I am SO pleased with all the gorgeous images I’m getting back from Wild Wild West Con! It’s like Christmas getting so many new photos in my inbox!

Photographer - Ben Stadler-Ammon
Clockwork Set - brute-force-studios
Skirt - official-kato-page
Boots - Fabulously Fetish
MUAH & Styling - Me
Location - Old Tucson Studios


Steampunk Typewriter Arm Guard With Bluetooth And Touchpad

OMG - I gotta get me on of these!

This steampunk keyboard wrist guard is a gorgeous accessory that actually works! It would be impressive enough if it was just for looks, but Etsy seller BruteForceStudios went one further when they created a cosplay accessory that looks old-school, but is exactly the opposite.

The keyboard features:
– 3-in-1 multimedia wireless keyboard (Keyboard, TouchPad, Laser Pointer)
– Control your media while sitting on the sofa, lounging in bed, up to 100 feet away
– Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery with a short re-charge time
– Includes mini 2.4 GHz USB wireless receiver
– Wireless receiver stores inside keyboard when not in use
– Stand-by time: 500 – 700 hours

System Requirements:
– Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7
– Mac OS 10.x or lower
– Linux (Debian 3.1 / Redhat 9.0 / Ubuntu 8.10 / Fedora 7.0)

Each of these wrist guards is handmade and takes about 8-10 weeks from start to finish so order well-in advance of when you plan to wear this incredible piece.

For more info, check out Brute Force Studios on Etsy

Oh wow! Just found a whole set of lovely pictures from Wild Wild West Con that got lost in my e-mail, best surprise ever! <3

Photographer - James Debrauwere
Corset & Eyepatch- brute-force-studios
Collar & Wristcuffs - Me ( Amy Wilder )
MUAH & Styling - Me

Thomas Willeford of Brute Force Studios and model Amy Wilder at San Diego Comic Con 2014.

Thomas’ steampunk Iron Man suit and Amy’s corset: brute-force-studios

Latex: Vengeance Designs

Garters: Noctex Clothing


So what’s my boss, Thomas Willeford of Brute Force Studios up to at San Diego ComicCon International 2014? Just being awesome and winning the Marvel Comics cosplay contest sponsored by Dr. Pepper, that’s all! Check out the winners and Thomas accepting the grand prize in this video!

So remember how I was on the cover of a magazine? This is one of the pictures that made it into my feature! Who knew a fun impromptu shoot at Wild Wild West Con would end up published?

You can check out Surreal Beauty Magazine to find my cover issue. :)

Photographer - Russ Turner Photography
Clockwork Outfit - brute-force-studios
Skirt - official-kato-page
MUAH & Styling - Me


True to the modern counterpart, “Ironman 1889” appears to always be surrounded by beautiful women! But then, it certainly helps that he designed and created many of their beautiful costumes. ;)


- Amy Wilder amywilderness
- Tara Shannon
- Rebecca Goldie
- Lisa Gilchrist
- Sarah Hunter mssarahhunter
- Dani Daniels @danidaniels
- Kato official-kato-page
- Katrina Wilkinson clockworkkat
- Ashley Elwood

Here’s a fun fact about me, I am absolute rubbish at talking about myself with anything resembling seriousness…. Which is why I am extremely grateful to Russ Turner Photography for not only taking beautiful pictures of me, but also writing me a very complimentary bio! This was published in Surreal Beauty Magazine, which you should all get a copy of. :p

Photographer and Bio Writer - Russ Turner Photography
Clockwork Leather Set - brute-force-studios
Ruffle Skirt - official-kato-page
Boots - Fabulously Fetish
MUAH & Styling - Me (Amy Wilder)
Location - Old Tucson Studios

After film adaptations of previously unknown properties Guardians of the Galaxy and Ant-Man both opened at number one, Marvel announced their decision to make a movie starring 90s comic book abomination Brute Force.

When asked about the risk inherent in making a movie not even turbo-nerds care about, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige replied, "Sure, people will make fun of it online and bitch about the eventual casting announcements, but they’ll be at the midnight showing on opening day, so what the hell do I care?“ before diving into a Scrooge McDuck style pool of money.

On Writing Steampunk and Being Part of the Steampunk Community

An excerpt from pjschnyder ‘s blog about filming the book trailer for the Ministry’s Janus Affair.

Recently, I was asked to play a part in upcoming book trailer for The Janus Affair, a Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences novel. It was two days of intense filming for me. For my first acting experience, I was told my performance in conjunction with the talented Lady Clankington would make or break the trailer. Without us there would be no trailer. No pressure.

And so I arrived at Brute Force Studios’ Grimlore Manor a prompt 15 minutes early, wide eyed and with much trepidation. I walked into a beautiful Victorian home with workshops on every floor down to the very basement, all full of wondrous items made with excellent craftsmanship. My wallet would have trembled in fear if I hadn’t forgotten it at home. I got into makeup and costume alongside the exceedingly beautiful Lady Clankington and she proved to be both helpful and very cool. Trust me, when two ladies share a makeup mirror you either find you can work well together or blood will be shed.

And then I stepped into the incredible lighting and filming talent of Link Williams. Tee Morris took us through the read-throughs and provided direction throughout the weekend. And I watched a book trailer come together.  Hell, I was a part of making the book trailer come together. Just wow.