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I've recently gotten into makeup and I need some good makeup brushes, especially for the eyes. What are the best brushes to use?


Check out,

Real Technique’s Starter Set $17.99 at Ulta, Walgreens, Walmart or online. Includes all the must have brushes…two forms of blending crease brushes, lid brush, detail brush and an angled brush that can be used for brows, liner or for detailing like cut creases or on the lower lash line.

Sigma Basic Eyes Kit $77 which is great for a beginner or Sigma Performance Eyes Kit (currently on sale) $58 which includes more expertise brushes for more advanced eye looks. 

Zoeva Classic Eye Set. A european brand that ships internationally, very high quality brushes!

Wayne Goss The Eye Set $148. If you’re a luxury junkie, makeup artist or just really looking to invest in high, high quality eye brushes this is a great set. These brushes are also multi functional and can be used for concealer, setting under the eyes, etc. 

Hi there! I’m glad you enjoy my work. <3

As for brushes, I try to limit my use to only a few, at most. I use two of the default photoshop round brushes, one set to 100% hardness, and the other set at 0% hardness. I vary the size and opacity of my brushes as I paint, depending on the level of detail I am trying to achieve in certain areas. I will also use a custom brush that consists of several quick swipes with a very faint canvas texture applied, to go for a more traditional look. Broad strokes with such a brush over the entire canvas makes for a great base before getting into details.

Thanks for your question!

makeup brush recs under $20🍾

hi everyone, hope you’re all having a nice winter. i’ve been wanting to do a little brush masterpost for such a long time bc i feel like that can be an overlooked area of makeup especially when it comes to affordable tools. please keep in mind that just bc i put a brush under a certain category doesn’t mean it has to be solely used for that product don’t b afraid to experiment with your brushes!

credit: amyjasminekathleenstephandreakatiejaclynsophiacheryl


real techniques sculpting brush - $10 (i got on this brush after seeing leyla rose use it to apply her foundation and it’s been my favorite application method since! i have very dry skin and this is the softest most smooth application i can get with a brush. it’s extremely dense so it’s perfect for thick foundation formulas)

real techniques expert face brush - $9

real techniques buffing brush *sold in core collection set - $18

elf ultimate blending brush - $6

morphe m439 deluxe buffer - $14 (dense blending brush, good bc it doesn’t suck up product!)

wet’n’wild foundation brush - $2 (applying foundation all over b4 blending)

etude house secret 121 - $17 (artis dupe. very multi-functional)

morphe g6 flat buffer - $14

coastal scents classic buffer - $15

coastal scents bionic flat top buffer - $7


elf flawless concealer brush - $3 (great multipurpose brush! blending, setting, precise contours, ect.)

elf small stipple brush - $3 (highlighting, cream formulas)

binmer powder/blusher/foundation - $4 (artis dupe)

pro oval brush - $5 (artis dupe)


elf small tapered brush - $3 (setting undereyes; highlighting cheekbones)

elf mineral powder brush - $3

real techniques powder brush - $10

ecotools powder brush - $10 (also good for bronzing)

elf powder brush - $4

morphe e3 precision pointed powder - $14

morphe m459 1 1/4″ flat contour - $12 (use to carve out contours when baking)

morphe m438 pointed contour - $10 (setting undereyes, dusting away baking)


real techniques blush brush - $9 (blush, highlighter, powder)

elf complexion brush - $4

elf blending brush - $6

morphe m527 deluxe pointed powder - $16

ecotools domed bronzer - $10


ecotools tapered blush brush - $7

bhcosmetics small angled blush brush - $5

sonia kashuk small powder/blusher brush - $9

morphe m523 tapered powder brush - $15

morphe e20 oval detail buffer - $12 (precise contour or undereye concealer)


elf stipple brush - $4

sonia kashuk large angled contour brush - $10

morphe e4 angled contour - $14

elf angled blush brush - $4 (i like this for blending my blush and highlighter)


elf blush brush - $3

real techniques setting brush - $8

morphe m501 pro pointed blending - $8 (precision highlighting)

morphe m310 large soft fan - $5

wet’n’wild blush brush - $3 (all over highlight, blending blush+ contour+highlight)


elf small angled brush - $3 (stiff, good for creams/gels, strong brows)

morphe e11 angled brow - $5 (dipbrows, smoking out winged liner, carving out brows)

real techniques brow set - $20

elf brow duo - $3


real techniques retractable lip brush - $6

pixi lip brush - $10

eyes - blending:

morphe mb23 round blender - $5 (crease buffer)

morphe mb13 deluxe blending fluff - $5 (outer v/define crease)

elf crease brush - $3

coastal scents pro blending fluff - $5

coastal scents classic blender natural - $3

morphe m441 pro firm blending crease - $6 (transition shade blender)

morphe mb25 deluxe round blender - $5 (all over color, blending out harsh edges)

wet’n’wild crease brush - $1 (blending out harsh lines)

morphe g14 oval shadow - $7 (blending out cream shadows/bases)

eyes - pencil/pointed/liner:

coastal scents classic blender pointed - $3

morphe e18 round crease - $6 (blending out lower lashline)

morphe e36 detail crease - $ (highlighting tear duct and inner corner)

coastal scents classic bent liner - $2

eyes - flat/angled:

elf c shadow brush - $3 (very dense and stiff, good for packing on lid color)

ecotools flat eyeliner brush - $5 (lower lashline color application)

morphe m432 flat liner definer - $4 (lower lash line color application)

wet’n’wild smokey liner - $1 (smoking out lower lashline)


bhcosmetics face essential 5 pc kit - $12

bhcosmetics eye essential 7pc kit - $10 (bh have other inexpensive kits too, i love mine they’re amazing quality!)

ecotools essential eye set - $8 (great for beginners)

bhcosmetics 10pc pop art set - $16

ecotools eye enhancing duo set - $6

real techniques core collection - $18

real techniques starter set - $18 (i love this so much. the two fluffier brushes are great for blending out harsh lines, the real little flat brush is amazing for carving out brows, and the angled brush is also rly cool for cleaning up ur brows)

real techniques travel essentials - $18


real techniques miracle complexion sponge - $7

bhcosmetics studio pro beauty sponge - $5.50

studio 35 beauty ultra wedges - $3 (these are my favorite cosmetic wedges bc they’re not as porous as a lot of other packs i’ve tried so they don’t leave a “honeycomb” finish)

ulta beauty wedges - $2

brush care:

•dish soap or baby shampoo are probably some of the cheapest cleansers out there. I know some ppl also like to mix in a little olive oil to condition!

bhcosmetics pro studio brush cleaner - $10

ulta pro brush & sponge cleaner - $10

coastal scents brush shampoo - $5

mineral fusion brush cleaner - $10

ecotools brush shampoo - $8

sephora collection color switch quick cleaner - $18

japonesque 4.25 brush cleaner - $14

silicone makeup brush cleaning egg - $3

real techniques brush cleansing palette - $15


Thick paint effects in PHOTOSHOP, in real-time with any of my custom brushes - what could be better? This set will be released January 26th (next Tuesday), but if you order it now, you will save $3 (20% off).

Watch a quick video of the palette knife in action! (This knife comes with the kit!)

Watch a quick video of a paintbrush in action! (This brush comes with the kit!)

If you have digital art friends, please reblog and share the love. Thanks, everybody - I’m so excited to release this kit! - Kyle

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hey what are your brush settings for the blush of the most recent pic where you drew yourself? c: it's nice hehe

Oof!! i used 2 brushes haha THANK YOU

fooor the blushu blushu (otherwise known as my patchy-ass skin) i used 2 brushes

the first one *or the main one* is called clouds/grunge, and it looks like this


and then the other one is called dry bristle

and that’s it!

atryl’s most used SAI brushes

Since many, many, MANY of you asked, here’s a few brushes of mine. I don’t use a lot of brushes, and I tend to use these in most cases.

a - I use this brush for sketching and lineart (especially lately) for more serious works, it helps with the smaller details.

b - I used to use this a LOT back then for shading, but lately I use it only if I want to make the shading pretty smooth.

c - This was my primary lineart brush back in the day. For quick fun pictures or comics it’s still the best. This is also my celshading brush.

d - I use this brush for shading, it has a nice, painty feel to it. It’s a bit hard to use at the start.

I should really use more and more brushes, maybe in 2016 :)


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