The final color, hardcover edition of Scott Pilgrim is out tomorrow as well as the Collector’s Edition, with everything you see pictured here!

Scott Pilgrim Volume 6 Collector’s Edition includes:

- Scott Pilgrim Volume 6 Evil Edition (Gideon Graves / Ramona Flowers cover)

- Power of Love letter opener

- A numbered book plate signed by Bryan Lee O’Malley

- Five 9x12 art prints including both covers

- Ten vinyl stickers featuring several of Bryan Lee O’Malley’s favorite panels from this volume

- Two embroidered badges featuring Ramona and Gideon

- A code for the comiXology digital edition of Scott Pilgrim Volume 6 Color Edition

Both the Collector’s Edition and Evil Edition can be purchased starting 4/22 through the Oni Press website here:


Seconds Helping is my new memoir comic about working as a drawing assistant to Bryan Lee O'Malley on his newest graphic novel, Seconds. After working remotely on the book for 4 months we still had 200 pages left to ink with only 5 weeks left till deadline! This comic centers around those final 5 weeks when we lived and worked together to finish the book. 

Seconds Helping premiered April 19th at LineworkNW with great success… it sold out! I’m reprinting more copies now.

You can purchase a copy of Seconds Helping at my Etsy shop!: Books will be shipped as soon as the new books are printed.