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it was early in the morning and the sun had just started to rise. the both of you aren’t the type of people who like to wake up early, but seokjin has had some ridiculous hours to go to practice lately. his loud alarm always woke you both up and let you greet one another with some kind of good morning affection. the usual was just a light kiss on your cheek or your lips, but when he kissed you this morning, it was a eager kiss. seokjin’s body presses into yours, so that he was on top and he rolled to the end of the bed, sitting up straight.

“come here, y/n,” seokjin smirked at you as you started to get up and stand in front of him. he spread his legs out and patted down on his left thigh, encouraging you to straddle around it.

“jin, you’re going to be late,” you stood there with your arms crossed, “we can do this when you come home so we don’t have to be in a rush.”

seokjin just sat there shaking his head, “we can do it when i come home too then.” he gently put his hands on your hips and brought them down to do what he was waiting for. he took control in moving your hips along his thigh, as he flexed the muscle. your head flew back as he guided you, the pleasure almost becoming too much.

“you look beautiful, y/n,” seokjin praised. you felt bad that you were the only one getting anything out of this, but that just made you more excited for jin to come home after practices.


surprise, suprise. it was another day where yoongi spent hours in the studio. of course it’s for work and it’s one of his passions, but you can’t help but wish that he was home with you instead. yoongi has been texting you throughout the day saying that he misses you and that he has something planned for when he gets home. your mind wandered for awhile trying to figure out what his plan was, but eventually you heard the front door open.

“y/n? i’m home,” when you looked a yoongi, he had a darkened expression on his face, one that you had only seen when it was just you and him. immediately you had a pretty good idea on what his plan was.

“let’s go to the bedroom, huh?” in no time the both of you were in there, you standing before yoongi as he directed you to sit on his thigh. you stopped your movements hesitatly, thinking that this was a bit strange, but as he wrapped his arms around you and rocked your body, there was no hesitation. your hands flew up to his hair, grabbing onto the strands and pulling lightly. yoongi inhaled sharply at your sudden action, only making him control your movements harder and faster.


it was so sudden. at first you were just walking around the house and hoseok was sitting down infront of the tv, but as you walked past him, he suddenly reached forward and grabbed ahold on your hips as gently as he could, bringing you closer.

“hoseokie, you could have just called my name and gotten the same outcome,” you said laughing, hoseok shrugged and tightened his grip on your hips ever so lightly.

“do you want to do this?” hoseok asked as his hands brought your body down, wrapping your legs around his thigh. you sent him a confused look, but then it clicked. you nodded your head and he started to guide you backwards and forwards. just from those slight motions, he earned a long moan of his name from your mouth. hoseok encouraged you to start moving on your own and once you did, all he had to do was sit back and enjoy the view.

“there you go baby, you’ve got it,” he praised, “keep going.”


recently, namjoon’s been wanting to try some new things behind closed doors. he’s asked you if you wanted to try a few things, which you ended up doing, but today he asked about something you’ve heard of from others, but never fully understood when they explained it to you.

“thigh riding?” you asked, namjoon just looked at you with demanding and slightly confused eyes.

“yeah, i’ve thought about it for awhile now, it’s where you would s-“

“i know what it is namjoon, i just don’t get why?” you interrupted, trying to explain you confusion to him, but he just took you by the hand, and walked you both over to the bed. he sat down, with you standing in front of him. his hands raised up to your hips, bringing you down to his toned thigh.

“well, let me help you understand why.” his arms suddenly started to rock your hips back and fourth. you took notice to his denim pants getting tighter right away, only making you melt underneath his touch even more. you tried to talk, but you would choke on your words, making it so namjoon couldn’t understand what you were saying, but take it as a sign of you liking it. maybe you can see why people enjoy it so much.


the whole day, jimin had been at the dance studio, perfecting every move he could. no one else was there and he was getting bored with it only being him and a mirror, so he decided to invite you over. without any hesitation, you made your way to the studio. as you entered the room, you were greeted by blasting music and your boyfriend dancing away.

“oh hey babe!” jimin called out as the music stopped. he ran up to you, hands going on each side of your face and pulling you close for a kiss. then, jimin deepened the kiss. now it was obvious that he wanted you over for more than just company. his hands slid down to your waist, taking a strong grip on them, bringing you to the couch in the practice room. jimin day comfrotably before bringing you down to straddle his leg. you began to feel nervous about someone walking in on you sitting on jimin’s denim covered thigh, but as jimin stared to bounce his leg slightly, all of those thoughts went out the window.

“come on baby, you gotta move with me,” jimin teased, liking the way he had you wrapped around his finger. too overwhelmed to move, jimin guided you, helping you to move as your hips felt like they could give out any moment. though it wasn’t as much pleasure to jimin as it was to you, he couldn’t stop groaning.

“we should start making our way home,” jimin suggested, you nodded. it was basically jimin’s way of letting you know that you weren’t the only needy one.


you and taehyung were out walking around the city, until he eagerly rushed you both home. you didn’t question it since he had been acting off all day, but the second you walked through the door, he took you by the hand and brought you over to the bedroom. taehyung sat at the edge of the bed and motioned for you to come over, patting down on his thigh as a welcome for you to sit.

“i’ve been waiting for this all day,” his voice was even deeper than usual and his eyes were hooded as he looked at you. as you wrapped your legs around his thigh, he started to move it around, earning a surprised moan to escape your mouth. you gripped your hands onto his shoulders, trying to get some kind of support since your body felt like it was about to give out.

“you’re shaking baby,” taehying pointed out, eyes glued onto you, taking notice to everything. you didn’t realize it until he mentioned it. your legs were just able to touch the ground, but whenever he raised his leg, it was hard for you to reach the ground, making your legs shake. it was a overwhelming feeling, and clearly it was making taehyung feel some kind of way as one of his hands would try to adjust his pants as they were getting tighter by the second.


jungkook and you spent the day cuddling on the couch, in the most comfortable ways possible. the warmth of you two laying on top of eachother was comforting and relaxing. suddenly, jungkook started to become restless, legs not being able to stay still and him just constantly having to move, eventually he took the warmth away from you as he sat upright on the couch.

“you’re getting up? it was so comfy,” you whined out, watching jungkook look back at you.

“don’t worry, i’m not getting up, we’re just going to try another position,” you didn’t think jungkook realized how much of a innuendo it sounded like, but as he guided you into his thigh, flexing the muscle under you in the slightest, you realized that it was all intended. jungkook guided you hips back and fourth, causing not only you to let out moans, but making grunts part his lips too.

“how’s this position, y/n? better than the ones before?” a cockily smile appeared on his face, clearly looking for an answer but all he got was a groan in return.

BTS Reaction | Thigh riding

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Kim Seokjin

When your naked body came into contact with Jin’s thigh he would shake his head and look up at the ceiling. He hated when you teased him it was truly torture as your wetness soaked his bottoms

“Come on, you know I hate watching this happen.”

Min Yoongi

Yoongi watched as you undressed and smiled a little motioning you over and sitting you down on his thigh. He starts moving your hips and the pleasure was amazing. When a soft moan fell from your lips he smiled. He loved to watch you pleasure yourself and wanted your cum to soak his sweats.

“Yeah that’s it baby cum all over me.”

Jung Hoseok

As you rubbed against Hoseok’s thigh his deep brown eyes stare into yours, a small groan falling from his lips, his growing bulge twitching in his pants and your soft moans filled the room.

“Baby girl you need to be a little higher if you wanna really cum.”

Kim Namjoon

Namjoon would look at you, his dark brown eyes staring through yours as you moaned out his name. Tugging at his lip he would groan as his hand slipped past his waistband and started to move, letting out a moan.

“Ah shit baby that pussy feels good on my leg but come on you know you wanna be somewhere else.”

Park Jimin

Jimin low key had a thigh riding kink. There was something about your wet pussy pressed up against his thick thigh that could get him off in seconds. He would watch your body as it grinds against his thigh while touching himself.

“Fuck baby keep going p-please.”

Kim Taehyung

Taehyung’s eyes followed your body down to your dripping core that rubbed against his thigh. Watching your lips as they parted and a moan fell from them. Licking his lips he grabbed your hips and as you came he picked you up and threw you on the bed, instantly going down on you licking up every last drop.

“God, you taste so fucking amazing.”

Jeon Jungkook

You grinded yourself against Jungkook’s thigh while he sat at his deck and he watched, waiting for you to stop. He started to twitch in his pants and watched as your pussy soaked his sweats, letting out a groan he stood up knocking you off his thigh and instantly bent you over his desk and slipped into you.

“If you wanna tease me you should know you will end up getting fucked.”


Dancing Strangers: Dull

Dancer Y/N x Music Producer Yoongi

Summary: In a world where you have your soulmate’s name on your body, you post dance covers on Youtube while Yoongi continues producing music. You don’t know each other, but with your brother, Namjoon, one thing leads to another and suddenly, you’re dating someone who isn’t your soulmate. Right?

Masterlist for Dancing Strangers

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Redemption VI

Summary: Jimin has a long way to go to make amends, so he starts with his family. The boys hear him out but you’re not sure you’re ready to just yet. Meanwhile, Rhys offers you some unsolicited advice.

Pairing: OT7/Reader, Jimin/Reader centric

Warnings: infidelity, cursing, angst

Length: 4.1k

Notes: another chapter, almost done the full repost! Just a filler as I work on milestone fics. Hope you guys enjoy!

i. ii. iii. iv. prevnext.

The dorm is quiet today. It’s a rare afternoon off after the final run-through of their set performance for the Wings concert to be held in less than a week. The band will be on the plane to Japan in two days and still, nothing has happened.

Time has dragged on at an agonizingly leisurely pace and Jimin is about to lose his mind altogether—he’s been terrified of confrontation, but it’s time. Any more of this dreadful silence and the mochi is on the verge of begging—no, he mentally shakes his head firmly. That’s not the way to go. It would only make things worse. He needs to approach this maturely—because even though this is entirely his making, they still need to understand where he came from.

Jimin decides the logical place to start is by trying to patch things up with Jungkook, who feels the most betrayed out of all of them—who held the most respect for Jimin.

So now here the blond-haired singer stands, pacing at the doorstep of a certain light-haired maknae who seems to rather despise the blond idol with every fibre of his being.

The vocalist gulps at the thought of Jungkook slamming the door in his face, but quickly shoves the image off, steeling himself as he raises his fist to the wood and knocks thrice.

The mellow beats of Western music and rambunctious shouting stops abruptly. Jimin realizes the maknae had been gaming, likely with Taehyung in the other room, just as a curt, “come in,” infiltrates the barrier between the two.

The sudden stillness practically wails of the brewing of the storm and Jimin exhales a steadying breath before pushing the door open.

Jungkook swivels around, pushing his headphones down to rest at his neck as he regards the blond-haired boy with a flicker of disdain that shadows his eyes before his expression smoothes over. He raises an eyebrow in a wordless query. Jimin’s heart twinges at the sight of the poorly concealed contempt the light-haired maknae now blatantly held for the vocalist and he has to pinch his wrist behind his back to keep from visibly cringing.

“Hey,” Jimin says tentatively. “Can we talk?”

Jungkook stares at him for a heartbeat, silently deliberating. The clock in his room ticks loudly in comparison and Jimin’s shoulders slump when he doesn’t respond.  He mistakes younger’s brooding for rejection, so he amends quickly, “Never mind, I can see you’re busy. I’ll come back some other time.”

The blond-haired idol spins on his heel to move out of the room, when Jungkook halts him, saying in a low voice, “Wait.” Jimin turns around slowly, stunned and watches as the Golden Maknae twist around to shut off his computer.

“Did you just—” Jimin snaps his jaw shut when he sees Jungkook’s pointed look, and takes a seat on the edge of his bed. “But the game—” he tries again but the light-haired idol rolls his eyes and stares at him hard. Jimin shuts up sheepishly.

“Can you … can you just hear me out?” the blond pokes at the water uncertainly, and sighs inwardly in relief when Jungkook gives him a tense nod.

“I—I know you’re mad,” he says, and adds hastily, “And I deserve it all of it,” at the younger’s narrowed eyes. Jungkook nods again. “But please—just … just listen.”

“Hyung,” Jungkook says quietly, “I know. And I’m willing to listen. We’ve talked about it. Just wait for everyone else to get back from the studio.”

Jimin lights up at that, lips curling into a muted beam at the prospect, and the maknae’s expression softens at the sheer relief that paints the older’s body language.

“Oh, thank God,” the blond mutters under his breath and Jungkook moves closer to offer him a small smile.

The two of them stay like this, falling into the first eased kind of silence Jimin’s shared with any of the boys since … well, since what feels like forever.

“Do you think—do you think she would …?” Jimin breaks the calm, voice hesitant and wavering as he glances at the maknae who’s leaning back on his forearms.

“I don’t know,” Jungkook replies honestly. “But if that is what she decides, you have to respect her wishes, hyung.”

“But that doesn’t mean you can’t keep trying,” he finishes. Jimin whips his head to the side to look at Jungkook in pure shock, hardly believing that the words had passed through the younger’s lips.

“Now c’mon,” Jungkook beckons, eyes glinting slightly though his facial expression grows unreadable once again. “They’re coming now.”

“Wait—” Jimin says idly as they step out of his room, “Where was Jin-hyung today?”

“Ah,” Jungkook pauses, looking a bit uncomfortable as he replies slowly, “He was … out shopping, probably.”

The blond-haired idol clenches his hand and struggles to control his emotions as he says calmly, “Oh, I see.”

Jungkook casts him a sympathetic look but says nothing.

Jimin follows him silently, and the remaining boys come bursting through the dorm entrance in noisy laughter, sounding the happiest he’s heard in a long while.

So Jimin takes a deep breath and leaps.

“So,” Yoongi begins as he leans back against the couch, “What’s your story?”

The boys sit, scattered around the living room and Jimin is sprawled smack in the middle of the chaos.

“Okay,” he starts nervously, eyes dropping to his hands as he shifts in his seat.

“I’ve always … always felt inadequate compared to all of you,” Jimin says softly, rubbing his arm as he looks away, taking a deep breath. “I—I’ve loved her for so long, but she never looked at me that away. Even when she finally did, and I felt like the happiest person in the world, I always felt like she was obligated because she loved everyone else that way too.”

“I mean,” he continues miserably, “What can I offer her that you guys can’t? Or that Tae or Jungkookie can’t do better?”

“I’m not Yoongi-hyung, who can calm her down instantly. Or Hobi-hyung, who can cheer her up no matter what the problem is. Or Joonie! He has the most interesting conversations with her, and they can stay up until three in the morning just talking,” Jimin exclaims wearily, “Or Jin-hyung, who’s probably the most mature out of all of us and makes her smile with everything he says and does. Or Taehyungie … he makes her laugh so easily, the way her face lights up whenever he walks into the room. He was her first love, after all. And Jungkookie … he brings out her inner child, and they seem to have fun regardless of what they’re doing. It’s just … You all make her happy and I don’t know what I do.”

Jimin can almost feel the defiance radiating from the boys in the room, but he ignores it and presses on, “I know … I know it’s probably not true. And I thought I got past it because ____ has been trying to help me since I told her. But somehow, somehow—all those insecurities came rushing back that night, probably because of the alcohol … but that night …”

“That night, the room felt so suffocating and I needed to step out for a moment. I was so tipsy, I couldn’t walk properly. I slipped … I think I blacked out for a few minutes, and when I came to, I felt more drunk than ever. I hadn’t drunk more than my tolerance, so I brushed it off as just being irrationally insensitive, as usual,” Jimin explains plainly. “Someone was kneeling by me and it was so dark I couldn’t make out their face. Their hand … was so warm,” he admits in a small voice.

“I know ____ and … and the girl don’t look anything alike, but I think because I so desperately wanted it to be ____ that found me that night, I wanted it to be her the same way she would soothe my aches like she always does, that I deluded myself into believing it really was ___.”

“That’s why I left with her,” Jimin whispers. “The room was dimly lit, and I was blind drunk at that point. I wasn’t thinking properly at all—if I did, I would’ve realized it made no sense whatsoever for her to take me without talking to you guys first. I felt something was off, but in my desperation, I ignored it and followed along. I was so, so stupid,” he says hoarsely, squeezing his eyes shut at the mere memory.

“I don’t know how many times we did it,” he admits lowly. “But when I woke up the next day, sober, and saw very clearly that it had not been ___, but some stranger from the streets, I panicked. I threw my clothes on and called a cab. My hangover hit me like a truck when I got back to the hotel and I felt so sick from the event that I couldn’t concentrate on anything and I guess my body and mind couldn’t take all the pressure and I blacked out on the plane.”

“The next thing I know, I’m in the hospital,” he continues, “And Tae is looking at me like I killed someone. And I might as well have when I remembered what I did,” he adds thickly.

“I regret it so much. If I wasn’t so caught up in my stupid insecurities and drank myself blind I would’ve realized something was horribly wrong and actually done something about it instead of being a dumbass and pretending like my dream came true,” Jimin barks a bitter laugh, “I was so scared to lose what I didn’t have that I forgot what I did have, and now I’m paying the price. I deserve this. I knew I never deserved her but I wanted to try and give her everything I could anyways.”

“Why didn’t you tell us that morning?” Hoseok asks softly. The boys are digesting the news with empathetic frowns and knitted eyebrows.

“I didn’t want to tell you guys because … because I felt so—so ashamed. I was just—so scared,” the blond-haired idol whispers.

Yoongi rakes a hand through his hair and sighs deeply. Taehyung is staring holes into him, blank but something dark flashes in his amber orbs.

“I didn’t realize she felt I was enough, and I should’ve known she would never be with me to begin with if she didn’t feel the same. I did know,” he corrects himself dully, “I just didn’t want to believe it.”

“It felt like a dream and I guess it’s time to wake up now,” Jimin smiles sadly.

A pregnant pause.

“Listen to yourself, idiot,” Jungkook grunts. “If you love her so much and truly regret what you’ve done, then fight for her and make it up to everyone. We all knew this was going to be a hell of an uphill struggle and at the end of the day, you were doing what you did thinking of her.”

“It’s not justification,” Yoongi quips in warning, and Jungkook nods adamantly in agreement. “It’s not a justification, and it’s not an excuse,” the maknae confirms, “But it also means you hadn’t betrayed her heart.”

“But you need to let her know that,” Namjoon points out, leaning forward as he examines the blond-haired boy with wary eyes. “She’s hurting right now under the impression that you’d forgone her altogether.”

Jimin looks up dejectedly. “I know, but you heard her. I don’t think she wants to hear anything from me right now …”

“She still loves you,” Taehyung chimes in quietly. “She’ll come around. When she’s ready.”

“I’m sorry guys,” Jimin says firmly. “I really am. I really messed up, and I’ll spend the rest of my life atoning for it. But please know that I hadn’t done it because I wanted to betray her, or any of you. I did it because I let my fears dictate my actions, and I know nothing will ever justify the pain it’s brought everyone. I love __,” he whispers, eyes devastatingly sad, “And I want to make things right with her.”

“I don’t want this to be the end,” Jimin pleads, but his band members can only look back at him sympathetically. “I don’t want this to be the reason we break up.”

“You need to give her time,” Jin reminds him gently. “When she’s ready to talk, then you can negotiate your side. Until then, you can only wait.”

The blond-haired idol flinches, watching in utter shock as Yoongi walks forward and throws an arm over his shoulder.

The composer smiles. “We’ll talk to her.”

“Yup! We’ll help you the best we can, Jiminie,” Taehyung says rather cheerily.

Jimin finds himself trembling in Yoongi’s arms and he feels something wet splash onto his palm—he reaches up and touches his cheeks, realizing they were damp and that he’s—he’s crying.

Man, he thinks absentmindedly as he blinks rapidly, tears falling fast and freely now, when was the last time I actually cried like this?

Right, he remembers, a touch of a smile gracing his lips at the memory, when you swore you’d never come back—and when you did.

Jimin bites back his sobs, and suddenly he’s wrapped up in multiple arms and cocooned by warm bodies.

“We forgive you, pabo,” Jungkook says gruffly, voice muffled between the masses of limbs.

“Oh, Jimin,” Hoseok says with a painful smile, “You’ve had it so much worse. What kind of agony did this put you through?”

And Jimin shatters.

He falls to his knees, shoulders heaving with the effort, and he lets go. He cries and cries and cries. Heart-wrenching wails, screaming into his palms, it hurts, it hurts, it hurts.

She left, she’s gone, I hurt her, I cheated, I’m worthless, he howls into the stilled room, and the boys are left speechless at the sweet mochi’s complete meltdown.

I deserve this, he repeats, clutching his chest as he hunches over on the carpet, I’m good for nothing anyways.

Oh, Jiminie, Taehyung is saying as they help him up and sit him down. Jin is carefully drying his tears and Hoseok is running a hand down his arm soothingly. You deserve the world.

That’s why she doesn’t want to rush to a decision, why she’s taking so long. ___ also doesn’t want this to be the end—she’s trying to determine if this is something she can recover from.

I don’t think it is, Jimin whispers, before he passes out once more.


“Babeeeee. Babe!

You groan, trying to stuff yourself further into the pillow as you attempt (and fail) to ignore the playful whines from the owner of the arm strewn loosely across your stomach.

“Mmm, not now, Tae,” you mumble as you swat him off lazily.

His fingers creep up to tickle your sides and you jolt awake with a squeal.

“Yah! Kim Taehyung, stop that right now!” You yell, fighting the sleep in your system as you wrestle him down, giggling as you roll him over and pin him down with your hands.

The ash-haired boy grins up at you, easily stronger but he’s letting you have your fun today.

“Come watch the rehearsal today!” Taehyung exclaims, mischief gleaming in his amber irises and you purse your lips mockingly. “Hmm, I don’t know … My schedule’s pretty tight, you know?”

“Aww, jagi, don’t be like this,” he whines, straining his neck as he leans up to nip your lower lip teasingly. “I know you want to see our dances.” Taehyung wiggles his eyebrows suggestively and you snort, slapping him lightly before falling to your side, bouncing slightly on the mattress as you settle onto your back again.

“What a lady killer,” you say, rolling your eyes. “But seriously—I probably can’t. We have a big case today, apparently.”

“According to whom? Last time I checked, you were the boss lady,” Taehyung murmurs as he buries his face into the crook of your neck, peppering tiny kisses along the column of your throat.

“I am,” you hum, carding your fingers through his silky but ruffled locks, “But Rhys took this case, not me. He wants my professional advice.”

“Mmm, my smart and sexy boss lady girlfriend,” he singsongs, tugging down the collar of the shirt—not yours, obviously, but oddly resembled the kind of outfit a certain maknae is known to have stockpiles of—you’re wearing to press another kiss along the dip of your chest. “And fiancé.”

“That’s a subjective term, Tae,” you say amusedly, watching with lowered eyelashes as Taehyung grins back at you wickedly, keeping your gaze as he slowly works down your body, unbuttoning your white collared shirt with practiced ease.

“Not to us, it isn’t,” he murmurs against your skin, “Your ring proves it.”

You steal a glance at your hand and hide your wide smile at the sight of the band that lies snugly on your finger.

“Have you talked to Jimin lately?” Taehyung asks suddenly, head popping up from where he’s made his way to your navel, playing with the lace of your panties teasingly. He thumbs your hipbones as he looks up at you beseechingly.

Your stomach tightens and you stiffen, glancing away. “You know I haven’t,” you reply softly.

“I think you should give him a chance to explain at least,” he says, uncharacteristically serious as he offers you a gentle smile.

“You heard him out,” you groan, pinching your nose as you fall back, sprawling out as you stare at the ceiling.

“Yes! We did, __!” Taehyung exclaims, propping himself up next to you as he urges you to meet his gaze. “I know, I know,” he says, putting his free hand up in surrender before he hooks it over your waist and pulls you closer. “But you need to consider his side too! And I think you’ll want to hear what he says.” His chocolate-coloured irises sparkle something bright and you eye him rather skeptically.

You let out an exasperated grunt and poke him in the nose. “I was going to either way, but I’m still not sure how I’m going to take it, truthfully,” you admit.

“Just think it over, baby,” Taehyung says, nuzzling your cheek. “I really think it could make a difference. I know what you’re thinking now, but Jimin’s explanation might just change all of it. You just need to give him a chance.”

You sigh, stroking his ash-coloured locks absentmindedly. “I know. I just want to make sure my anger cools off before I see him again. I don’t want to say or do anything I know I’m going to regret afterwards.”

“Take as long as you need,” the vocalist murmurs, “Jimin understands. He said he’s willing to wait as long as it takes.”

You nod stiffly.

“Now that that’s over, you still have a few hours before you have to work, right?” Taehyung says with a darkly sinful grin spreading across his face as he pounces, pinning you to the mattress as he dips his head and kisses you hotly.

Needless to say, your employees had gotten rather accustomed to your perpetual tardiness in arriving in the office and no one batted an eye or questioned—being your own boss had its perks.

With the exception of Rhys and Ahri, both of whom, naturally, decided to tease you relentlessly with smirks and horrible puns.

Seriously. Fucking. Horrible. Puns.

“He hadn’t meant it.”

You throw your arms into the air in frustration as you whirl around, frankly at the edge of your sanity at this point, the strands fraying and now burning straight to ash as you growl, “Are you kidding me, Rhys? Are we really having this talk right now of all times?”

Your dark-haired partner leans back in his chair, watching you evenly. The two of you were in middle of drawing up a new settlement offer, and the attorney decides to abruptly throw gasoline into the dimming fire with vigor.

“Rhys, of all people, you should know this best,” you say in exasperation. “That ground of argument has no strong foundation and there’s zero evidence supporting the claim.”

“Character evidence and testimony,” Rhys points out calmly, looking oddly upbeat despite your glowering.

“Not solid proof,” you dismiss, turning the page as you continue reading the files, opting instead to disregard that fact that the dark-haired male has stopped working altogether and is now openly staring at you.

“No, but it builds the case for him,” he counters.

You close your eyes, pinching the bridge of your nose for what seems like the millionth time that day, and you rise to your feet. Gathering all the relevant paperwork you’ve been labouring over in the past hour, you make your way to the door in silence.

“What happened to innocent until proven guilty?” Rhys calls after you.

“He’s already guilty,” you shoot back over your shoulder, internally relieved that your voice didn’t waver, even as your hands shake, palms slick as you grapple at the metal handle to the conference room.

“That’s not the same thing,” he tries, hurrying after you and catching you just as you rounded the corner to your own office.

“Isn’t it?” You say coolly, raising an eyebrow.

“___, listen to me,” he says, stopping you in your tracks with the edge of urgency in his voice, “This is the man who was willing to give up everythingfor you. He’s loved you since he met you, and he stayed even though it killed him to see you with someone else every. Single. Day. And this is the same man who is still willing to stay, to fight for you, despite every fibre of him screaming to let you go because he made a mistake.”

You stare, dumbfounded, at your usually cool-headed dark-haired partner who gazes back at you with blazing eyes and sounding slightly out of breath.

“How—how do you know all of this?” You stutter, clutching the files closer to your chest as your head spins.

Rhys looks at you, something akin to pain flickering in his dark orbs before he straightens, relaxing as his composure returns.

“Don’t doubt for a second that Park Jimin doesn’t love you. And we all know how much you love him,” he replies quietly.

“I don’t—I don’t know if that really matters right now,” you stammer.

“Love can triumph anything. But only if you let it. Trust in his feelings for you. Trust him. He’s still the same man you fell in love with. If only you’d give him a chance to redeem himself.” Rhys gives you a small, lopsided smile. And with that, he steps back with a respectful nod before brushing past towards his own office.

You stand there, documents in hand, staring blankly at the space where the dark-haired male had been, and it’s only when Ahri pops out of her desk to give you a gentle nudge, that your legs start moving.

You automatically take a seat in your chair, and the files come crashing down onto your table, a scattered mess, and you’re once again stuck in that strange limbo, unaware of your physical surroundings as you drown.

“Baby girl, as much as I know you hate hearing me say it, you need to listen,” Namjoon says, taking your hand as he helps you onto his lap, leaning back to smile at you, affection curling around his tone.

“Joonie, not this again,” you grumble, though without real bite as you reach up to press his dimple deeper into his skin. “Can we not talk about this right now?”

“____, you have to face the music one way or another,” Yoongi quips from his desk and you sigh loudly, twisting in the light-haired leader’s lap to give the cerulean-haired composer a rather uncouth gesture. Yoongi smirks in response.

“He’s right,” Hoseok calls, wheeling himself over as he tugs you off Namjoon and plops you onto him with a roguish grin.

You giggle, steadying yourself as you put your hands on his shoulders, smiling down at the redhead despite yourself.

“You always said you believed in second chances, right?” Hoseok says softly as he gazes at you searchingly. You slump in his embrace and shut your eyes.

“Give him a chance, baby,” he murmurs against your ear and you curl into his arms, burying your face in his chest as Hoseok rubs your back soothingly.

“Give Jimin a chance to prove himself,” Yoongi agrees.

You shutter another sigh, and manage a tiny nod.

“Okay,” you whisper in defeat.

Now you could only pray that what he tells you doesn’t end up killing you.


➵Su hija sigue sus pasos. -Kim SeokJin.

☾Los pedidos están abiertos y los cerraré mañana, tienen 24hrs para dejar todo lo que quieran. Si pueden, por favor denme ideas para hacer mini series de fake texts.

anonymous asked:

“You can ask me as much as you want, I’ll say I love you each time” with Hobi💖💖💖💖

Thank you so much for requesting something for the sunshine to my world 💕

“Hobiii” you dragged on the last vowel as you followed him inside his room.

The whole situation seemed hilarious to you, but you knew for some reason it was not to him. It had actually affected him more than you thought it could.

“Will you talk to me?” you pouted after watching him lie down on his bed, closing his eyes – no sign at all of wanting to speak to you.

Crawling on the bed next to him, you grabbed his arm, tugging him towards you and making him sit up so you would be on the same eye level.

“Why is it bothering you so much?” you tried to get it out of him once more, wanting nothing but to kiss his cute frown away.

“Honestly, Y/N, why isn’t it bothering you?” he replicated, crossing his arms over his chest. “People are saying you and Yoongi hyung would make the perfect couple. Why would they even say that? Everyone knows you’re with me!” he threw his arms up in exasperation.

“Which is exactly why it doesn’t bother me” you tried to reason with him. “I am with you. There has never been, nor would ever be, something between Yoongi and I”.

He shook his head. “No, but really, maybe they are right. Maybe you two would make a better co–”

“Jung Hoseok, don’t you dare finish that sentence”.

Your words only made him pout. His heart hurt at there mere thought of it but he couldn’t help but get insecure. “But wouldn’t you like to–”

“I love you” you cut him off.

That had seemed to shut him up, at least for the few seconds it took him to try and calm his heartbeats due to how flustered he got every time you said those three words to him.

“I mean, just think about it” he went back at it nevertheless, “what if–”

“I love you” you said once again.

“Are you sure you don–”

You could tell he was growing tired of you interrupting him so much, but as the words “I love you” left your mouth one more time, this one cupping his face in your hands as you got your face closer to his, you made sure he believed every single word.

“Will you let me finish any of my sentences?” he pouted.

You shamelessly shook your head no, a smirk curving up your lips. “You can ask me as much as you want, I’ll say I love you each time”.

He let out a shaky breath, looking down to his fidgeting hands in an attempt of playing off what your words had done to him. His crimson coloured cheeks, however, gave away how much they had actually affected him.

Taking that as your cue, you started pressing delicate kisses all around his neck, jawline, and face – those three meaningful words being hummed each time your lips touched his skin.

He found himself letting you kiss every uncovered spot of his, enjoying the feel of both your words and mouth against him. He could only take so much until he became too overwhelmed, though.

“Yah, jagiya” he managed to croak out as your lips went down his neck and into the crook of it, “you’re making me flustered”.

You pressed one last kiss to his shoulder with a light laugh, going back to his eye level before you tried to make your way out of the bed.

“Well, if you don’t want my love I guess I’ll go find someone el–”

It was his turn to cut you off, swiftly grabbing your hand to pull you back into the bed. As your back hit the soft mattress, his lips were fast to lock with yours.

“You wouldn't” he stated, kissing your mouth once more before leaving a trail of kisses to your jaw, “you love me too much”.

Good to know he was so confident about your love for him now.

answer: love yourself isn’t an outro because loving yourself is a continuous process and i think that’s beautiful

Your BTS zombie apocalypse partner based on your birth month

Jan: Namjoon

Feb: Jungkook

Mar: Jimin

Apr: Hoseok

May: Jin

Jun: Taehyung

Jul: Yoongi

Aug: Jimin

Sept: Namjoon

Oct: Jungkook

Nov: Yoongi

Dec: Hoseok

luosofthespirit  asked:

Can you do „you always duck away when you smile” with Hoseok? My bias list is all over the place because this bts in America has me fucked up and I will have to betray yoongi today but it’s worth it. By the way I‘m very happy to see you writing again I missed this 💜

I think BTS in America has got us all fucked up, fam. God, I feel you, Hobi wrecked my bias list so bad he even threatened to remove Tae as my ult a few months back (forgive me Father for I have sinned). Aw, thank you so muchhh, I hope you like it! 💕

Although none of your conversations, if you could call them that, had lasted more than two minutes, it was fair to say Hoseok was whipped for you.

It was funny because he had arrived one day to the cafe you worked at given how peaceful and away from the eyes of the media it was, yet he found himself going back there at least once a week because of you, the cute girl who would always take his order.

He usually stayed in one of the tables as he finished his coffee, scrolling through his phone and glancing to where you were from time to time. He liked your eyes, and your voice, and also your kind aura. He liked how he knew you knew he was an idol, yet you hadn’t freaked out the first time you had seen him enter the place, instead, treating him the way you would do to everyone else.

Most of all, he liked your smile, finding himself mirroring it whenever it appeared in your face. With time, though, he noticed you would always look down whenever you did, which for some reason made you look ten times cuter in his eyes.

Every time he would arrive there, Hoseok would try to initiate small talk; his nervousness betraying him without fail, resulting in him only telling you his order. Or so it was like that until one day, when he went up to the counter, only to see you not being your usual self – he could tell something was off.

“Hey” you smiled. Was it weird he knew it wasn’t genuine given how you had not ducked away? “The usual?”

Your question made him cock one of his eyebrows. You knew his usual. It might have been stupid, but he couldn’t help but find comfort in that.

“Yes, please” he simply confirmed, taking out his wallet so he could introduce his card to pay. “Are you alright?” he asked after you handed him his ticket.

“I am” you nodded, knowing you had failed at proving your point as he tilted his head. “Really” you added, “see this smile right here?” you pointed to your bright, exaggerated smile.

He shook his head amusedly. “I wouldn’t say that’s very convincing”.

“Why not?” you wondered, genuinely intrigued.

“You always duck away when you smile” he shrugged as if nothing, only realising what he had just said the instant he saw your jaw slightly fall open in surprise. “Shit, sorry, that was so creepy” he babbled as he tried to fix what he had just done, “it’s just, I always see you when I come here and you’re so beautiful and– fuck, okay, I’ll just leave”.

Before he could turn around, though, he heard you giggle. “That was actually pretty cute” you admitted, your cheeks now covered in a light pink.

That made him turn around, his cheeks just as pink as yours, if not even more. “Still, I’m so sorry”.

“Don’t be” you shook your head in reassurance, “I’m flattered you would remember such little thing” he smiled shyly at your words. “If it makes you feel any better, I think you’re pretty handsome yourself”.

It did indeed.

That alone made him feel like his not so little slip up had been worth it.

Biting down on his lower lip, he built up the courage he needed to finally ask you out like he had intended to since a while ago. “What time does your shift end at?”

“Just an hour from now” you replied after having glanced up to the clock on the wall.

“How about I wait for you and then I take you out somewhere else?”

And right then, he couldn’t be happier after you gladly accepted his propose and you lowered your head as a shy yet huge smile took over your factions, for he knew he had accomplished both getting a date with the girl he had so bad been crushing on and making her feel better after a shitty day altogether.