Where Are We? (Gotham x Gotham Cast x Reader)

A/N: Okay, this is my first fanfic so don’t judge me if I do something wrong lol

Summary: (Y/N) sees something in an alley and that something should have never been seen.

Warnings: none

Jim’s POV

Don’t you ever experience crime everyday in your city?

I have. It’s horrible. Most crimes people do has scarred me for life. I punched Jerome Valeska’s face off, made me falter slightly. Now I don’t go forever blabbering-

“Jim! Hey!” I hear a familiar voice. I turn around to see Harvey and he certainly looked like he was in a rush.

The GCPD was empty, surprisingly. “(Y/N) found something in an alley near Woodley Street.”

I tilt my head to the side. “So?”

“Follow me, it’s like two alleys away from here.” Harvey pointed left. I follow him out the doors and walk left. (Y/N) is the only person with powers in Gotham. Now, I see (Y/N) staring at what seems purple-blue in the alley.

“The hell is that?” I ask.

“I don’t know, I’ve never seen this before.” (Y/N) simply explains.

“All units, come to Woodley Street. Just two alleys away from the GCPD.” I hear Harvey speak in his walkie talkie. Harvey turns around slowly. “(Y/N), you’re staying here.”

Screams can be heard from behind you. You whip your head around to see that the mysterious floating thing is now sucking in as much wind. It was a portal of some sort. The wind was too strong to flee from that it sucked in Harvey and Jim.

“Damn it.” You mumble. You let loose and let the wind take control to the portal. Once you entered the portal, you immediately regretted your decision. There were swirls of colors that would’ve made you blind and you blacked out.

Moments later…

“Do you think she’s okay?” A familiar voice rings in your ear.

“There’s something called touching her pulse, Cameron.” Another voice calls out.

Who’s Cameron?

A/N: lmao sorry for the shitty fic, there will be several parts to this. tell me if i should continue or not


Bruce Wayne reading about your death in the newspaper.

“Died because of a drunkard crashing into them.. not even a worthy enough death for them.” He shook his head, trying not to cry. “They didn’t deserve to die this soon. They should’ve been alive for many more years.” 

Bruce vowed to honor your memory by making sure no more drunks got on the streets and accidentally kill people. 

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Really awesome DC characters by Brian Lawyer
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Sebastian: So where are you going to take Y/N on her date?

Bruce: My Little Italy

Sebastian: And what are you going to eat?

Bruce: Pizza