the signs as things my brother says
  • aries:spooderman
  • taurus:mum can i have teh remote
  • cancer:the xbox one isn't working
  • leo:can i borrow your computer?
  • virgo:yesh
  • libra:*bad beatboxing sounds*
  • scorpio:shut the frick up
  • sagittarius:can i have food?
  • capricorn:*screaming*
  • aquarius:ee-er
  • pisces:*singing a nintendo theme*
A Place to Stay

Character(s): Sam Winchester

Warning: None

Word Count: 651


           It’s pretty late – well, early – when your cell rings. Being a self-taught light sleeper, the device’s vibrations are enough to rouse you. With a yawn, you reach out to grab the phone and answer the call.



           “Sam? That you?”


           “Great timing. I hadn’t even hit REM sleep yet.”

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scorpiothemad asked:

aw you and your bro are so cute. Are you close with him?

I’m insanely close with my brother :)
We are only 2 years apart and have gone through many adventures together. Our weekends were never spent apart especially after a long week at school. Snacks,drinks,video games in the basement. Hours on end talking about our ocs in an alternate universe for the Hobbit. We would take a bullet for each other. The day I left with my mom to move to NC was the most heartbroken I’ve ever been and one of the first times I’ve seen my brother cry that much. (Even my mother cried, who knew of our bond.)
My fear was that i would lose touch of him since i moved, but he’s visited 3 times since i moved and we game together when we can. Whenever i get married i will force him to be the best man!

anonymous asked:

(please answer as soon as possible) Um, Rufioh, I have to write something due tommorrow. It's short but the anxiety is getting to me. It's a rough draft so it's nothing permanent but I still get slightly stressed. I feel like a horrible big sister because I probably won't be able to play with my lil bro tonight because of this. I've been doing a lot better recently but I still got this pittfalls. I wish I could fly free like you...

RUFIOH: hey anon … sorry th1s took a l1ttle b1t to get to you

RUFIOH: the 1nbox has been gett1ng crazy full lately, but that doesn’t mean your problems not 1mportant

RUFIOH: 1ts pupa pan to the rescue }:)

RUFIOH: heh, non, 1 get what you’re say1ng about fly1ng free …

RUFIOH: but 1 don’t th1nk anyth1ng could be further from the truth

RUFIOH: see 1

RUFIOH: 1 st1ll haven’t broken up w1th horuss …

RUFIOH: so 1n a way 1m st1ll k1nda cha1ned 1n th1s relat1onsh1p 1f that makes sense …

RUFIOH: sorry that was too much about me mov1ng onto you

RUFIOH: 1 d1dnt have to wr1te any papers on beforus but sh*t th1s one sounds l1ke 1ts g1ven you some major stress

RUFIOH: let’s take some deep and slow breaths and try to ch1ll, kay non

RUFIOH: youre not a horr1ble b1g s1ster for not play1ng w1th you l1ttle bro because of a paper

RUFIOH: those th1ngs are pretty 1mportant r1ght

RUFIOH: 1 can def1n1tely understand 1t be1ng stressful on you when you want to play and do other th1ngs so bad

RUFIOH: but you’re gonna be okay 1 guarantee

RUFIOH: th1s paper can’t hold you back from your l1ttle brother forever

RUFIOH: you sa1d 1ts due tomorrow r1ght

RUFIOH: or s1nce you subm1tted a second ask really soon1sh

RUFIOH: once the paper 1s out of the way you should have noth1ng to worry about

RUFIOH: and 1f you do then hey that’s okay too

RUFIOH: all feel1ngs are val1d here

RUFIOH: 1f your l1ttle bro 1s upset then try expla1n1ng to h1m that you really needed to work on that paper

RUFIOH: you can apolog1ze that 1t took you away for a l1ttle b1t but now that 1ts over you two can play aga1n

RUFIOH: b1g papers can be super 1nt1m1dat1ng too you sa1d 1t was l1ke 10 pages

RUFIOH: d*mn that’s a lot of pages

RUFIOH: but hey 1 bel1eve you can get through 1t and get an awesome grade too

RUFIOH: why don’t you look up some resources onl1ne about how to wr1te essays or 10 page papers or how to focus on them

RUFIOH: 1m not sure what your paper exactly 1s or what you need but there should def1n1tely should be some calm1ng 1n there

RUFIOH: when wr1t1ng to take th1s paper remember to take breaks

RUFIOH: do some good d1stract1ng th1ngs for you, l1ke rel1ev1ng anx1ety

RUFIOH: does s1ng1ng help?  hold1ng a plush or draw1ng?

RUFIOH: do what makes you happy, maybe even play for a few m1nutes or so

RUFIOH: 1 hear a good work/break schedule 1s work for an hour, break for half

RUFIOH: have some good reaff1rmat1ons for yourself, l1ke

RUFIOH: 1 am a good b1g s1ster

RUFIOH: 1 am a good person

RUFIOH: my brother can wa1t

RUFIOH: 1t m1ght be hard, but he can do 1t

RUFIOH: 1 can f1n1sh th1s paper

RUFIOH: 1 am smart

RUFIOH: 1 am k1nd

RUFIOH: 1 am car1ng

RUFIOH: cause those are all the th1ngs you are and more }:)

RUFIOH: look 1ns1de yourself non, 1ll bet you f1nd some bangarang1n awesome th1ngs about you

RUFIOH: good luck anon, and 1 hope you ace that paper

RUFIOH: bangarang!

According to insiders, Kyungsoo got casted in a new movie called 'Hyung/Brother' with the role of the younger brother, recovering after an unfortunate accident. The older brother is supposed to be played by an actor in his 30s. Filming is supposed to begin in October/November.

You were too preoccupied to hear Dean shouting through the window, and Sam yanked him back before you could take notice. “Let them have their moment,” Sam said.

Dean was already pacing the room, hand gripped on the back of his neck. “I can’t believe our little sis has a girlfriend. How long do you think she’s been keeping this from us? What else do you think she’s hiding?”

“Don’t you think you’re overreacting a little?”

Dean’s footsteps came to a halt as he paused to gape at his brother. “You already knew.”

“I didn’t want to say anything until she told us herself,” Sam shrugged, “which is why you have to keep your mouth shut when she comes back inside. She’ll tell us when she’s ready to.”

“Yeah, you’re right,” Dean sighed, taking a seat on the edge of his bed, leg bobbing up and down.

You came through the door shortly after, your girlfriend’s lipstick already wiped onto the back of your hand. She was making it harder and harder to keep it a secret, but you couldn’t resist seeing her every time she called.

As soon as the door clicked shut behind you, Dean was already across the room assaulting you with a bear hug. He squeezed the breath from your lungs, but that was okay because neither of you needed to say anything.

150728 More information on the film ‘Brother’

D.O., currently filming for Pure Heart in Goheung, Jeollam, found another leading role in the film Brother (working title) not so long ago.

Brother, which will start filming from October to November, is a human story with two brothers as the protagonists. D.O. will be taking on the role of the younger brother who suffers and slowly grows from an unfortunate accident. After filming for Pure Heart ends in August or September, he will immediately start preparing for Brother. The role of the older brother will likely be given to a top star in his thirties.

There is even greater interest because D.O. will be working alongside the movers of Chungmuro. Brother’s scenario is penned by screenwriter Yoo Youngah, who wrote Miracle in Cell No. 7 which had brought in over 12.8 million viewers. The director will be Kwon Sookyung, who produced Barefoot Kibong. The brothers will suffer through thick and thin, a tearful compound of moving emotions.

The films officials revealed on the 27th: “D.O. was already recognized for his abilities in Cart and his other dramas,” and “He doesn’t limit himself to particular genres and shows potential in his variety, so the producers took interest in him.”