“Listening to TPM” Brook Pridemore

A #spotifyplaylist of the some of the rad #folkpunk bands we’ve rocked with over the years including: @paulbaribeau, @brookpridemore, @defianceohio, @daysndaze, @slowmotioncommotion, @thetaxpayers, @ramshackleglory-blog, @andrewjacksonjihad, @sleddingwithtigers.

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Hey Tumblr. My band Weaver is playing with Pat the Bunny on March 5th in Philadelphia. It’s at 7PM @ West Kensington Ministry and we’re playing with some really dope acts, like Pat, Brook Pridemore, Everyone Except Me (Michelle Antisocial,) and Steve Layman. It’s only 5 bones to get in and it’s going to be a great night. Hope to see you there!