10 Baby Facts for SPN Fic Authors

[I swear this is not a rant - it ISN’T. Honest.]

It is actually kind of cool to realize that you possess specialty knowledge that may be of use to others. Stuff that you didn’t really KNOW you knew, until, of course, you are reading along in a fic and something the author describes (or the character says) brings your brain to a screeching halt. “That’s not right – it can’t possibly happen that way…” And then you go and do actual research to back up your gut knowledge. This little FAQ is the result of one such realization.

My dad fixed antique and classic cars for a living from 1964 – 1978, owning his own showroom for 3 years near the end of that time. Born in 1966, I grew up playing in old cars, hiding in floorboards and exploring them to my heart’s content. Our family car for several years was a 1966 Thunderbird, but when dad went to car shows, we rode in whatever he wanted to show off. I’ve been in rumble seats, hard top convertibles, cars with windshields that laid down flat, and cars with no roof, doors, or walls of any kind. My 1st car was a fully restored 1966 mustang. Without really realizing it, I soaked up a LOT of inherent understandings about older cars. The information below is based in that knowledge, backed up with some internet research.

The following is true about Baby (the character in SPN, not necessarily the actual cars that play her): 

1) Compared to most modern sedans, Baby is BIG. Like REALLY BIG. She is 17 and ¾ feet long (5.4 meters) and 7 feet 8 inches wide (2.03 meters). Allowing for door thickness on either side and the gaps between doors and bench seat, I’m betting the front seat is a little over 5 feet wide. Given basic geometry and human skeletal limitations, this means it is not possible for the passenger to have their head resting against the passenger door/window AND place their hand on the driver’s thigh. If the passenger is in this position, the driver can,  at best, entwine fingers with the passenger’s outstretched hand. That’s IT (even with Sam’s monkey arms). Sitting up straight, yes. Slumped over, no. On the plus side, this is why the guys can, in fact, get some sleep in her (and have fun in the back seat).

2) Despite how big Baby is, she is kinda short. Baby is only 54 inches high (4’6” or 138 cm). INSIDE the car, she is slightly less than 4 feet tall total. This means that the following actions WILL make you bump your head (or butt or hands or feet) on the ceiling unless you are very very slow and careful: climbing over the back seat, straddling someone’s lap, taking off your pants or t-shirt (unless nearly lying down in the seat), and lunging across the front bench seat to attack someone bodily. And you will look graceless doing it. [Ahem, trust me on these, I KNOW.] Additional negative modifiers for Sam due to height.

More below the cut.

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Worth the Wait- Poe Dameron

Word Count: 2385

Pairing: Poe Dameron x OC

Prompt: “Why are you looking at me like that” and Poe and OC friends to lovers.

A/N: Give me more Poe. This was so fun to write…best friends to lovers is my fav trope of all time besides love/hate I think!

“You really don’t have to sit here, Poe,” I said, casting the pilot a look from over my shoulder. “You gotta be exhausted.”

He was sitting on an overturned crate, chin propped in one hand as he watched me work. A crooked grin tugged at one side of his mouth. “What? And leave my baby all alone with you?”

I rolled my eyes at his teasing, but as I turned back to his ship, a small smile was on my own lips. “Honestly your “baby” might be better off in my hands than yours. Considering all the pain you’ve caused it.” I shined my light into the fuselage, double checking my work.

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Let Me Love You

Originally posted by dean-winchester-crush

Let Me Love You by evansrogerskitten

Dean x Reader 

Reader is getting over a bad breakup and ready for a rebound hook up. Thankfully she meets a gorgeous green-eyed stranger who is down for a night of bliss.

Warnings: This is pure Smut. NSFW, Explicit, hook up sex, fingering, oral, anal play, language, alcohol. So basically my usual. | WC: 3183 | On AO3

A/N: This is for @luci-in-trenchcoats‘s 2K Follower Challenge, and an addition to my album challenge for @mrs-squirrel-chester‘s Album Fanfic Challenge. 

I met Sam when he came to the university library one afternoon. He was sweet, funny, and a little nerdy. It seemed like I never met nice guys anymore. And after my disaster of a relationship and subsequent nasty breakup, it was nice to be interested in someone again.

“So you’ve been in Amherst for a few days?” I asked, shuffling through discarded books on the table.

Sam studied the maps in front of us for a moment, before he focused on my question. “Yeah, my brother and I are working here on a job.”

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Porsche Unveils the Most Powerful 911 of All Time

The fastest and most powerful road-approved 911 is ready for launch: The new Porsche 911 GT2 RS will celebrate its world premiere at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in the UK (June 30 to July 2). At the heart of this high-performance sports car is a 515 kW (700 hp) biturbo flat engine. Weighing in at 1,470 kg with a full fuel tank, the lightweight two-seater accelerates from zero to 100 km/h in 2.8 seconds. The rear-wheel drive Coupé has a top speed of 340 km/h, and with its near-motorsport drive technology, the new 911 GT2 RS trumps its 3.6-liter predecessor by 59 kW (80 hp) and achieves a torque of 750 Newton meters (an increase of 50 Nm).

The engine builds on that 3.8-liter in the 911 Turbo S at 427 kW (580 hp). In order to increase performance, large turbochargers push an increased volume of process air into the combustion chambers. A new additional cooling system delivers optimum cooling at peak loads and, at very high temperatures, sprays the charge-air cooler with water. This causes the gas temperature to fall in the overpressure range and ensures optimum power output, even under extreme conditions. The customized GT seven-speed double-clutch transmission (PDK) in the new GT2 RS enables power to be transferred with uninterrupted traction. What’s more, the specially developed exhaust system is made from extra-lightweight titanium, weighs around seven kilograms less than the system used in the 911 Turbo and delivers an emotional sound without precedent.

For the first time ever, Porsche Design is celebrating the debut of the high-performance sports car by releasing a special-issue watch. Offering a nod to the world of motorsport, the 911 GT2 RS watch is exclusively available to owners of the new vehicle and can only be ordered in conjunction with the new GT model at a Porsche Centre from June 30, 2017.

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Woman kills boyfriend by forcing him to drink bleach, prosecutors say
Authorities say Yasmine Elder, 26, laughed when she was told her boyfriend might die from injuries. An autopsy revealed he suffered chemical burns to his esophagus and stomach.

“Yasmine Elder was charged with first-degree murder in the gruesome death of Darius Ellis, a killing prosecutors say was spurred by a heated argument that turned physical.

The two were sitting in a van shortly after Elder got off work early Monday from her job at an area bakery when the couple got into an argument. As the dispute turned physical, Elder — who authorities say weighed about 77 pounds more than her boyfriend — allegedly climbed on top of Ellis and grabbed him by his dreadlocks to gain control of him. Ellis, 26, was lying between the bucket seats at that time.

“The defendant placed her knee on the victim to hold him down,” Cook County assistant state’s attorney Joseph Carlson said during Elder’s bond hearing Thursday. “There was a bottle of bleach inside the van; the defendant and victim struggled with the bottle. The defendant then poured the bleach on the victim’s face, dousing him, and causing the bleach to go down his throat.”

Elder eventually got off Ellis and left the van. Ellis drove himself to the apartment of a friend, where he told multiple witnesses Elder poured bleach down his throat. Ellis collapsed on the landing of his friend’s apartment building and began to foam at the mouth.

He was rushed to the hospital, but died hours later from his injuries. An autopsy revealed Ellis had a bruise and abrasions to his left cheek and bruises to his head and back as well as chemical burns to his stomach and esophagus. Tests of the contents of the man’s stomach revealed his pH levels — the measure of concentration of hydrogen in the body — were between 12 and 13. Normal pH levels are 5 to 6.

Carlson said after the ambulance left, the witnesses walked to the victim’s family home to let them know what happened. One of the witnesses saw Elder walking near the home and confronted her about the injuries sustained by the victim.

The witness told investigators Elder admitted to pouring bleach on her boyfriend. She “then laughed at the witness when she was informed that the victim might die,” Carlson said.

Elder was arrested later Monday. At the time of her arrest, she had an injury to her hand consistent with a bleach burn.”

If she’s convicted I hope she gets life in a deep dark hole with no light


Okay, not a typical definition of a muscle car, but I love this 1966 Chevrolet Impala Super Sport! Loooong, boat-like body and hubcaps, but look at that 396 / 325 horsepower rat big block seething under the hood! And a 4speed to boot! (Muncie? Probably.) And bucket seats. And check out the gauge cluster on the console. I’d love to know if it’s a Muncie close ratio or wide ratio as well as the rearend differential. This car looks like your grandmother’s grocery-getter. But from redlight to redlight, it’ll surprise that other person beside you!

walk together with our hands up in the sky

an: title is from “two high” by moon taxi

spoilers through 1x13 of the punisher

He’s standing in her office, with a neatly trimmed goatee and a head of curly hair piled high on his head, and he’s laughing at something Rachel from sports is saying, his lips stretched wide, his teeth a burst of white against the sunlight shining through the window, and it’s been three months and he’s still a wanted man and all Karen can think is oh thank god.

He glances up, catches her eye, and Karen’s breath catches in her throat. She’s seen him beaten, tired, hiding, terrified and bloody and angry, she’s seen him fight a smile and talk of the terrible greatness of love, but she’s never seen him like this, not a visible scratch or bruise and not even trying to hide how happy he is to see her.

Karen hefts her bag higher on her shoulder, regrets it as she watches the way his eyes dart towards it, a new one without a nice big bullet hole through the bottom of it, regrets the flicker of momentary hurt and confusion it causes as he watches her walk towards him. 

There are flowers on her desk, bright and colorful, the salvia almost a dead match for the blue of his button up, and Karen barks out a laugh as he straightens from a lean, standing to attention like he might have done years ago for a commanding officer, ignores the occupied desk on her right as she bowls into him, arms tight around him, nose digging into his neck as he arms wrap right back around her.

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“He’s all heart,” Laura had said of Clint once, fondly, a little mocking, as he puttered about making spaghetti with a toddler clinging to one shin.

Natasha remembered that, on the plane to Calcutta to fetch Bruce— remembered that night, salad with bottled ranch dressing that little Cooper got everywhere, Clint telling circus stories and burning a pot of coffee, tiny Lila falling asleep on her lap smelling like mud and glue.

She remembered— Clint had plucked his children up and put them to bed, and Natasha had snuck into the kitchen whose layout she had just been coming to know. When they got back from storytime and “no, one more! pwease!” Natasha had been curled up on the couch again and every dish in the kitchen had been clean.

Natasha remembered that when she watched the footage of Loki’s arrival— of his theft of the cube, the scientist, and Clint. She curled up in the bucket seat of a plane whose destination she was trying to force herself to care about.

Clint Barton has heart.

Natasha didn’t want to call Laura. She wanted to be Phil Coulson, and define need-to-know in the way that best pleased her.

When Clint was sleepy, pre-coffee in the morning, he fit his forehead perfectly into the curve of Laura’s shoulder. Natasha knew now where they kept all their mugs, and which ones Lila and Cooper each liked best for bedtime hot chocolate. Clint was crude, sarcastic, cutting, and Laura was even worse— she was just more private with it, quiet and pretty until you got close enough and she dropped a word or two about how she really felt about Nick Fury.

Laura’s number wasn’t on Natasha’s speed-dial, because that would be irresponsible. The digits were tucked in the back of her head. Like with Coulson’s and Clint’s, Natasha knew how to dial them in behind her back, with one hand.

She dialed with the phone balanced on her pulled-up knees while the plane rocked a bit with turbulence. Lila picked up, listing and cheerfully shrill, and Natasha buried her face in her knees because there was no one around to see.

“Hey sweetie,” she said, her voice perfectly level, her eyes screwed shut and her whole body curled achingly in on itself. “Can you put your mom on?”

—  i made a name for myself by dirgewithoutmusic
Take a Ride with Me, Baby

Take a Ride with Me, Baby by evansrogerskitten

Dean Winchester x Reader 

Dean has rebuilt a  cherry red 1954 pickup. He convinces his girl to take a ride with him one summer evening. 

Warnings: Smut, of course. Language. Fluff. Dean being way too adorable and sexy. WC: 1610 On AO3 Photo credit: Clif Kosterman ig

Happy Galentines Day! ♥

The loud, repetitive honking made me laugh, as I looked through the living room window. I was surprised to see a classic red truck parked out front, Dean hanging out of the door.

“C'mon, baby. Get in the truck.” Dean hollered at me through the open window. The light of a summer sunset was fading  behind the houses across the street.

I walked down the driveway to the 1954 pickup, it’s cherry red paint shiny from the recent wax Dean had applied.

“Sweetheart, I only have her tonight. Take a ride with me.” Dean pleaded, his hand beckoning me.

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Today, Porsche built the millionth 911 !

The Porsche 911 Carrera S, Number 1,000,000! 

Porsche created an icon in 1963 and, over the past 54 years, developed it into an unconventional yet legendary sports car. 

Painted in a deep and beautiful Irish Green, fitted with houndstooth pattern bucket seats, a wooden steering wheel, and, most importantly, a manual gearbox with a wood-capped shifter.

He is getting better.

He tells himself this every day, lists the things he is now able to do in a litany. I can go into a strange bathroom at a party. I can drink without needing to black out. I no longer shake at the sight of black and white tiles.

When he gets the “C” it feels like one more confirmation: I’m better, I’m better, I’m better.

Jeff is the only person who doesn’t look impressed when it’s announced. Kent knows because he’s a petty bitch, because he looked all around the room to see who was reacting how. Mostly broad smiles, chirps and laughter. Jeff looked blank.

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Snog Me Senseless 5

A/N:  Awhile ago, when I first started writing, I got a request for a story where the girl loses her virginity to Harry, and I refused to write it.  I didn’t think I had anything new to say on the subject.  But when @thisoneforthemcurls requested frat boy Harry and kissing, I started Snog Me Senseless.  Instinctively, I knew after writing the first part that a continuation of SMS had to end with our main female character losing her virginity.  So here we are at part 5, the final part.  And I’m dedicating it to those of us who wish we had lost our virginity to this Harry.  

Yes.  It’s NSFW.  In multiple places.  

P.S.  I apologize for the length.  I was assured that I would be drawn and quartered if I split this chapter.  


You haven’t been back to the frat house since that night, and Harry has made every effort to meet you at your classes or at your dorm in the interim.  But spring break is approaching, and the frat brothers are holding a party to celebrate.  Even though Harry says you can skip it, you want to support him.  This is the perfect time to demonstrate how much you’ve grown up since you started dating Harry nearly a month ago.  

Which is how you come to be holding Sophia’s hair while she’s vomiting in the bathroom.  You were the mature one and only nursed one beer while she drank the sickeningly sweet rum punch the boys had made.  Niall is standing at the doorway, his hand covering his mouth lest he get sick as well just by listening to his girlfriend puking her guts out.  When you are sure that Sophia has finally emptied the contents of her stomach, you force Niall to get a clean cloth and dampen it to wipe Sophia’s face.  The gratitude on Niall’s face as he leads Sophia to his room is enough to assure you that he will take good care of her tonight.  

After flushing the toilet and washing your hands, you find Harry casually leaning against the door as he watches Niall lead Sophia away, having given Niall a piece of his mind for allowing his girlfriend to drink so much of that “nasty shit”. 

“You’re a good friend, babe,” he says, holding out his hand to you, “and a beautiful hostess.  The boys all appreciated how you took care of everything.  But now it’s our time.”  You take his hand as he leads you out of the disgusting bathroom and through the throng of loud, smelly, obnoxious boys and girls and throbbing music towards the front porch.

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First Look: The New Audi R8 Spyder V10 plus

The Audi R8 Spyder V10 plus from the workshop of Audi Sport GmbH is the fastest series-production convertible model from the brand with the four rings. Its unmistakable 610 hp V10 mid-engine offers intense driving performance and powers the quattro permanent all-wheel drive. The standard performance program, R8 bucket seats and many components made from carbon fiber-reinforced polymer distinguish this high-performance sports car, with its exclusive micrommata green paint finish giving it a cutting-edge look.

The top model sprints to 100 km/h (62.1 mph) in 3.3 seconds and achieves a top speed of 328 km/h (203.8 mph), an increase of 10 km/h (6.2 mph).

anonymous asked:

Just for fun, how about we come up with some new drink names? I'm thinking 'Love on the Bucket Seats' or 'Long Legs Liquor Romp'? heehee

Is That Your Gearshift Digging Into My Hip?

Get Me Audi My Pants

You Don’t Need To Drive A Hummer To Get One

The Slutty Picnic Basket

Bent Over the Hood

Backseat Bang-A-Rang



Dom f u c c - s p e c
1991 Nissan 300ZX Z32 Slicktop
Custom built/tuned Stance SS S13/14
Swift springs 16/12k
HeatMaker FLCA 25mm extended/notched
HeatMaker Hotside S14 knuckle
HeatMaker modified crossmember
Powertrix tension rods
Stillen Sway bar
Energy Suspension sway bar and steering rack bushings
OEM Nissan S14 inner/outer tie rods
GoldStar Garage custom Mcpherson steering conversion
PBM V2 S13 drop knuckles
Powertrix RUCA
Powertrix toe rod
PBM solid subframe bushings
Energy Suspension Poly differential bushings.
HeatMaker modified Z32 subframe (diff raised 25mm)
Stillen sway bar with Energy Suspension Poly bushings.
Standard VG30 Naturally Aspirated
JWT intake
JWT ECU tuned via blatz courtesy of Z Car Garage
206whp (lol)
CSF aluminum radiator
Earl’s powersteering cooler
Custom exhaust with a muffled 2in>2out X pipe and dual 4 inch blast pipes
Unknown flywheel/clutch that the car came with 7 years ago. Definitely not stock.
Unknown short shifter (gift from japan/TD Garage)
Custom 1 piece driveshaft
Welded R200 4.08 VLSD
The ones that all the 240 guys want.
OE rotors with Hawk HPS pads.
OE ebrake shoes.
Kouki front bumper
Kouki corner lights
Switchback LED turn signals/daytime lights
TwinZ Type II Kouki lip
‘90 Nose Panel
Powertrix foglight bumper vents
Ebay underbody strobe lights
Ebay headlight/taillights strobe lights
Bomex Z32 Aero Mirrors
Supermade S13 side skirts modified for Z32
JZA70 Spec-B rear add ons
TwinZ rear diffuser
326Power Manriki rear wing modified
SSR Agle Strusse 18x9.5J +17 square set up (front is -13 offset with spacer)
Championship Red with HOK red and purple flake
Metallic purple accented aero
Candy Apple Red over ground down hood and roof panel
Thrash Racing bucket seat
Key!s Racing Fossa Magna steering wheel
Kenwood audio deck
LED floor/under seat lights
Autopower full interior cage modified by Brown Recluse Garage
SerialNine shift knob

Winning Bet 1 - Auston Matthews

“Dude, I thought your car would be ready by now.”

“They said it would be.”

“Then what’s taking so long?” Mitch whined and dropped onto the bench next to me, flipping his sunglasses on top of his head. I grabbed a magazine from the stack in front of me and pressed one into his hands, rolling my eyes as I tucked my nose back into Sports Illustrated. “Austonnnn? Can we at least go and get something to eat while we’re waiting?”

I sighed and stood up, stepping over to the counter and ringing the bell. A short, balding man stepped in from the garage and shot me a grin. 

“What can I do for you, Mr. Matthews?” 

“Hey, um- is my car almost ready? You all said by noon on the phone and it’s almost one.”

“Yeah, I told ‘em to call you, I guess- Shane can be a bit forgetful sometimes. We uh, we caught a kink in your break line and a bit of damage to the undercarriage, had to re-weld a bit. Should be finishing up now.” He gestured to a window on the side of the office that faced the garage and I looked out to see my car. 

Mitch stepped over and put his hand up to the window, eyes wide like a kid at an aquarium when he gestured me over.

“Dude, it’s a chick!”


“C’mere man, you gotta check this out.” 

I joined him at the glass and feigned shock, slapping his chest when he pointed to the girl under the car. All we could see was her legs, clad in baggy jeans with holes up to the thigh. 

“Don’t point, Mitch. It’s rude.” 

He dropped his hands to his side and studied her, jumping when she slid out on the creeper and looked at him. Her face was hidden behind a welder’s mask and she rolled into a sitting position before taking off her thick protective jacket. 

“Dude, she’s…”


“She’s thick.” 

She was. The fabric of her long sleeve t-shirt clung to her curves, the dip of her waist leading into soft, beautiful hips. She turned her back to us and I blushed at the sight of her ass, pulling the hole in the back of her jeans taut. I could see pale pink panties through the frayed denim and Mitch must’ve noticed too because he pointed again. 


“Look at her ass!”

“Mitch dude, knock it off.”

The gentleman that had helped us prior poked his head into the garage, mumbling something to our mechanic and nodding when she replied. He reappeared by us in an instant and nodded towards her. 

“You can go on in. She’ll explain everything.” 

I pushed through the door and winced at the smell of oil, looking down to carefully step over any remnants of work on the floor. Mitch followed behind me and ran into my back when I stopped short. She looked at me with grease on her cheek, her eyes the brightest I had ever seen. Framed by long, dark lashes, she blinked a few times before smiling. 

“Hey, how’s it going?” She held out her hand to shake but pulled it back, holding her palms to me to show the debris from the repair and I nodded. “I’m Shane.”

“I’m Auston, this is Mitch.” 

Mitch nodded a hello and she glanced over at him before looking back at me. 

“So we’d almost finished the tune-up when one of our guys noticed the kink in your line. Once we started on that, we saw a part of the boot that had come loose- nothing major, usually the result of rocks or something that’s been kicked up- but if it had gotten any worse, you could’ve lost your spare or your gas tank would’ve been exposed. I just finished up on that and I wanted to show you a few things before you leave. Just some stuff to keep an eye on.”

She reached for the door handle and frowned. “Hang on, let me grab your keys.” 

I watched her walk away and Mitch leaned in. “Butch, am I right?” 

“Shut the fuck up, Mitch.”

“What? I’m just saying… even her voice is masculine. Did you see the way she walks?” 

I had noticed her gait, wide and confident but not that of a woman’s, but I didn’t want to indulge his rude behavior. I shook my head and sat against the hoot of my car, waiting for her to come back. 

“Do you think she’s into… you know?” I jerked my elbow into his side and he pressed on. “What, you got a little crush?  Gonna ask her out?” 

“I said shut up, Mitch.”

“You into girls like that?” 

I shook my head and pushed him away, my mind rolling over the way her body moved. She was… intriguing, to say the least, but definitely not my type. 

“Bet you won’t ask her out.”

I thought a long moment and turned to him. “How much?” 


She walked back in and pressed a button on my key fob, opening the driver’s side door and popping the hood. She reached to prop it up and her shirt rode up, a little sliver of her tummy poking out. I thought I could see the outline of a belly ring but I shook it off and tried to focus. 

“So, you brought it in because of a high pitched noise- yeah, that’s super common when your oil is low. You just have to keep checking the dipstick to make sure it doesn’t get too low.”

I could’ve sworn she eyed Mitch when she said dipstick but I couldn’t be sure. Her eyes flashed with amusement and when she looked back at me, she flashed me a bright smile. 

I zoned out watching her as she ran through a few other things before dropping the hood. Her torso shook when she jerked down on it and I let my eyes flit to her chest for a long second. 

“Ahem,” she cleared her throat, “did you pay inside?” 

I nodded and she handed me the keys, motioning to one of the other mechanics that I was going to pull out. He nodded and backed up a car, clearing a path as Mitch hopped into the passenger’s seat. 

“You’re good to go.” 

I muttered a quiet ‘thank you’ and slid in, shifting the car into reverse but not taking my foot off of the break. Mitch groaned and pounded his fist on the dash. 

“C’mon man, I’m hungry!” 

I looked from him to Shane and shifted the car back into park, quickly hopping out and walking over to her. 


Her hair swung as she turned around, settling on her shoulder when she looked at me. She was wiping her hands with a rag and I glanced down before meeting her eyes. 

“Is everything alright?”

“Yeah, I just um- would you like to go out sometime? With me?” I added for good measure. She eyed me skeptically and I felt my face heat under her gaze, dropping my eyes back to her hands until she tossed the rag over her shoulder. “You don’t- I’m sorry, I’ll go.” 

I turned to leave and she called a soft ‘hey’, taking my hand in hers. I spun around and watched her uncap a sharpie, holding the lid between her teeth as she scrawled her phone number on my palm. 

“Call me.” 

“Sweet, thanks!” I studied her writing in the few short steps to the car and wrenched the door open, sliding into the bucket seat and pulling it shut behind me. Mitch was sporting a goofy grin and I flashed him my victory, pulling the car into gear and sliding out of the garage. “You owe me $200.” 

Envy | Seven Deadly Sins Series [Part 2]

Dean x Reader / Sam x Reader

This will be a 7 part series with each part related to one of the “seven deadly sins”  Part One

A/N: Thanks again for welcoming me back with such love! You babes are the best!

Summary: Before you get a chance to tell Sam what happened with you and Dean, Sam tells you a secret of his own.. Dean isn’t too happy about this.

Warning: Jealous Dean ← we all love a little jelly Dean every now and then. Fluffy Sam & Fluffy Dean ← do we need a warning for this? Angst. A little bit of angry Dean.

2,000+ words

Originally posted by bringmesomepie56

You lay there, your body limp, the feeling of electricity still flowing through you as Dean collapses next to you and pulls the blankets over both of your bodies. Nothing is said for a few minutes. Both of you just enjoying each other’s presence, trying to collect yourselves

Dean finally turns over to face you, you turn to face him. He places his hand under your chin and kisses you, much more softly than before “that was” he kisses you again “amazing.”

You smile “yeah it was” you agreed and turned back on your back.
“What do we tell Sam?” you asked.


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