Violent Delights Have Violent Ends

Prompt: 22. “You can’t just say that and then disappear!”

Pairing: Billy Hargrove x Reader

Warnings: Spoilers for season 2 episode 8 and 9, abuse, Billy’s asshole father, swearing

Word Count: 1945

A/N: So, here is part 5 of Nightmares and Bruises. This part is quite long and follows the actual series. Requests are open.

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Billy was, for once, actually happy. He might have been stuck babysitting Max all day and his dad and step-mom might be three hours late back, but he was actually happy. The Four Horsemen by Metallica blasted through the room from his stereo as he got ready. A cigarette hung from his lips as he smiled to himself in the mirror. The smile quickly disappeared when a knock sounded on his door.

“Billy?“ Susan, his step-mom, called through the door.

“Yeah, I’m a little busy in here Susan.” His voice decreased in volume as the words left his lips.

“Open the door! Right now!“ At the sound of his dad’s voice Billy tensed and stumped out his cigarette before walking to the door.

“What’s wrong?” Billy asked leaning back slightly after he opened the door.

“Why don’t you tell us?“ Neil said cryptically.

“Because I don’t know.” Billy shot back seriously.

“We can’t find Maxine.“ Susan said softly.

“And her windows open.” Neil added. Billy looked away from him. “Where is she?“

“I don’t know.” Billy shifted on his feet unsteadily.

“You don’t know?“ Neil chuckled.

“Look, I’m sure she just, I don’t know, went to the arcade or something.” Billy turned away from his dad and walked over to his closet. “I’m sure she’s fine.”

“You were supposed to watch her.“ Neil stated as he followed his son into the room.

Billy kept his back to his dad as he pulled on his brown leather jacket. “Yeah, Dad, I was. But since you guys were three hours late and, well, I have a date.” He finally turned around as he adjusted his sleeves and collar. He was walking on thin ice and he knew it. “I’m sorry, alright.“

“So, that’s why you’ve been staring at yourself in the mirror like some faggot and not watching your sister.” Neil crossed his arms and stared Billy down.

“I have been looking after her all week, dad! And if she wants to run off then that’s her problem, all right?“; Billy knew he was digging himself deeper but right now all he wanted to do was get out of the house. “She’s 13 years old, she shouldn’t need a full-time baby sitter.” He turned the stereo off. “And she’s not my sister!“

That was the last straw. Neil grabbed his jacket and slammed him back into his shelves. Billy clenched his jaw as the shelves dug into his back but continued to stare his dad down. “What did we talk about?” Neil asked. When Billy didn’t answer his fist connected with the boy’s face. Neil roughly pulled his chin back up to look at him. Billy clenched his fists at his sides and tried not to break. “What. Did. We. Talk. About?“

“Respect and responsibility.” Billy’s voice shook.

“Right, now, apologise to Susan.“

Billy hesitated but eventually gave in. “I’m sorry, Susan.”

“It’s okay, Neil, really…” Susan tried but he cut her off.

“No it’s not okay! Nothing about his behaviour is okay!“ Neil pointed his finger at Billy’s face to emphasis every word. “But he’s going to make up for it. He’s going to call whatever, whore, he’s seeing tonight and cancel their date.”

“She’s not…” Billy couldn’t even finish before his dad was pushing him up against the shelves again; only harder this time.

“And then, he’s going to go find his sister, like the good, kind, respecting brother that he is. Isn’t that right, Billy?“ Neil stepped back from him slightly and Billy’s chest moved rapidly as he tried to control his breathing. “Isn’t that right!”

“Yes, sir.“ Billy’s voice was smaller than usual.

Neil sighed. “I’m sorry, I couldn’t hear you.”

“Yes. Sir.“ Billy accentuated his words as he tried to stop the tears from falling.

“Find Max.” Neil said before finally leaving with Susan.

Billy let the tears fall down his cheeks as he pulled one of his rings off and threw it angrily.

Y/N had officially had the worst day of her life. Her, Steve and Dustin had made a trail of meat leading to the car graveyard and then Lucas and Max had joined them. Y/N and Max had got on pretty well. They had armoured the old school bus ready for Dart. But, when Dart had shown up, he wasn’t alone. There was a pack of the Demodogs, as Dustin kept calling them. Steve had nearly been devoured before they were called off back to Hawkins Lab. They followed them to the lab and found Jonathan and Nancy. That was when things really went to shit.

The lab was over run, Mike, Joyce, Will and Hopper managed to get out somehow but no one had seen Y/N’s parents. Hopper had held her back from running inside and had managed to get her into his truck and then they went back to the Byers’ house. They managed to get information off of Will, who was apparently possessed, and then they had been attacked once again by the Demodogs. Eleven had shown up in time to save them and then Joyce, Jonathan and Nancy had taken Will to try and banish whatever was in him and Hopper and Eleven had gone to shut the gate. That left Y/N and Steve babysitting.

The kids had been trying to convince Y/N and Steve to go down into the tunnels to draw away the Demodogs from the gate, when the roar of a car engine split through the air. Max immediately ran over to the window, followed by Lucas. “It’s my brother! He can’t know I’m here. He’ll kill me. He’ll kill us.“

Y/N glanced at Steve. “Stay here. Stay out of sight.” He said.

She went to protest but he was already outside. Y/N walked into the kitchen and started tiding up a bit. She didn’t want to watch them fight. She only walked back in when Dustin said, “Shit, did he see us?“

“Why the hell were you at the window?” She looked at them with wide eyes. “Stay here.“ Y/N ran into the back to look for the hypodermic needle and the sedative they had been using to knock out Will.

Billy flung the door open and his eyes immediately darted towards Lucas. “Well, well, well. Lucas Sinclair, what a surprise. I thought I told you to stay away from him, Max.”

“Billy, go away.“ Max said. Y/N gave up trying to find the sedative and walked back in and stood in front of the kids.

“Y/N?” Billy froze as his eyes landed on her.

“Billy, you need to leave.“ She pressed a hand on his chest and positioned herself in between him and Lucas. He was still glaring daggers over her shoulder.

“I can’t; not without Max. I tried calling.” Billy tried to get around her but she moved with him. “Get out of my way, Y/N.“ He was starting to shake.

“I don’t know what he did, or said, this time, but this isn’t the answer, Billy.” She placed her hand on his cheek and forced him to look at her. “Don’t let him make you like him.“

He went to reply but Steve came back in and swung a punch at his face. Billy went sprawling back into the kitchen.

“Steve!” Y/N yelled as Billy stood up laughing. She immediately positioned herself in front of Steve.

“Looks like you got some fire in you after all, Harrington!“ Billy screamed over Y/N’s shoulder as she tried to hold him back. “I’ve been waiting to meet this, King Steve, everyone’s been telling me so much about!”

“Billy, stop.“ Y/N tried but he was too far gone. She wondered just what his father had done this time.

“Get out!” Steve spat over Y/N’s shoulder.

Billy’s arm suddenly wrapped around Y/N’s waist and shifter her to one side as he swung a punch at Steve. Steve ducked and landed a punch on Billy’s cheek. Billy hit the table and stood up laughing but Steve hit him again sending him towards the sink. One more punch sent Billy backwards and he collided with the sink laughing still. Y/N watched as he grabbed a plate.

“Billy! No!“ She screamed but the plate connected with Steve’s face and he stumbled backwards. Billy’s fist connected with Steve’s face as Dustin ducked out of the way. Billy went to follow Steve back into the front room but Y/N stepped in the way. “Stop, please.”

“No one tells me what to do!“ He said and pushed her out of the way. He grabbed Steve and headbutted him sending him across the floor. Billy got on top of Steve and just started punching. Y/N could see Steve’s blood flying as she gripped Billy’s shoulders and pulled him off Steve with all her strength. She sent them both sprawling to the floor.

“Stop, don’t become your dad. Billy please.” She pleaded as she knelt between him and Steve. “I meant what I said; I love you.” Billy looked at her and then back at Steve. 

“You can’t just say that and then disappear with someone else!” Billy sounded broken.

Max had managed to find the needle and sedative that Y/N couldn’t. She took off the cover and then slammed the needle into Billy’s neck. Billy looked around in confusion before stumbling to his feet. Y/N took her chance to look at Steve who was well and truly out cold. Billy’s hand went to his neck and pulled the needle out.

“What the hell is this?“ Billy stumbled slightly as his vision started to blur. “You little shit, what did you do?” He took one more step forward before his legs gave out and he fell backwards. He hit the floor with a loud bang as all the other looked on in shock.

Max suddenly went and grabbed Steve’s bat. “From here on out you leave me, and my friends, alone.“ She said with the bat over her shoulder. “Understand?”

“Screw you.“ Billy muttered unsteadily; the drug was quickly taking affect.

Max slammed the bat down in-between his legs. Billy looked up in shock and horror. “Say you understand. Say it!” Max screamed lifting the bat again.

“I understand.“ Billy mumbled his eyes half shut.

Max dropped the bat and Y/N shuffled over to Billy. She checked that he was okay as the kids started talking about the tunnels again.

“You three get Steve in the Camaro.” Y/N said looking towards the boys as she stood up. She was shaking.

“What?“ The boys said.

“Get Steve in Billy’s Camaro. If we do this, we do it my way.” Y/N said. The boys smiled and shot into action.

“Max, help me get him onto the sofa.“ Y/N pointed towards Billy.

“But…” Max tried.

“You just knocked him out and then threatened him with a bat. Help me get him onto the sofa.” Y/N said sternly and Max begrudgingly helped. Y/N slipped her hands into Billy’s pocket and pulled out his keys. Her and Max went outside to find that the boys had successful managed to get Steve, and themselves, into the back of the car. Y/N picked Billy’s leather jacket off the floor and threw it on as Max got in the passenger side. She climbed into the driver’s seat and set off towards the pumpkin patch.

My Little Boy - Isaac Lahey x Reader

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Pairing: Isaac x Reader

Prompt: None! I’m just an imaginative filthy bitch




You strut through the hallways, stopping to talk to your lab partner briefly, before walking to the cafeteria. You could sense someone following you but you didn’t need to look to know who it was. You smirked to yourself as you walked over to the table, that had commonly become the pack table.

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In an excerpt from The Man Who Could Not Kill Enough, Anne Schwartz discusses her first day covering Jeffrey Dahmer’s trial.

I was lucky enough to be the pool reporter the second day of jury selection. Deputies ushered me into the judge’s chambers. I looked toward the corner of the room, and there sat Jeffrey Dahmer, just a few feet away from me. He had changed into brown pants, a tan jacket, and a beige shirt with no tie. Yellow tinted glasses rested atop his nose but he didnt use them for reading; he simply stared at the floor or out the window behind my head the entire time. Prospective jurors never looked at him. Dahmer briefly looked up at me when I walked into the room and then returned his gaze to the floor.

One of the highlights of the jury briefings was a woman who said she could not serve on the Dahmer jury because she raised exotic birds and they would die without her. Even Dahmer laughed. Some perspective jurors were excused because, as one woman put it, “I don’t think I have the stomach for it.”

the lifeboat

Hunter’s Moon seems to be particularly crowded on this evening - most of the tables further in are taken, werewolves, seelies, vampires and warlocks coexisting peacefully in a half-drunken atmosphere filled with the clinking of glass and toned down chatter. Groups of colorful folk mingle by the door and by the bar as well, Magnus has to subtly shoulder his way through, the gold detailing on his jacket catching the dimmed light as he moves.

It’s his first free evening off in a bit and he wants to celebrate, have a strong drink to the sound of good music, maybe meet someone along the way. As he passes through the throng of bodies, people greet him with polite nods, some faces more recognizable than others; he also catches shreds of conversations, background white noise, equally easy to tune out and listen into.

“Well, if it isn’t my favorite customer,” Maia chimes as Magnus sits down on one of the stools by the bar. She looks as radiant as always, her smile wide as she swings a cloth onto her shoulder, then leans on the counter in front of him.

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4. Take Care of Me

Request:  Harry is your friend and he’s comforting you because you had a shitty day

Caring H is caring.

“What is it, my girl?” He asks quietly, worried green eyes scanning over your face. His freezing hands cup the sides of your cheeks, his nose red from the brisk autumn wind. From the moment you opened the door he had been all over you; long lean arms encase your waist, kisses pressed into your hair and whispers of concern slip from his lips. It had been a bad day, everything seemed to pile up and though you couldn’t put your finger on one reason, you were just in a sour mood. With your nose tucked inside his thick brown jacket you shake your head. “Just been a rough day, hm?”

“Shitty day,” you correct, you feel his arms slip under your shirt drawing cold shapes into the small of your back “a very hard, shitty day. Just need you to take care of me.” You admit quietly, you feel him nod, removing his hands from your shirt bringing one up to draw your face to his. He’s smile is small, but begins to grow as he speaks. 

“Well then, let’s see what I can do about that.”

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