It was on this day, April 15, 1947, that Jackie Robinson took the field with the Brooklyn Dodgers for the first time and made history by breaking the color barrier in baseball.

These images from the Brooklyn Daily Eagle capture a small portion of his life on and off the field. Visit the Brooklyn Collection in the Central Library at Grand Army Plaza to see more in our newest exhibit, Jackie and the Eagle.

Full two years before Marilyn Monroe’s Iconic Flying Skirt from The Seven Year Itch, a similar scene was captured by Dan Fox, a photographer who worked with the Brooklyn Daily Eagle. Caption reads, “Cherchez les gams–Even the air at Coney [Island] has interesting qualities, a line-up of male observers discovers here as a sudden gust of it takes Gloria Campbell by surprise. … Crowded as the sands of the subway resort sometimes get, there always seems to be room enough for Gloria’s kind of charm to make the trip worth while”.


The crossword puzzle made its debut in the New York World in 1913.  Crafted by a Liverpudlian journalist, Arthur Wynn, the game caught on with a quiz-loving American readership in the 1920s. The Eagle tried its hand at puzzling in 1924, the same year publishers Dick Simon and Lincoln Schuster found success with the very first compendium of crossword puzzles.  Can you solve it?  Answers will be posted tomorrow.  Go!