Hong Kong uses 3D archive to preserve kung fu heritage
Kung fu master Wong Yiu-Kau stands in a Hong Kong studio and waits as his black suit is covered head to toe in reflective markers to capture his every motion.

This is one way in which technology can preserve traditions for future generations! Welcome to the new way of producing Kung Fu ( or any art) manuals. While there is no substitute for an actual teacher this is a great way to chronicle the arts. Thoughts?

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When you train with a strong set of values in mind, those core tenents can be felt and perceived immediately. At RCW we offer the highest quality information around AND the highest quality training enviornment with the health and well being of our students at the forefront.


How would you like a method to prevent anyone from putting hands on you? Enter the Kali limb destruction, an invaluable tool to keep or close distance and frustrate an assailant. 

The limb destruction works in tandem with follow up attacks and combinations. It’s part of the flow of range, often used as a setup, and can also establish or break rhythm as part of a combination. Originally from Kali as all of these initial basics can be done with tools like a leatherman, flash light, tactical pen, or a knife for example. 

Targeting the limb is seldom discussed but it appears in sports like Muay Thai and Western Boxing as well. Jack Dempsey was known to target the arms of his opponent when he couldn’t get cleanly to his man. Bruce Lee makes plenty of mention to the concept on his book the Tao of Jeet Kune Do. Finally even in modern Muay Thai fighters are encouraged to attack the limbs to wear down their opponent and make way for a clean target. 

Both offensively and defensively the limb destruction adds another layer to your arsenal. Once you develop the skill it can make for a very capable option to prevent someone from closing the distance and putting their hands on you. Thanks for checking out the video and for more Kali and JKD instruction you can find us training right here at RCW in Tigard all week long.