New Jersey Gothic
  • It’s the weekend, and you mention going to a mall. Somone then begins to ask, which one; “Menlo, Bridgewater, Woodbridge, Brunswick Square, Middlesex…” they continue to list off malls, never taking a breath. Their eyes begin to show fear, but they do not stop naming malls.
  • “What’s your exit?” You ask someone. They aren’t from here, and only give you a cofused look. “Your exit. What’s your exit?” you ask again. They tell you they do not know. It is now your turn to be confused. You stand there, the same look on your face, completely silent, contemplating what it means to not have an exit. Without an exit, you do not exist here. You are stuck in the void.
  • There is no central jersey. There is no central jersey. There is no central jersey. There is no central jersey. 
  • You share your summer plans with your friends. One of them says they will be spending it at the beach. You do not know what to say, as you do not know what a beach is. You think back to some hazy memory, trying to remember. You do not know the beach. You only know down the shore. There is only the shore in New Jersey. 
  • There is unrest between the two clans, of the North and of the South. You hear as they move closer, and their once unintelligable chants grow loud and clear. The North are screaming “Dunkin!” and the South are screaming “Wawa!” You must pick a side or be lost amongst the fierce rivalry.
  • You are out of state, and someone asks you where you’re from. You tell them, and they instantly reply with “Oh yeah, Joisey!” and laugh. Your face drops, and you hear the voices in your head, pounding, screaming over and over “That’s a Brooklyn accent” You can not escape them.
  • As you drive down the dark road, you are tense with fear. Only a few miles from home, you are hoping you will go without incident tonight. Each street light farther, you begin to ease up. But no such luck. As you come around the bend, you see one- with its glowing eyes and gaunt face, it stands solid as marble in front of you, refusing to budge even in the face of your oncoming vehicle. The white-tailed deer.
  • A mile from you is a cememtery. A mile from your friend is a cemetery. A mile rom your school is a cemetery. Everyone is a mile from a cemetery. There are more cemeteries than parks here. No wonder everyone knows someone with a haunted house.
  • It has reopened. The place you heard so many stories about, of grievous injuries, and even death. Of those who were lucky to escape. People told you these stories with a laugh, and a hint of nostalgia. But you saw it. You saw the fear in their eyes when someone said it was returning. Because you know there is something much more sinister there- Action Park.
  • He stares at you constantly. His cold, dead eyes and sickening smile track your every move from every bumper sticker, every mug, every keychain, every photo, and from his giant shrine in Asbury Park. You will never escape the gaze of Tillie the Clown.

anonymous asked:

yo!! if ur in london, the cinema in brunswick square does rly small screenings and i think its such a nice way of watching the film (which, i too, have seen multiple times rip) like its such an intimate space and the screen is the entire wall woeihfoeih

I’ve just Googled it and it looks lovely! Not too far from Kings Cross either which is great - thank you for the recommendation! I’ll add it to my shortlist - I’m planning on going a couple more times before the cinema run ends so I’ll have to pay them a visit :)