Having a rough day recording this video but I will not give up!!! *turns up music and continues inking*


Some of my random sketchbook stuff. I’ve got this amazing ink brush which I use for all my sketchbook work, it allows me to be really free with my line work. Most of this never gets turned into an actual piece but I take elements that I like and incorporate them into my more refined work. Sketching is all about getting any weird thought on paper


South Korean illustrator and cartoonist Kim Jung Gi draws energetic and fantastical scenes inspired by a mix of comics, movies, and his everyday encounters. His drawings became a Youtube sensation when he posted this timelapse video of his process, where he sketches incredibly without hesitation or visual references. Using primarily brush pen and ink, he works purely from his imagination, often distorting his images as if looking through a fish-eye lens.

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You’re my kind of perfect

Bonus Request #10 

Requested by theluckykind

This was a lot of fun to do! I love dark blues with gold, it’s a match made in designer heaven (who would want any other kind of heaven?). It reminds me a little of porcelain vases with gold lining. How pretty! I need to water down the gold ink next time I use it for lettering, it’s quite thick right now. It’s water-based so it shouldn’t be too much of an issue :)

Illustrations: Watercolours, watercolour pencils and gold ink

Lettering: Gold ink - brush lettering


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