Giving “X-Men” Fans a Glimpse into Movie-Making, with @bryanjaysinger

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Actors were flying through the air, and director Bryan Singer (@bryanjaysinger) wanted “X-Men” fans to see it. “This moment is but a tiny fraction of an elaborate sequence which involves pretty much every single aspect of both physical and visual effects one can imagine,” he says. “I just thought it looked so surreal I had to post it.”

His goal is to give the fans “a slice of the experience” of being on set, and everything he shares is personal. That’s because Bryan, who has worked on “X-Men” films for the past 15 years, understands what it means to love these characters. “There’s something deep-seeded in the mythology of ‘X-Men.’ In the idea of identity. The feeling of being an outsider. It strikes at the core of every growing person.”

Bryan’s admiration for the new and old characters in “X-Men: Apocalypse” is showcased throughout his feed – from Sophie Turner (young Jean Grey) to James McAvoy (Professor X). But the character Bryan is most excited about in the upcoming installment is the villain, Apocalypse.

“To me, he transcends traditional ‘X-Men’ characters. As I’ve said before, he views himself as the God of the Old Testament. And for the first time in the ‘X-Men’ universe, he challenges the entire world, mutants and humans alike,” he says. “Because there have been many books and issues dedicated to this character, I think the fans also have a great investment in his origin and evolution.”

There’s James McAvoy’s Charles Xavier, now focused on founding his School For Gifted Youngsters (“He’s almost euphoric in what he’s created and in what he intends to create beyond the school”, says Singer). Michael Fassbender’s Magneto is “trying to start a new life,” says Kinberg, “which is not easy as he’s the same man who dropped a stadium on the White House!”, while Jennifer Lawrence’s Mystique is trying to go solo. “It’s partially her journey, but it’s also a film about the true formation of the X-Men,” says Singer.
—  EMPIRE Magazine
Bryan Singer’s Manual for every X-Men Movie

Prepared for your consideration by Gerec and Widgenstain (not in any order).

  1. Chess
  2. Erik lifts a giant object with his powers
  3. Naked Mystique + crotch shots
  4. Cherik manly tears
  5. Cherik sexual tension
  6. Grumpy/naked Wolverine
  7. Super cool action sequence that is genuinely awesome
  8. Unnecessary love triangles/pairings
  9. Mutants with no dialogue that show up briefly to show off their super cool powers only to die/disappear/add no real meaning to the narrative
  10. Erik agrees to work with the ‘good guys’ and then turns around and fucks them over for his own (not always discernable) reasons
  11. Charles gets knocked out/serum’ed/incapacitated/dead so he can’t ruin the plot by bamfing everyone with his powers
  12. Charles making decisions for other people ‘for their own good’
  13. Erik taunting Charles like a little bitch and Charles acting stern and disapproving like a school teacher/nun/scorned ex-lover
  14. Erik does NOT get the spanking due to him from #13 - both Charles and Erik are displeased 
  15. Amazing actors who fool the audience into ignoring the giant plot holes and thinking that the movie is way better than it actually is
  16. Hugh Jackman