Watch Them Whip: A Decade of Viral Dance Moves

Featuring performances from dancers around the country, including the kids of Atlanta’s Ron Clark Academy, and the U.C.L.A. gymnastics team. 

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It literally baffles my mind how so many people hate the Bruins. It’s like the cool thing to do or something now I guess. Like I saw tons of pictures, memes, posts etc. yesterday and some were just downright awful.

Like if you’re just like yeah fuck Boston and the Bruins, whatever no big deal but some people went way over the top and it’s something I’ve realized since winning the cup in 2011.

I mean none of their players have been accused of rape, or using PEDs or anything, they support the women’s league and just donated $300,000 to Denna 2 days ago. They are totally against any discrimination and spoke out about that transgender bill. They’re active with the community of Boston. There’s probably so many more examples. But people think they’re like the biggest pieces of shit in the NHL and I just don’t get it.

Whatever at the end of the day I’ll love this team no matter what. Black and gold forever.