Bryce Larkin


Chuck → favourite underrated character
Bryce Larkin


Remember the days when he was credited as MATTHEW Bomer? <3</i>

Chuck: Okay. This isn’t funny

Bryce: Chuck? 

Chuck: Not funny! You’re supposed to be dead! 

Bryce: Okay, now’s not the time to get all crazy, Chuck. 

Chuck: Then when IS the time to get crazy?! This is like…the third time you were supposed to have died and then didn’t stay dead- are you a zombie? When I get you out of that cage, am I gonna have to worry about you holding me down and eating my brains with a salad fork? Because That sounds unpleasa-

Bryce: CHUCK! Just get me out of here, and then I’ll let you yammer on about how undead I am all you want, I promise. 

Chuck: …You’re the real Bryce, right? You’re not some weird decoy? 

Bryce: *sighs* Okay, ask me something only the real Bryce would know. 

Chuck: Halloween 2001. 

Bryce: We went as zombie Red Shirts, and got really drunk at the frat party, and then drunk stumbled around campus and scared the crap out of some freshman who thought we really were zombies. 

Chuck: Okay! Let’s get you outta here! 

Bryce: *sighs* Thank you.