GOD I could go on and on for-fucking-ever. Sometimes I’m glad some games remain unlocalized or I’m going to give myself high blood pressure if I don’t have it already trying to fight over other girls. But trust me I will fight you if I have to, I’m just getting a business degree, that doesn’t require any work so I’ve got PLENTY OF FREE TIME. ALSO I AM ARMED WITH A WHOLE LOTTA SOUTHERN COMFORT, MY BEHIND IS PREPARED, PREPARE YOURS AS WELL my life is sad #protect fictional girls 2k15


2014 Community Look Back: Backstage at Paris Couture Week, Dressing Up for the Kentucky Derby and Finding the Force on May 4th

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This week we are looking back at some inspiring stories we’ve featured in 2014 from around the Instagram community. Today’s spotlight is on Parisian graphic designer and street photographer Adrien Brunel (@neriad), New York-based photographer Landon Nordeman (@landonnordeman) and UK-based food and lifestyle photographer Darryll Jones (@darrylljones).

Backstage during Paris Couture Week this fall, Adrien took us behind the scenes for a glimpse into some of the most exclusive moments of the fashion industry.

Landon, a professional photographer who often covers fashion events, revealed to us the exuberant outfits donned each May at the Kentucky Derby.

Darryll and his muse, a Star Wars stormtrooper action figure named Eric, celebrated Star Wars Day with fans across the galaxy on May 4th, also known as “May the Fourth be with You.”

My innocence is not ignorance
My kindness is not weakness
My past does not define me
My calm hides a story
My bravery is never foolish
My weakness is my strength