🖊Almost #inktober2016 ! Here’s pens I’ll be using and probably others throughout the month. This will be my 4th year in a row doing it! Go to my stories to see names/brands! Who’s joining!?🙌🏼🖊 Names: Kuretake Brush pen (gold, gray, etc!). Pentel Japan Brush pen. Microns (different nib sizes available). Diluted water brush with India ink for wash You can get most of these online or specialty art stores (swains, blicks, Michaels, Amazon) so there ya have it! Hopefully this answer the MOST FAQ: “What Brush did you use??” 😂 Have a great weekend! 🖋🖋🖋🖋

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SO i’ve decided to give inktober a shot this year!! last year i didn’t know that i was “eligible” to participate because i thought you couldn’t use normal goddamn pens and that you were supposed to use those professional lookin’ ones ((u know which one)) ((the ones with pointy tips)) ((and fancy ink)) ((or those fluffy brushes with expensive japanese ink or whatever the fuck))

they won’t be anything too special of course because this is my first time trying it out but i’ll do my best!! and if you happen to have any prompts, i’m open to suggestions! bear in mind that i probably won’t draw them all because i have a few ideas i’d like to draw myself, but your contribution would be much appreciated nonetheless :)) if you’re an artist and you have some tips and tricks that you’d like to share yourself, i’m all for that too!

that is all and HAVE A NICE DAY!!

HEY LAYTON FANS! Do you like to draw? Do you link to draw with ink?? Well, then this Inktober is the right puzzle for you!

It’s quite simple, really! Every day, there is a drawing prompt you must follow based on your own personal opinions and preferences for that theme! Some are spoopy, some are just basic questions! Drawing digitally is fine too, as long as you use ink brushes! Anyone can participate, so I hope you’ll join us!

Oh, and remember to tag your art with #puzzling inktober so I can find it and reblog it! Happy Halloween everyone!

Any questions you have can be directed here!

Little self-portrait, 1st Inktober
Soo a friend (*cough* @flamerebel) wanted me to participate in Inktober.

Problem is though…my ink pen is all dried up >-<
Nearest date I can get a new one would be Tuesday x_x , so that’s why I used an digital ink brush for the first drawing, I’m sorry.

Probably not going after the official prompts, but let’s see. I will aim for a drawing every one or two days. There’s definitely gonna be some Devil May Cry in it, maybe some Pokemon and Tokyo Ghoul, too.
Special Version of the picture below

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Getting ready for Inktober tomorrow! Thought I show off some pens I use for inking.

From left to right: Noodlers Ahab Fountain Pen (filled with Koh-I-Noor Ultradraw Ink), Pentel Brush Pen (for filling in black areas), another Pentel Brush Pen (for panel borders), Sharpie Pen (for lettering and minor details), Staedtler Triple Fineliner (for finer details)

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