Bryce and Sarah


Chuck → favourite underrated character
Bryce Larkin

idk i just want a scene in civil war or s/t where bucky’s taking out a hydra base and natasha storms in and they like each had just taken down a few hydra agents and they turn and aim their guns at each other and they’re just standing there guns up eyes locked breathing for a moment

and natasha’s like “you remember me?” and he drops the gun and crosses the room and kisses her

but then he reaches into her tac belt and pulls out one of her widow’s stings and electrocutes a hydra agent that was trying to sneak up on them

and then there’s this epic fucking fight scene like partner’s choreography that looks more like a dance than a fight as they take this final wave of hydra agents out together and it’s just beautiful and they move as one and ugh


Example No. 386 of why Matthew Bomer would make the perfect Dick Grayson. Here we see the Grayson smoulder in action, as he courts a sexy spy lady using his fighting skills and devilish good looks. This is how he gets all the capes, you know.