I was watching Kingsman 2 trailer where Harry seemed to be in some sort of room, shaving and Eggsy saw him alive and well, exclaiming ‘fuck me.’ Couldn’t help thinking what if it was NivanField! I’ve drawn Piers a little too detached so I made him complain detachedly, lol. Probably he’s been detained (for sure, right? With the virus in him) and was waiting to see his Captain.

And the poster! I suck at Photoshop so it’s not much…just an ideaJ. Picture of rifle is from Wiki.

I’m starting a little Kingsman 1 AU and also having Mad Max Fury Road’s AU in mind, plus a 2 pages fancomic for RedfieldandNivans’s fanfic…and other things to come. Where’s my time for work and my (as little as it already is) social life!? XDDDD


Leon, Chris and Silver Dagger team vs Ariego



Anonymous requested:                                                 
How about when Claire gets drunk she tells extremely tall tales about her brother such as “when Chuck Norris goes to bed he checked under the bed for Chris” type exaggerations’ and he gets bombarded with recruits checking that they’re real? Ps: You’re all totally awesome.            

no YOU are awesome, anon. ;w;