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Ezra Koenig @arzE:

Ezra Koenig is in a band that formed at an Ivy League school Uptown, but his sense of humor is suited to a generation who appreciates naming a song “Diane Young” instead of “Dying Young” more than it is the classics. As one-half of L’Homme Run, he rapped in French about pizza parties. As one-fourth of Vampire Weekend, he’s been involved in only good-humored music videos. Those Steve Buscemi promo clips were pretty great too. Then there’s his tongue-in-cheek Internet persona: the text-speak in his Twitter feed, his obsession with selfies, that Drake review. He’s the millennial poster boy for wit and being overly self aware — for the Wes Andersizing of music. Or, whatever, he’s just really funny. (via Brooklyn Magazine)

I sometimes hear from acquaintances things like, ‘I wish I was black, I would be good at poetry.’ Or, ‘You’re lucky you’re gay, because that’s your whole thing.’ But it’s always about privilege. What that’s really saying is ‘I wish my life was as awful as yours so I could write about it.’ That’s not praise, it’s a confession.
—  Saeed Jones, interviewed by Margaret Eby for Brooklyn Magazine