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Hello! I really love your work and I was wondering what kind of brushes you use for coloring and lineart? Anyway, I hope you have a nice day!!

Hey there, thanks so much! I use Paint Tool SAI, and have a brush set downloaded and installed that gives me a lot of extra brushes that don’t come with the default program! You can download it here, if you want it, it’s got some cool stuff in it!

So the first one I use is the normal Ink pen, with the size somewhere between 4 and 20, depending on how big the drawing is! I don’t really change the brush size while inking, so all my lines are really just the same consistency (line weight isn’t something I really worry about very much in my art?? lol whoops) I also sketch with the Ink pen.

The other I use is the Nib Pen, and I use it when I want lines with a more traditional / rough texture! I draw with it between the size 4 and 9, and I usually play around with the density of the texture (Crust, in this case) until it’s the right amount of crispy for me, haha! I sketch with this too!

I mostly color/shade/render with the Ink tool, but when I want to add glowy effects or make it look slightly more painterly, I use the Wet Brush with the Tonto texture, cuz I like the square/glitch look it gives, I think it’s really cool, haha!

Coloring is my Least Favorite Part of the drawing process, so I don’t really have any fancy Tips or Tricks. These are the layouts I’ve come to use the most after experimenting a lot with the density/blending settings of the brushes!

I’m super excited to announce that @jchanarts and I will be tabling at this year’s Wondercon! It’ll be our first time tabling at this event so we’re anxious but stoked at the same time. Come say hello at artist alley table F-14. Here’s a Terra original that will be sold at the show.


My professor from SVA contacted me recently to give a talk about my comics and how I get into animation to his comics class at USC (where he now teaches.) I was nervous but the students were great despite being worn out from being in the thick of finals. 

In preparing for what was essentially a mini Hilary retrospective, I unearthed a lot of things I hadn’t looked at in quite a while. It was cool to find that some pieces I still really liked and laughed at …but others …well, maybe more laughing at than with.

Anyway, here are some ghosts of Hilary past.

*note: Lucky 13 closed their 13th st location but they moved and are now bigger and badder at 644 Sackett St, Brooklyn. Check it out if you’re in the area (and of age!) Melody, the owner, is good people.


I promise, this is the last post for today :’) bunch of stuff just had piled up that I didn’t post to tumblr. 

In 2017 I will be going to my first US comic convention as I will be tabling at Emerald City Comic Con with my boyfriend @tureekroos and I’m making a first ever artbooklet to sell there, consisting of my inked and penciled traditional artworks. These among with inktobers and hopefully some more!