gentlebreadslice  asked:

you watch b99?!

yes!! its my favourite show rn,, its just so good and i love it so much!!

here is actual love of my life amy santiago 

Looking for Blogs to Follow

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Gravity Falls
Steven Universe
Over the Garden Wall
Rick and Morty
Parks and Recreation
Once Upon a Time
Broadway Musicals
Brooklyn 99 (I haven’t finished this show yet though so if you do post a lot of this I probably won’t follow you for a while)
Bee and Puppycat
Stranger Things
Art (especially cartoony art)

Bonus points if you’re a Christian and reblog Christian content too! :)

After their first date...
  • Fred: “Let’s just keep things light and breezy, see where it goes.”
  • Hermione: “But how do we keep things light and breezy? I know! A comprehensive set of rules.”
  • Fred: “How am I attracted to you?”