Brooks Sterling

( Pepi Sonuga , she/her, female) —- have you seen brooke sterling around the complex yet? the twenty-one year old has lived here for about four months and is known as the philiophobic around cyprus oaks for being pretty warm hearted but also stubborn. they’re usually busy as a student but when they’re not, you can probably find them in building three, room #3102. last i heard, they live with two roommates. ( camryn, 21, central, she/her ). 

Hey everyone!! I’m camryn but you can call me cam or cammie!! And my pronouns are she/her! And this is my beautiful child Brooke, who is as sweet as cake but still has a hard time when it comes to feelings, love and all that jazz! Find our more about her below! (TW: Death Mention)

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