered painfully in his words and you nodded, not wanting to speak because you knew your voice would break. He slowly took off your sunglasses and your eyes widened. Bucky’s mouth fell open when he saw how red and puffy your eyes were.

“What happened?” the concern was still there, but now a dangerous undertone was evident as well, he wanted to beat the person, who had caused you to cry, into oblivion. 

“Nothing, just allergies” you replied quickly and Bucky scoffed.

“It’s November” he stated and you took a deep breath, trying to move your face out of his hands. Your breathing had steadied a little, but the pounding of your heart against your ripcage gave you newfound courage and you spoke.  

“Bucky?” he hmm’ed and kept looking at you to find out what was wrong, it tore at his heartstrings to see you like this.

“Can I.. can I feel your face?” you asked in uncertainty, hoping wouldn’t run away. Bucky felt relief and smiled widely, he had wondered if you would ever ask him that. Taking your hands in his he brought them up to cup his face. 

You felt him smile under your touch and you couldn’t stop yourself from smiling as well. His skin felt hot under your touch and you chuckled when his scruff tickled your palm. Your fingers traced his jaw and chin, making sure to memorize it so you could paint a better picture of him. Bucky watched you intensely as you traced his face, smile never leaving your lips. The fondness in your eyes was unmistakable and Bucky’s heart melted completely. When you reached his nose, he scrunched it and you chuckled heartily. He was sure his heart would burst with fondness for you. His eyes never leaving your face. Your fingers traced his eyebrows and his eyes closed at their own accord as you carefully touched his eyelids. Bucky had to take a deep breath to calm down at the feeling of your fingers.

You traced the bridge of his nose and your fingers lightly fell to his lips. Your breath hitched at the softness and you boldly traced the outline of his lips with your thumb. The movement caused Bucky’s breath to hitch well and you abruptly let go. Bucky’s heart was hammering against his chest, feeling your fingers on his face and watching you memorize him was one of the most intimate moments he had ever experienced. He felt at a loss for words on how you could so easily see his soul.

He never diverted his eyes from you and found himself take off his glove. He took your hand, a gasp escaped your lips when you felt the coolness. Bucky watched you, trying to figure out if you were surprised or disgusted. You used both your hands to trace his metal hand and fingers, you relished in the coolness of it. He felt his hand tingle under your touch and couldn’t explain what was happening. You smiled when your slowly moved your hands to his wrist. 

“The entire arm is like that” he informed and you smiled even bigger.

“That’s why you never let me walk on your left side” you chuckled slightly and Bucky found himself smiling at the sound.

“What happened?” you asked in curiosity and he truthfully told you everything.  

“It’s beautiful” you said and his narrowed. You rested your head on his left shoulder and held his hand as well, giving it an affectionate squeeze. Bucky felt sad, you had said the arm was beautiful, but how could he tell you that it really wasn’t?

“It’s really not” his voice clearly gave away the sadness he was feeling.

“Bucky, I know it is, because it’s part of you. And every part of you is beautiful to me” the words slipped out of your mouth and you froze completely, letting go of his hand. Bucky’s mouth fell open and he scanned your face. You shifted your eyes, hoping that you weren’t looking directly at him. Your breathing had become ragged again and you bit your lip. Bucky knew you were nervous, he was about to say something when you spoke.  

“I..I know my words probably don’t hold much meaning, but you are the most beautiful human being I’ve ever met, Bucky. I.. I know I can’t see, but I truly mean it” your voice was shaky and close to breaking out in a cry.

Bucky just stared at you, he was at a complete loss for words. The most beautiful and amazing woman he had ever met in his long life, stood there telling him that he was a beautiful human. The woman who showed him how beautiful the world could be despite the fact that not everything was perfect. You had taught him so much about life, and you stood there doubting how big of an impact you and your words had on him. He felt a tear roll down his cheek. You didn’t hear a response and for a second you thought he had left.

“Doll” was all he managed to say, he didn’t know how to tell you that he truly didn’t deserve such kind words from you.  

“Bucky, I’m probably going to ruin our friendship by saying this, but I need to say it because my heart will burst if I don't” you said and took a deep breath. You moved your head in the direction of his voice, trying desperately to look directly at him, To look him in the eyes. you whimpered in frustration and tears rolled down your cheeks, because you would never be able to look him in the eyes.

“I’m in love with you, Bucky. I have been for a long time. Everything about you makes me feel on top of the world. When you laugh I have no worries left, when you speak I know I can do anything I set my mind to” you were fidgeting with the hem of your shirt and sniffed, trying to stop the tears. Bucky was trembling at your confession.

“I don’t deserve you” he said, trying to control his voice.

“No, Bucky, I’m the one who doesn’t deserve you. You deserve someone who can actually look you in the eyes, someone who doesn’t need you to hold her hand constantly so she won’t get run over by a car, someone who can quite actually see you and your expressions. I don’t even know if you think I’m totally crazy because I can’t see you, I can’t and you deserve someone who can. I know. But I jus-”

Your rant was interrupted when Bucky cupped your face and crashed his lips to yours. You gasped when his soft lips touched yours, slowly cupping his face you kissed him back. You had never felt anything like what you were feeling right now. The feeling of his lips moving against yours, made your heart explode and butterflies flew through your entire body making everything tingle. Bucky had to contain a whimper from escaping his throat at how perfectly your lips fit on his, how softly they moved against his. You leaned into his left hand and he reluctantly pulled back, resting his forehead on yours. You felt his nose against yours and opening your eyes, you knew you were looking him directly in the eyes, He saw your eyes completely focussed on his and he let himself tell you the words he had wanted to tell you in ages. 

“There is no one in this world that sees me like you do, doll” he said truthfully and caressed your cheek with his left thumb. He chuckled heartily when you smiled up at him. Bucky let his hands fall to your waist, and he pulled you flush against himself. You cupped his cheeks again, finding his lips with your fingers, you moved forward and reunited your lips with his. He smiled into the kiss and he had never felt more happy in his life. 

Good For You (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

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Prompt: Holy shit I just realized you do smut too! Can I get a bucky oneshot where the reader realizes he has a praise kink? Cuz let’s face it Sebastian does so I’d like to see Bucky have one haha

A/N: Pure fucking smut. At this point, I’ve done so much writing today that plot has gone out the fucking window. Bucky has a praise kink. But it’s Buck/Seb so…who wouldn’t? ENJOY MY PRETTIES. 

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Hair Tucking

Request: Hi! Can I please request a Peter, Steve or Bucky (you can choose, haha) writing where the f!reader is best friends with him and also an Avenger. Also, could the reader have a habit of tucking her short hair behind her ear and eventually Peter/Steve/Bucky starts to just do it for her when he’s by her? Thank you!! Hopefully this makes sense….

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: None.

Word count: 1,536

A/N: Holy shit guys, so i just reached 1k?? Wtf?? Thank you so much you guys have no idea how much I love you all!! As you may have noticed, i had no idea what to name this..

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Hair Tucking

“I’m in the mood for some Netflix.” You mumbled, crossing your legs on your chair as you set your coffee mug on the table.

The sun shone right through the windows of the Stark Tower, illuminating the kitchen full of superheroes having breakfast. Every Avenger was minding their own business: Tony and Bruce testing out some new toaster they had made, Natasha and Clint bickering in the corner, Thor looking for his secret stash of Poptarts, and Steve and Bucky drinking coffee at the table with you.

Steve looked over at Bucky, sharing a puzzled look before he tilted his head and turned back to you.“What’s a Netflix?”

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20 Seconds (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

Fandom: Marvel

Pairing: Bucky x Reader


Word Count: 2, 242

Warnings: Mentions of sanitary items?

Notes: This is messy! But I hope you enjoy! Because I’m trying really hard to get back in and write, and this is the first thing I’ve been proud of in a while! Let me know what you think (as always), thank you for being so patient and lovely, and yes I’ve been meaning to write this We Bought A Zoo reference in a one shot for a while so don’t be surprised if it pops up again xx

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Off-Limits Pt. 2

Off-Limits Part Two

Bucky Barnes

Warnings: swearing, mentions of sex, angst

Tags: @skyfullofharrystyles @potterhead7656 @crazybarnes 

Part One

In all honesty, Bucky shouldn’t have even told Steve about what happened in the gym. He was overly excited and needed to let someone know that a girl found him enticing despite the metal arm.

But, Steve viewed the interaction a completely different way.

“Bucky, I’m not joking. Stay away from her.” Steve scolds, running his finger through his hair. “It’s one thing to let her flirt with you, but to flirt back is a whole other kind of death wish.”

Bucky takes a bite of his steak, leaning back in the seat. “I’m not flirting back. I’m going to lose my mind if I have to stay away from her any longer.”

“And you’ll lose your job if you don’t!” Steve snaps, nodding his head to the hallway where Y/N’s room was. “She’s too young, anyways.”

Steve wants Bucky to be happy, he absolutely does. He just doesn’t want Bucky’s happiness to be ripped away by the hands of Tony Stark.

“Well, how old is she?” Bucky questions, praying he didn’t let a minor sit on his junk three days ago. Three long days without seeing Y/N’s seductive smirk was taking it’s toll on Bucky’s demeanor. 

Steve sighs, leaning back against the counter. “She’s 24. She’s Tony’s only child, he will literally shoot you if he finds out what happened in the gym.”

Steve’s only trying to warn Bucky, to maybe change his mind. He doesn’t want Bucky to fall into a hole he can’t dig himself out of. Steve knows Y/N, he knows she’s one of the nicest people around, but he also knows she isn’t to be messed with in any way.

“What are we talking about?” Natasha asks as she walks into the kitchen. She grabs an apple, taking a bite out of it before sitting next to Bucky and waiting for an answer.

“Bucky likes Y/N.” Steve blurts, causing Nat to almost choke on her apple. The red head looks at Bucky with large eyes, shaking her head only slightly. 

She swallows, looking to Steve. “She is an amazingly pretty girl, she’s enticing and kind but you are to stay away from her. Do you understand me? You will get kicked out of the avengers is Tony finds out. Clint almost did when he first met her.”

Bucky groans, dropping his head into his hands. “Look,” Natasha says, turning to look at Bucky. “That girl is my favorite thing in this entire world. I want her to be happy more than anything else. You’re not the right guy for her, she’s not the right girl for you. Just forget about her.”

“Forget about who?” Y/N says, walking into the kitchen with extended arms. Steve smiles at her, opening his arms to accommodate the hug she wanted. She peers around, waiting for someone to speak.

“Bucky remembered some girl from his past. We think it’s better to forget about her.” Steve covers, placing an arm on her shoulder. 

Bucky feels a twinge of jealousy that Steve got to openly hold her that way. He wanted to be the one to hold her and kiss her and do everything else a boyfriend should do.

Y/N nods, looking to Bucky. “So, what are you guys doing today besides training and eating high carb foods?” She chuckles at Bucky’s plate, moving out of Steve’s grip.

“I’m going out with Sam later, I think. I would invite you for drinks but if I got you drunk your dad would kill me.” Steve snickers, pushing her shoulder only slightly.

Natasha rolls her eyes. “She’s old enough to get drunk if she wants to. Listen baby, we’ll go out friday and go drinking, okay?” 

Y/N smirks and nods, thanking Nat. “So, Bucky, what are you doing today?” She finally asks, jumping to sit on the counter. 

“Um, nothing. I already went to the gym so I was going to watch some T.V for the rest of the day.” Bucky answers honestly, taking another bite of the steak on his plate. 

“Perfect, you can come shopping with me. I need someone to hold the bags and you need some new shirts.” She says, pointing to the stained material hugging Bucky’s chest. 

“I don’t kno-”

“Be ready in half an hour, okay?” Y/N says, turning and walking out of the kitchen.

Bucky catches Steve’s warning glare when his eyes move away from Y/N’s hips. “Bucky, I’m not joking. Nothing is to happen between you two.” Steve scolds, pointing his finger accusingly at Bucky.

“What about this one?” Y/N hums, walking out of her changing room. She’s in a floor length fitted gown, sleeveless with a large slit up her thigh. “I feel like it’s too dressy but I also don’t want to be underdressed for my own coming home party.”

Bucky nods, surveying her body. “I like it.”

She sighs, pushing some fallen hair from her cheek. “You said that about the last three dresses. I need your honest opinions, Bucky! Tell me if something makes me look bad, or the cut is weird or even if my boobs look horrific. Just be honest.”

His eyes look back down the tight black material, his teeth gnawing into his lip as she looks at herself in the mirror. “Honestly, if you wear that dress I’m sure you’ll turn many heads. You look great.”

Bucky’s words send a smile to her face, her pink lips curling up at the sides. “Is it too booby, though? I mean I want to show some cleavage but I don’t want to be spilling from the dress.” Y/N pouts at her reflection, her hands smoothing down the sides of her dress.

“You look beautiful.” Bucky says in a hushed voice, watching the tips of her ears heat up.

She twirls to look at the back, the curve of her ass popping out distinctively. Bucky can’t help when his eyes drift to her full bum, his mind wondering to dirty thoughts he knows Steve would reprimand him for.

Shaking it off, Bucky looks at the low dip of the back and her exposed shoulders. 

“Alright, I think I’ll get this one.” Y/N announces, moving back to the dressing room before shutting the door behind her. Bucky stretches out, his muscles feeling extremely tense after seeing her in so many gorgeous outfits.

He can’t get the image of the swell of her breasts pushing up against the tight dress out of his head.

He knows he shouldn’t be thinking about Y/N in the way he is, but fuck, he just wants to bend her over and ravish her until her thighs quake. He’s not even sure why he feels so compelled to be near her all the time, she’s just so alluring that Bucky can’t resist.

“Hey, Bucky?” She calls through the door, cracking it open just enough to pop her head through. She smiles widely, almost innocent like. “I can’t get the zipper. Can you help me?”

Bucky stutters for a moment before his mind eases him into the idea that he’s only unzipping it, not taking it off her. “Um, yeah.”

She moves from the doorframe, allowing Bucky space to walk in. He spots her clothes kicked to the side of the room, her bra thrown carelessly across the bench in the room. She holds her hair up, looking at him from over her shoulder as he inches closer.

Bucky’s chest is only mere inches from her back, his hands slightly shaking as he lifts them. He grabs hold of the small zipper, pulling it slowly down her back.

He can feel his fingers brushing against the rough fabric before touching her smooth skin, the contrast sending sparks through Bucky’s body. He doesn’t realize how long the zipper is until he’s reached the curve of her ass. 

She has one hand across her chest, holding the material up while the other is thrown in her hair. Bucky can’t keep his eyes off the sliver of skin peaking out between the split zipper. 

He thinks about how smooth the slope of her back would be as he ran his hand from there to her ass. His tongue peaks out to wet his lips before he’s snapped out of his thoughts by Y/N turning around to face him.

“Thank you, Bucky.” Her voice is low and sultry, almost teasing Bucky for his flushed cheeks. One of her hands reaches forwards and she runs her fingernails across the expanse of his covered abs. “You know, if you want to kiss me, you can.”

“I don’t think your father would like that.” Bucky chokes, watching her teeth chew at her enticing bottom lip. She looks up at him through her lashes, tilting her head slightly.

She pouts out her bottom lip, feeling the ridges of muscles under his shirt. “Well correct me if I’m wrong, but my father isn’t here right now. I don’t think he’s going to find out.” She hums, moving a step closer to Bucky.

He can feel his pants tightening at her seductive touch, her fingers running along the line of his belt. She licks her lips, stepping closer so their chests are pressed together. 

She removes her hand from her dress, allowing Bucky’s chest to hold the material up if he chooses to. Her hands climb Bucky’s shudders, ending up in his hair as they twirl strands of his thick locks.

He can’t help but look down at her cleavage, her breasts pressed against his chest. “I mean, unless you don’t want to kiss me.” She sighs, her eyes sparkling. “But I don’t think that’s the case, is it?”

Bucky shakes his head, his breath caught in his throat. “I wanna kiss you.” He mumbles, his hands finding her hips. He squeezes his fingers, furrowing his brows.

She smirks up at him.

“Excuse me, Miss? Does everything fit alright?” The sales rep knocks, interrupting the intimate situation happening inside. Bucky wants to groan and curse the lady, but Y/N simply hushes him.

“Everything’s great. I’ll be out in a minute.” She replies, moving away from Bucky’s wanting body.

“Bucky, what the shit? I specifically told you not to do anything with her!” Steve yells, his hands gripping the roots of his hair. 

Bucky shrugs from his place on the couch, a beer pressed to his lips. “If you felt how soft her skin is, you would’ve done the same thing I did. Plus I didn’t do anything with her, calm down.”

Steve nearly knocks the bottle from Bucky’s hands. “You didn’t do anything, but you sure as hell wanted to. Whats going to happen next time, are you going to pray for an interruption or -”

“I would never pray for an interruption when it comes to her.” Bucky chides with a smirk, kicking his feet up on the table. 

“Bucky, this is serious business we’re talking about. You need to stay away from her. Let’s go out friday for drinks, you’ll meet some girl there who can get your mind off Y/N.” Steve suggests.

Bucky shrugs again. “Doubt I’ll get my mind off her.”