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Brands to Know: Kai D. 

Over the course of recent years I’ve come to get acquainted and perfect my own personal interpretation of style. After exploring different universes while growing up, I finally came to terms with my eclectic nature and the need to mix a variety of styles, ranging from bespoke, to vintage and workwear. In my search for inspiration, which often turns to Japan due to its unique aesthetic sensitivity, I came across Kai DNamed after its founder, Kai D. delivers a unique mix of mens and women’s garments and accessories, through a carefully curated selection of brands and vintage finds, among which is its eponymous label. 

Born in Taiwan, Kai moved to New York 18 years ago, with a long resume including Creative Director at Nautica and Consultant for an array of brands such as Lacoste, John Varvatos or Edun. With a keen eye for detail and a wide set of skills and know-how at his disposal, Kai set out to create his own brand and store. Located in Williamsburg - Brooklyn, the store embodies Kai’s passion for quality and craftsmanship, with production made entirely in New York by master artisans and tailors. Resorting to some of the finest fabric suppliers from Japan and Italy, such as Bacci and Sondrio mills, each garment transpires authenticity and attention to detail.

Kai is a firm believer of the slow fashion philosophy of buying less, better quality garments, and his vision is imbued into each item as he personally oversees production. The result is a series of limited or even exclusive garments, drawing inspiration from vintage, military and Japanese elements, made to last and to withstand the test of time, even if repair is needed further down the road. This is particularly visible in the shirts and Kimonos, often made from repurposed garments or from vintage fabrics, reinterpreting the historical designs to a modern day and age. A refreshing approach to a saturated market where ephemeral trends set the course and encourage consumerism at the expense of quality. Be sure to drop by when in New York and in the meantime head to their official website to browse the latest offerings.

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