Brothers of the Knight

Little Red Riding Hood: Elsword Edition

Pairing: Grand Master and Lunatic Psyker 

Elesis: Little Red

Add: The Wolf

Elsword: The Hunter (Lord Knight) 

(The grandma will be named Elsa because Elesis was going to be named Elsa, so I will be using that name for the grandma)

On a sunny morning, a red haired girl stirred from her slumber. She could hear her younger brother and mother speaking in the kitchen. Elesis got up from her bed and walked into the kitchen, her mother was putting all sorts of goodies into a basket lined with white and red cloth. Her mother smiled at Elesis and closed the basket, “Grandma Elsa is sick, will you bring her these treats?” Elesis nodded smiling brightly.

Quickly the girl ran to her room and got dressed; wearing a long white dress, brown boots, and of course her red hood. Grandma made Elesis this hood, so she wanted to show her grandma she wears it. She walked back out to her mother and picked up the basket. Her mother sighed, “Now Elesis, stay on the path. There are many dangers in the woods.” Elesis nodded and she left her house, and set on her way to grandma’s house.

Elesis hums and holds the basket tightly as she walks down a path to the woods. She has been down this path hundreds of times to visit her granny. She takes a deep breath and walks into the woods, not even getting close to the edge of the path. Bunnies hop around and birds sing. Elesis smiles feeling much more calm. 

Little did she know, a certain wolf has been watching her. For he has fallen in love with the girl who wears the red hood. The sad part is, sense he is a wolf; Elesis will never accept him and she might even be afraid. So every time she comes into these woods, he keeps his distance; and only observes her. 

Elesis has always felt watched when walking through these woods, but every time she calls out, there is never an answer. Finally today when called, she was answered. Add stepped out onto the path and looked at her. She was surprised, very surprised. He smiled gently, exposing his very white pointed teeth. “These woods are very dangerous.. Why are you out here all alone?” All Elesis could do was take in his features, his big floppy ears, and long tail. How adorable…

“I am a big girl, I can manage getting through these woods alone!” She stated proudly, “And if you must know, I am on my way to my grannies house.” She held the basket even tighter, in fear the wolf would steal it from her. He noticed her fear of him, and felt heart broken.

His tail drooped low, and he had a small frown. “Okay well just be careful, your grandma lives in the cottage on the hill right?” He watched her nod and he smiled gently. He hopped off the path, “Till we meet again Red.” He disappeared, into thin air!

Elesis shook off the thoughts of the strange wolf, and she continued on the path to her granny. After a dreadful hour of walking, she makes it to the cottage on the hill. She knocks on the door and hears a strange voice, “Come in deary.” With that Elesis walks in almost tripping over the rug. Its pitch black in here!

“Granny why is it so dark in here? I brought you some treats.” Elesis walks to the bedroom. 

“The light hurts my eyes. Will you please put the treats down on the table?” Elesis listened to her grandma, putting the treats on the table. She walked over to her grannies bed. Granny took her hand and Elesis was surprised.

“What large hands you have grandma!” Elesis exclaimed. 

“Ah yes, the better to hold yours with my dear.”

Elesis looked down at her grandma and noticed her big ears. “What large ears you have granny!” Elesis once again exclaimed.

“Yes, the better to hear you little red.” Grandma smiled up at Elesis.

“What big teeth you have grandma!” Elesis said terrified!

“Yes to eat all the goodies you brought me in that basket.” Grandma said cackling. 

Elesis heard banging coming from her closet, and her granny fell out. Elesis looked back at the bed, where the wolf from earlier was now sitting; without his disguise. Elesis screamed and backed away from the wolf. Add quickly covered her mouth. “Please I only did this to get closer to you… I would never mean to hurt you…” She stopped screaming and she listened to him shocked, shocked because no one has ever tried to get close to her before.

She felt a connection to this wolf. Before she could say anything, Elsword her brother, stormed in swinging his sword. He cut add’s arm, forcing him to let go of Elesis. Add growled at Elsword and then he ran off out of the cottage. Ran out into the woods. Ran out of Elesis’ life. Elsword untied their grandma and he tried to get Elesis’ attention. She made a daring decision, and she ran off after the wolf. 

When she got to the edge of the path, she took a deep breath and leaped off it. She followed the blood stains until she found a curled up wolf holding his arm. He smiled at her, he smiled more then he has ever in his entire life. Because today, she followed him; while he has been following her his entire life. 

That was the last time anyone has ever seen Elesis again, but some people say they see a tail and red hood running through the woods together. 

The end.

(Alice in wonderland will be next) 

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Oh yeah! PC Master race here, let me just get all the money I have and get a good quality PC *Pulls out an empty wallet and shakes the lint out on Knight*

Don’t you sass me like that young anon! You’re talking to someone who has a potato for a laptop. It can’t run Overwatch. :c I’m just fortunate enough that my brother has a very good computer. xD And consoles cost money too :(

Anything can happen in the future, and I know for sure that all three boys miss each other! It was a startling break that they didn’t see coming, and Oscar might be shy at first when he sees how much they’ve changed (and grown, Dean did you really need to get taller), but I think he’d warm back up to them.

Okay, we get it. Hendrickson and Dreyfus are long-time friends, but let’s take a closer look at their relationship, because it runs pretty deep.

If we look at their official profiles, Hendrickson is 39 years old while Dreyfus is 47 years old. That’s an age gap of eight years. Dreyfus has stated that, as he became a Holy Knight at the age of 20, his brother Zaratras left a young Hendrickson in his care. Considering the age gap, that would make Hendrickson about 12 years old at that time (though he certainly looks younger), so we can assume that Hendrickson was run out of his village (because of his acid powers) at age 12 or maybe even younger before he was found by Zaratras.

Unless we get new info, we can assume that Dreyfus has been Hendrickson’s guardian, raising him and training him, as Hendrickson states that Dreyfus wasn’t only his friend and rival but also his mentor. Thanks to Fraudrin, we’ve seen the lengths they’ve been willing to go to for the other. All in all, their relationship is not only that of lifelong friendship – they share a brotherly bond, especially considering that Hendrickson may have considered Dreyfus an older brother when they were younger.

You may understand their friendship a bit better now –  understand why Hendrickson cried when the seemingly deceased Dreyfus revealed himself to him, why he sees it as his mission to save him from Fraudrin’s control and why their story is a tragic one, considering the way the world sees them now. From many POV’s they’ll always be the two Great Holy Knights that tried to overthrow the kingdom and committed countless atrocities. I really hope the story grants them some sort of closure.

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All Zero and Ichiru Moments.

Here’s most of the brotherly love, hate, and moments with the Vampire Knight series ‘Curse of the Twins’.
These 2 are my favorite siblings in Anime.

The Prince and The Pauper - Chapter Four

Loneliness can be a cruel thing. I remember as a child my mother told me a story about a knight who lost everything during the Great War; he returned to his home built in the country, only to find it burnt to the ground, and within its ashes were the remnants of his family. Feeling both angered and heartbroken, he sought out the mighty witch, Hecate, and demanded that she make him into a powerful creature that can seek revenge in the cruelest of ways.

She did as he ordered, transforming him into a large scaly creature which possessed a head for each family member that he lost. Two heads belonged to his mother and father, another for his brother, two for the Knight’s sisters (one of which belonged to the Knight’s wife), and one for his pregnant wife. The smallest of heads belonged to the unborn baby. The biggest head obviously belonged to the knight himself. This monstrosity was named Hydra, and he did indeed cross over all the Earth, burning those that he believed to be a part of the group that killed his family.

This story always stuck with me and it caused a phobia to grow within me concerning loneliness. That isn’t to say that I fear I will become an eight-headed dragon were I to become truly alone, but I do fear the emotions that come with loneliness. The emptiness, the constantly loaming darkness, and the desperation. It all seemed too overbearing and depressing, and this fear is why I go through life in a certain way.

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I’m Much Obliged For Such a Pleasant Stay: Chapter 2

Chapter 1 is HERE


About a month ago, while looking for his Knight of Hell brother, Sam Winchester walked into a bar with only a picture and a flimsy lead.

What he got was something that he was not expecting: you.

Having grown up in the life, you had a story that most other hunters had: your father and husband were killed by demons, and you’re all that’s left. The one difference between you and other hunters is that you got out.

Even though you saw Sam for exactly what he was – a hunter – you still invited him into your home, made him supper, washed his laundry, and shared your bed. That single night was filled with desperate passion, solace, and comfort, but when the next morning came – regardless of the things he felt for you – Sam knew what he had to do. He had to find his brother, but he left you a note telling you that if he were living any other sort of life, he’d never leave your side.

Though he’s thought of you every single day, Sam’s always known that he’d never see you again, but as The Fates would have it, he finds you just one more time.

Warnings: a little bit of angst. 

Word Count: 5kish

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Dean’s been watching Sam fiddle with this crinkled cardboard coaster for a month. He’s tapping it against the table right now, and it’s driving Dean nuts.

“What the hell is that?” Dean tips his beer toward the coaster in Sam’s hand.

“Oh.” Sam quickly covers the coaster with the palm of his hand and gets back to his newspaper. “It’s nothing.”

“Riiiight.” Dean rolls his eyes, not convinced. “So, you’ve been carrying around nothing for a month?”

“Yes,” Sam grumbles.

“Oo-kay. Looks like some shitty bar coaster, but if you say it’s nothing, then it’s nothing.”

Sam returns his brother’s eye roll, but keeps quiet. The truth is, it’s a coaster that he took from your bar, the morning he left your apartment. He still doesn’t know why he took it. Well, he does, but Sam doesn’t let himself think about it.


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I have sealed the stairs and only my ring will now open it. My brother knights will sleep in peace, in company with the Cuirass, the only Relic that remains in the Order's keeping. I say that, although the Order is officially dissolved, hoping and believing that the Knights of the Nine will one day be reborn. Perhaps you are the one to restore the Order. If so, go to the Priory in the West Weald. Use my ring to enter the vaults beneath the Priory House.

Unto us hold nothing else will join me.

You are now Matt, a nineteen year-old kid who will be a knight and shining armor to every person you love. Do you remember your old description? Guess it’s now, “A nineteen year-old lad who chose the path to a life of complex roads and myths.” 

You are still themightyesquire I knew from way back. The same old friend who would protect his love from all odds. The same older brother I met who would fight a whole balcony of knights just for his beloved damsel. The same old kid who’s often called weird but we all know that you are, in a good way that is. You are one deep person. You are one of a kind friend. And although we don’t know much about each other, the time I got to know you from way back three years ago is barely enough for me to tell you that you really are the mighty esquire.

Time might have changed you but I know the sixteen year-old kid I knew is still there within you. And I know that you are now more mature. And that’s a good thing. You are growing and living and being. So happy birthday Kuya Matt. Thank you my friend. Stay grand and stay cool.

Here’s a little something from your old friend x @grayandblues

I love the Trash Brothers. Every time I get to draw them I’m super happy! Here they are again and they are not up to anything good.

This page is from the episode 49, so you still need to wait a few weeks to get to read what the trash Brothers are up to.

Meanwhile you can read the other 47 episodes!


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Site Write Day 17: Does stress affect your character’s ability to make good decisions? In a high-pressure situation, what guides your character’s choices?

“Father picked me to be the heir and you know it Caledon.”

“It was never made official and I am the eldest. I am the heir of House Indaris.”

Arcannon Indaris, Patriarch of House Indaris had died. He had been poisoned by his advisor, leaving his two sons to squabble over the void of his absence. The House was in the decline, brought forth by the rise of the Blood Knights. Aurelian and his brother Caledon watched as their father waged a political war for power against the newfound order. Little more than brutes who had to force their way for power, they were seen as heroes to the newly christened Blood Elven people.

Arcannon had waged his war and lost. The position of guardian of the faith, having once been filled by House Indaris and its allies, was now left to the Blood Knights. In the wake of this defeat, House Indaris’ rivals had seized the opportunity to destroy the house. In the wake of Arcannon’s death, the house was left in tatters. Many of its members had defected or were dead, and the fate of the House now lay in the hands of his sons.

The only problem was neither was willing to relent power. For weeks the two bickered and fought, nearly coming to blows. Both believed themselves the true heir to the throne of Indaris. Today was much the same; brother against brother in heated debates. Their sister, Vallera, had watched the two, her heart breaking at their quarrel. The three sat once more, Aurelian’s voice rising only for Caledon’s to match as they echoed through the halls of Castle Indaris.

“To hell if it was made official or not you know father chose me, brother!” Aurelian snapped, pointing a finger across the table.

“The other lords will not recognize your claim. They will tear you apart before you sit on the throne.”

“They can certainly try, much as you can. But I will be damned before I let anyone stop me from taking my rightful place.” Aurelian shot up, hands upon the table as he stared across at his brother. His anger and grief were getting to him. The stress of it all was showing; the lines upon his face, the cracks breaking through the mask he wore. He would not relent however; he would not be denied his birthright.

“Enough both of you!” Both brothers blinked, silenced as they stared at their sister who, having remained silent for weeks, finally interjected. “It’s been weeks now and neither of you have made headway.”

“Father is dead, Vallera. Someone must fill his seat to save our house." Caledon retorted, staring at his sister with annoyance.

"Yes and when the two of you, so stubborn and prideful, finally fight what will be left to rule? No matter which of you two won, you would both lose. This is exactly what our enemies want. They want you to fight and weaken the house further. Our future is already on a knife’s edge!”

“Then what would you suggest?” Aurelian asked, waving his hand flippantly. “We rule together?” His tone was dripping with sarcasm, though his sister was was not as amused.


“What?!” Both brothers spoke at once, turning their full attention on Vallera.

“I do not believe I stuttered. Aurelian, you are the better fighter and commander between the two of you, no?”

“Yes.” Aurelian agreed, arms crossing over his brawny chest.

“And Caledon, you are the better politician; you can weave a thousand words and leave your foes tangled in the web of lies. So work together. Our father was poisoned by his closest adviser. Our rivals pick and tear at our house. We’ve lost Aetherveil’s land, and several of the vassal houses. If the two of you continue to fight, we’ll have nothing left but ash just like the rest of our people.” The brothers paused, musing over the words.

Aurelian was conflicted. His sister spoke true enough; their rivals would benefit if the two brothers fought, of that there was no doubt. He was certain he would emerge victorious, but could not battle the entire world with a weakened power base. Yet working with Caledon would risk his own position as the true heir. He eyed his brother wearily, emerald gaze narrowing. Everything was at risk; the wrong choice would destroy everything he loved and desired. Yet as his father always did, he had to choose the house. He always would choose the house.

“For now,” Aurelian began, “I will agree to rule alongside Caledon, if he is willing.”

“And I will rule alongside you brother. Our enemies are many, and it would give them no greater satisfaction then for us to tear each other to pieces.” Vallera sighed in relief, silently thanking the light. She did not know if her brother’s egos would be too great to reason with. It was a temporary solution at best, but it would manage.

“Indeed.” Aurelian agreed, offering out his arm to his brother to shake. Caledon paused, before taking it. “I think they will be surprised to find not a throne in chaos, but one united. For the house.”

“For the house, brother.”