That Was Then, This is Now

“I was changing and he wasn’t” (Hinton 88). This is what Bryon thought when thinking about Mark and how he was maturing but Mark is not. That was then, this is now is a book wrote by S.E. Hinton who teaches young students the importance of growing up and learning the lessons of life. If you keep reading you can find out about the negative consequences of alcohol and drug use, the importance of forgiveness, and about making the right decision.

            Alcohol and drug use can really change your life; Bryon and Mark’s life did change. Mark and Bryon consumed alcohol, but when they got really drunk, the made really bad decisions, for example they hurt a friend of theirs called Angela Shepard by cutting her hair. Not only small things can happen with alcohol, but in many situation, alcohol and drugs can produce physical violence, “Mark was lying on the ground, unconscious. One side of his face was covered in blood.” (Hinton 57). At the dance, when all the group of friends were getting drunk, Mark got in the middle of a fight that wasn’t his to defend a friend of his. Mark got a bottle cracked into his head. M&M was one of the characters who suffered the most, that would change his life forever. He got into drugs with LSD, so he got into mental problems for example hallucinations, thinking about throwing himself in the window, and feeling things that weren’t even there. First he was this healthy kid who was really smart, very mature, and from a good heart, but as the drugs start to change him, he starts to be less happy and afraid. These are some of the consequences of alcohol and drug use.

            Another lesson that is mentioned is the importance of forgiveness.  Forgiveness is all about when you get hurt; you don’t wish them to have anything wrong. Bryon and Mark learned this lesson when they went to visit Bryon’s mom. The kid across the hall was really injured and was really hurt. Mike told the story of how he got in there. Mike had been hanging out with his guys when this colored girl passed through. The gang started to tease and bother her, but Mike defended her. After that, Mike offered her a ride home, but when they got home they were all his friends and family. She got to the house crying, the colored people asked what to do with Mike. Even though Mike had been very good with her, she said to kill him, and they almost did. Mike in a very mature way explained how he didn’t have recentness about the people who hurt him“ I must be a dumb kid like my old man says though, because I still don’t hate the negroes, least of all Connie.” (Hilton 41) Mike was injured but somehow he forgave all of them and wasn’t wishing something wrong happened to them. When Mark and Bryon listened to the story they were pretty astonished. Bryon didn’t thought of it first, but Mark thought of the story that if he could have ever got hurt like that he wouldn’t ever forgave them at all. After some while, Bryon got into a fight with the Shepard family and got really hurt. When Mark came along, he said he would take revenge on the Shepards, but Bryon said he didn’t want anyone to get even for him. Bryon thought about Mike but Mark thought that to forgave them was really wrong. That’s when Bryon learned the importance of forgiveness and that Mark would never forgave anyone who ever hurt him.

            Throughout the story, Bryon faced the moment of making the right decision for a lot of times. It is one of the most important lessons in the book. When he was little and he was with Mark, he would do anything with him even if knowing it was good or bad. He has known all his life that Mark is a stealer but what he says is all truth. When he knew Mark stole, he didn’t said anything to him because he was his best friend even though he knew that it was a bad thing to do. When he was really upset about Cathy and M&M’s problems he went home to think about it. When he looked for a cigar in Mark’s secret spot he noticed a little container. He opened it and saw they were drug pills. Instantly he knew that Mark was getting the money from selling the pills. He was so upset at that moment that he called the police. When Mark arrived, Bryon told him about it, but Mark couldn’t believe it. Then the police came and took Mark away. After that day, Bryon realized he had made the right decision, even that Mark was his best friend and brother, he accused him for doing something illegal which was the right choice. If they had talked through Mark would have leave it, but because Bryon was upset, he called the cops. Making it the right decision. At the end, as a resentful person Mark, when Bryon visits him, he says, “I didn’t have to see you. I wanted to, though. I had to make sure.” Bryon answers, “Make sure of what?” and Mark replied “Make sure I hated you.” (Hinton 158) this quote was when Bryon visited Mark in prison. Mark never forgave him.

            In conclusion, Bryon and Mark’s lives were adventures, but does growing up have to mean growing apart? This was what Bryon was thinking all along. He has separated from his best friend brother for growing up. S.E. Hinton’s book That was Then, This is Now is a great novel that shows you step by step the importance of forgiveness, making the right decision, and the drug and alcohol consequences. This is an excellent book for students because they might be able to learn the lesson and use their minds to make the right choice. 


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