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Bucky x Reader

Summary: Your Bucky’s everything. But what happens when your taken away from him.

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It was supposed to be a simple mission. In and out, but things went horribly wrong. Tony and Steve have been working on this mission for weeks. They would call constant meetings, going over new evidence and ways to go about the mission.

They sent you and Sam to complete the mission, which Bucky was not happy about. Ever since the two of you started dating he’s wanted you to stay away from HYDRA as much as possible.

Now he was sitting in the commons with the rest of the team. Bouncing his leg nervously while biting the nail on his thumb.

“She’s coming back. It’s just an in and out mission.” Said Natasha, annoyed with his anxious behavior.

“Nothing is easy when it comes to HYRDA.” Sighed Bucky.

About thirty minutes of silence passed until a certain AI made everyone jump.

“Avengers, the quinjet is landing-“

“Thanks FRIDAY!” Bucky hopped off the couch and started to jog to the roof with the rest of the team following

“I know your excited, sir but I suggest you brace yourself.” Everyone looked at each other with confused faces, Bucky to caught up in the thought of seeing you.

“FRIDAY… why is that?” Asked Tony, gaining an uneasy feeling in his chest.

“I think you’d rather here this from a human.” Said FRIDAY before signing off.

Everyone started to run faster, skipping the elevator and deciding the stairs would be quicker. When they got to the roof everyone stopped in their tracks, only seeing Sam.

“Why is he the only one getting off the jet?” Asked Bucky through gritted teeth.

“I have no idea.” Said Steve, grabbing Bucky’s shoulder.

As Sam got closer the team could tell he looked worn out and nervous. His head hung low and it felt like an eternity for him to get to them.

“What happened?” Asked Wanda with a shaky voice.

“Well um… the building seemed decently guarded. Something we could, at the time handle. We got to the file and um-“

“What are you trying to say.” Said Bucky, cutting Sam off.

“Y/N was taken-“ POW! Bucky hit Sam straight in the jaw with his mental hand. He was going to hit him again but everyone held him back.

“Meeting! Now!” Commanded Steve, but Bucky didn’t move. He just stared at Sam, wanting to hurt him more than anything. “I said now!”

Bucky reluctantly followed everyone back inside. Anyone who walked passed them could sense the tension and anger radiating off of everyone.

“Alright now tell us exactly what happened.” Said Tony.

“Um… we got to the base, fought offa out ten guards. We got inside and ran down a few halls. While we were looking for the file we found some on Bucky. When we were gathering those up too, it apparently gave them enough time to call more guards. Over forty of them came. We fought most of them but when I turned around three agents were taking her. I tried to follow her but they threw her in a jet. Look Bucky I’m so sorry.”

Everyone sat there waiting for Bucky’s reaction. His hands balled up in fist as he just stared at the table in front of him.

“I told all of you she didn’t need to go on this mission. I know I say I don’t like her going on HYRDA missions a lot but i specifically said that out of all bases I didn’t want her at this one.”

“That’s our job, Buck. It’s her job.”

“I don’t give a damn, Steve!” Bucky slammed his hand on the table before walking out.

He took long strides to yours and Bucky’s shared room. He changed into his gear and grabbed every weapon he owned. Before he walked out the room he grabbed his rifle and pulled his mask over his mouth. As he walked to the launch pad he completely ignored the fact that the main conference room is on the way. When he walked passed the big glass windows the whole team ran to the door.

“Barnes, where are you off to?” Asked Thor.

“To get Y/N.” He growled.

“I thought we took your weapons. Didn’t we take his weapons?” Tony frantically asked Steve.

“Buck you can’t just go out there right now, especially not without a plan.” Steve grabbed Bucky’s arm as he kept walking, but he just pulled away. “Bucky!”

“What, Steve?!”

“Your not thinking straight!”

“I am thinking straight! I’m thinking about her!”

“Why don’t we calm down and talk about this.” Said Natasha guiding Steve and Bucky back inside.

“What were you thinking man? You were just gonna go in there and get yourself caught too?!”

“I was going to get her back! I’m an assassin, I’m trained to find people! I’d find her!”

“She was just captured. They’ed be expecting us.” Said Vision.

“I know HYDRA more than anyone. For all we know she could be getting tortured!”

“We know, but if we act without a plan we could get her killed.” Wanda grabbed Bucky’s hand, rubbing her thumb back and forth in hopes of calming him down.

“You guys don’t understand. When HYRDA tortures you, you want it to be over. Your willing to beg them to end your life. It’s unbearable.” Tears started to sting Bucky’s eyes but he didn’t let them fall. Everyone stayed silent, letting him get out his emotions but that only irritated him. “She’s probably in so much pain right now and we’re all just sitting on our asses doing nothing about it! You know what I don’t care. I’m getting her.”

“Bucky! You don’t have a plan!”

“I don’t care Steve! Whatever happens will happen. They can kill me, torture me, turn me back to the winter soldier if they want! I don’t care, as long as Y/N is safe! She’s my everything, Steve! She’s my everything and I don’t know what I’d do without her.” Bucky let the tears fall down his face, no longer caring. This is a side of him people hardly saw.

“I know and we are going to get her back. You won’t have to trade yourself or anything. Alright?” Bucky nodded wiping the tears off his cheeks. “Now go get changed and come back down when your ready. Then we’ll think of ways to get Y/N back. Alright, jerk.” Steve said, making Bucky chuckle.

“Whatever, punk.”

Bucky went back to your guys’ room and got dressed. He splashed some water on his face a few times, trying to get the redness out of his eyes.

“Don’t worry doll. We’re gonna bring you home.” Bucky whispers, before going back to the conference room.

No Spider-Man  related really but…okay…According to Secret Empire, in a timeline where the Nazis, whoops I’m sorry, HYDRA who totally aren’t Nazis except for all the ways they totally are Nazis, won World War II and took over America:

  • Peter Parker somehow exists. Now I don’t know EXACTLY how the Nazis viewed Irish people (of which Peter is a descendant of) but considering the pre-existing prejudice towards them in Britain, Europe and America I’m guess they wouldn’t have been cool with them
  • Bruce Banner, who’s ancestor was a French soldier, somehow exists even though surely he’d have been killed or wiped out if the Nazis won
  • Ben Grimm still exists even though he’s fucking JEWISH!  How obviously is the fact that he’s Jewish? Well by the fact he’s Jewish creators made him look like a fucking Golem
  • And these are the big ones…Doctor Doom and Magneto….Doctor Doom…and Magneto.

Yeah…Doctor Doom is Rromani and Magneto is a Polish Jewish person.

Let’s put aside Doom working FOR the Nazis. You know…maybe he’s biding his time and working against them.

But that’s a moot point because..How. Are. They. ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In case you SOMEHOW didn’t know this, the Nazis wanted to goddam exterminate Jewish and Rromani people. They were victims of the fucking Holocaust! 

Unless Doom’s family just somehow evaded HYDRA itself for decades and hid their heritage then Doom shouldn’t exist.

And Magneto 100% shouldn’t exist he is only alive in the real universe because the Nazis LOST WWII, he was ALREADY IN  A CONCENTRATION CAMP! 

If they WON how the flying fuck did he SURVIVE that experience?

How is this story so fucking terrible on SO MANY levels???


1) Hulk is naked in this movie. We see Hulk butt. Thor reacts to the presence of Hulk dick. We know Hulk Dick is there and Hulk nudity is on the table. They took the time to cgi the butt. They have the model for the butt.

2) Bruce makes repeated reference to how tight Tony’s pants are

3) the Hulk got much bigger thighs etc than Bruce do

4) the clear and present conclusion to this is that in the final battle Hulk should have busted out big Hulk dick swinging like god’s worst battering ram, Hulk butt shining in the starlight, Hulk balls clapping together like the fucking doom boom doom of the ultimate battle drum

5) show us full frontal Hulk nudity you fucking cowards, show us the biggest greenest dong this world has ever seen, put it on our 3d imax screens, Disney, you have all the tools and opportunity you need