Flash, Boston Terrier (4 y/o), Cranberry & Columbia Heights, Brooklyn, NY • “He’s ripped up really expensive rugs. He’s a refined dog with expensive taste.”

Claude, Bengal cat (7 m/o), Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn, NY • “He makes raptor noises. We joke that he’s trying out to be a raptor in the new Jurassic Park.”

Geo, Pug/Pekingese mix (11 y/o), Brooklyn Heights Promenade, Brooklyn, NY • “We found him on Petfinder. He was located in Catskill, NY, living with a dozen dogs, several cats, and several cockatiels. When we got there and opened the car door, he ran down and sat in between the two seats. I said, ‘He’s ours, I guess’. He was not going back. Someone we met described him as 'sexy ugly’.”