Am I the man Bruce wanted me to become?  Not even close.  But someday he’ll soon realize I’m exactly who he needs.


The opposite of Cute

Prompt: Batman gets turned into a puppy

AN: While not a sequel this story does have a counter part, called Cute. Click here to read that.

Words: 276

“He doesn’t look very happy.”

           “He just got turned into a dog, of course he’s not happy!”

           “I kind of like him like this.”

           You’re a bit confused by the conversation taking place, but you can’t help but smile as you go on your tip toes to see what the boys are looking at. Your smile turns into a bit of a frown as you say “Really Damian, another dog? How’s this going to make Titus feel?”

           Damian’s ears turn red, as the other boys begin cackling, and the dog growls. You kneel on the ground next to him and scratch behind his ears. He leans into your touch and you smile “Who’s a good boy? Who’s a fluffy puppy? Who’s a cute puppy?” You pet the dog for a few minutes longer before asking the boys “Did you ask your dad about the dog?”

           Jason just cackles and you raise an eyebrow in question. Dick gives a nervous smile before saying “Well, you see, the dog is kind of, actually Bruce.” Your hand stills on the dogs head and you turn to look at him.

           You consider the words for a moment before turning to your husband and saying “I never thought of you as a German Shepheard to be honest.” There’s this growl and you just turn back to the boys “The league is working on this?”

           Tim nods “Twenty-four hours until he changes back.”

           You smile and turn back to Bruce “If you promise to be a good dog, I’ll let you sleep on the bed.”

           Damian’s eyes go wide and he exclaims “That’s not fair, you don’t let Titus on the furniture!”

The writer of this article is suggesting that Gotham replace David Mazouz with an older actor, so they can “age up” the character.

“Commissioner James Gordon (Ben McKenzie) has held his ground, and loyal Wayne Manor butler Alfred (Sean Pertwee) has gone above and beyond as the steward for the Wayne Legacy. Both of these characters and their backstories have entertained and enamored us to keep watching, but they are just two pieces of a puzzle that cannot be made whole unless we see some spectacular growth from the most important character, Bruce Wayne.”

The writer goes on to suggest that Gotham dump David after season three and replace him with an older actor such as the writer’s recommendation: Tyler Posey. The writer goes on to say that such a change would:

“elevate Gotham to another level, and probably will bring an abundance of new fans to the show.“    X

Personally, I think this would be a huge mistake. I have nothing against Tyler Posey. However, David is my favorite Bruce Wayne of all time, and the sensitivity and nuance he brings to the role is irreplaceable. Gotham has its strong and weak points; David is one of the strongest of the strong points. Assuming Gotham gets a fourth season, I’m looking forward to continuing to watch David grow into the role of the adult Bruce Wayne/Batman.

What does anyone else think?

I know I don’t know him personally or anything but it genuinely hurts me when I read the kind of shit that’s being written about Ben Affleck. 
Calling him a ‘drunk who cheated on his wife’?? Seriously, fuck. off. His wife gave an interview to Vanity Fair saying they had ended their relationship months before he slept with that other woman. They still lived together for the sake of their children after they had broken up (and still do live together one year after announcing their divorce) which is why it would have seemed like he cheated on her. But Jennifer confirmed he didn’t so can we drop that now? 

And a ‘drunk’? Are we going to demonize someone for having an addiction? All of last year he looked depressed af in interviews and panel discussions. I don’t blame him for turning to alcohol. 

So leave Ben Affleck alone. 

anonymous asked:

I just got two of my wisdom teeth removed, so how would the trinity respond/help their s/o in a similar situation? Thanks!

so like surgery (w it being similar)?

bruce is probably the one to take them to the appointment and would hold their hand through the entire thing if he’s allowed to. no matter how simple or straightforward the surgery is, he’s always a little nervous about complications. he always makes sure they see a doctor outside of gotham (just to be safer), and he’s pretty much stone-faced for the entire thing. it’s the best because if they’re a little loopy after it he’ll completely play along and act like everything they say is normal. there’s a 50/50 chance he’ll carry them out of the wheelchair post-op and into the car instead of letting an attendant do it just because it gives him the feeling of a Little Control in the situation

clark knows a few doctors Personally and probably has a few back in smallville that’d he’d swear are miracle workers. he never really got broken bones or cavities so he’s always Really Serious about getting them to get what they need and taking care of them afterwards (he can only Imagine the pain/the disorientation and it. really makes him concerned for how his s/o will handle it). he’ll listen to their heartbeat through the walls of the waiting room and (if he’s able to) use his x-ray vision to make sure the doctor/s are doing. what they’re supposed to. he buys them dessert for the night for them to eat when they’re not Numb any more

diana is just. a ride okay firstly if she can convince them to go back to themyscira for the surgery she’s gonna call up the amazon healers and it’s unbelievable because she’ll have them perfectly fine and healthy in like. ten minutes max after some purple healing ray Dosing. if she can’t get them back to themyscira, then she’s Very Tense and will force her way into the op room and Stand Watch over her s/o because. she knows Enough about healing that she could patch them and Fly if there was a complication and she just. doesn’t like the idea of doctors she doesn’t know handling her s/o while they’re vulnerable. on the bright side if everything’s alright in the end, she shakes the doctor/s’ hand/s very happily and speaks well of them to the justice league. she then carries her s/o out of the operating room once they’re stable and discharged and laughs and encourages them if they’re talking about like. cotton candy clouds.