Punkish Bryan|Boris. I got a little lazy and didn’t do proper line art. Just a sketch cleaned up and then coloured under.

It wasn’t actually going to be him, but then I loved the hair and couldn’t resist giving it to Borya. Also, he really needs to do his roots again. The lilac is showing through so badly~


look at these absolute baby angels.

sergei’s just looking out of the window.

yuriy’s looking down at his hands. got his legs crossed. nice thighs yuriy.

sergei and yuriy are sharing an arm rest very civilly.

and borya has got his arms crossed and his legs just stretched out and he’s probably asleep.

kai’s doing the asshole thing and taking up the WHOLE ARMREST. i think he also has his eyes closed, but he could be looking out of the window.

maybe both borya and kai are sleeping. that’d be precious.

man i love this team.


Song: Justin Timberlake - SexyBack

Kai, Tala and Bryan ©Takao Aoki/Beyblade

Animation made by me 

Some mabey remeber that I did a drawing about this and this a smal animation I made in photoshop CS3.


Kinda angst/sad sketches about Boris. 

One of my headcanons for Boris’s past is that as a child (before meeting Yuriy on the streets) he lived with his father, who was an ill man (that also suffered from depression) with a bit of alcoholism, but despite that he was a good man. He later dies, since his illnes never got any better and just got worst, and Boris stayed by himself, thing that forced him to steal food in order to survive. After those events he meets Yuriy, who was abandoned by his mother and lived with his abusive/alcoholic father (according to Aoki’s small novel about Yuriy’s past). 

Other of my headcanons (regarding Boris personality) is that he used his bad/painful experiences (such as his tragic childhood and his years working for Borg/Biovolt under Volkov’s command) to grow as a person. I’ve seen most of ppl portray him more or less the same way he acts on Beyblade 2000 or as someone who never overcame his traumatic past. What it comes to me, I like to portray him as someone who decided to learn from his past and grow as a person, something like “You know what? Fuck it! I won’t let that my past or my past actions defines who I’m, I'll definitely become into the best person I can be and I’ll live my life with no regrets”

/End of headcanon

Long post is long :P

Commissioned art from @talesofdark

uploaded with permission

I dont have enough words to say how amazed i am with how these three turned out in her style. Like to the point this will be short becuse the words I have are NOT ones I could ever express other than just.. sounds.

One of the requests I DO have words for that turned out amazing was trying to figure out Ian’s nose in a way that would work on a actual human face and oh man. I am a little surprised and yet.. not.. that Ian’s more realistic nose would end up looking like his manga one