Huggabroomstik Top 10

In honor of the release of the new 21st Century Masters digital box sets, Weemayk Music asked different band members from Huggabroomstik (and some fans of the band) to pick their 10 favorite tunes from the group’s extensive catalog.

This time we’ve got Brook Pridemore, known for his band Brook Pridemore and his solo project Brook Pridemore. A long-time fan of Huggabroomstik before joining it, Brook spent some time behind the drum kit during the Intimate Huggabroomstik era, and here’s what he thinks the band did best.

1. “Certain Creatures in a Suitcase” (from Intimate Huggabroomstik)

For a second, Huggabroomstik was a dance group, and this was our pop tune.

2. “Automatron” (from Ultimate Huggabroomstik)

Sudden changes in key, AND time signature? Fuck the Mars Volta.

3. “Circle in the Moon” (from Huggabroomstik)

Far as I know, this song was never successfully performed live. Many of Huggabroomstik’s best moments were OF the moment.

4. “Dueling Guitar Solos” (from Intimate)

Perfect example. Only played the time it was recorded. The arrangement is fucked because we couldn’t hear each other.

5. “Bomit Whale” (from Sloppy Kisses and Serious Guitars)

I post “STEVE SHELLEY ROCK OUT TONIGHT” on dude’s FB, every year for his birthday. Dude has never thanked me.

6. “O. U. R. 6″ (from Intimate)

Before my first or second show, Neil pulled me aside and said, “Don’t worry if you get lost. Even I get lost, sometimes.”

7. “No Memory” (from Major Matt Mason Presents: Alternate Huggabroomstik)

I can’t for the life of me figure out the rhythm, melody or chord structure for this song. I think this song was recorded to fuck with me.

8. “The P Man Has A Nightmare” (from Alternate)

I’m a big supporter of the two minute psychedelic number. I miss Syd Barrett.

9. “Awkward Questions About Anal Sex” (from Intimate)

More bizarre time signature changes. My selections skew heavily toward Intimate simply because that’s the album I learned a lot of my tricks from.

10. “Bananas Foster” (from Intimate)

No question, my favorite non-BP song I ever had a hand in writing. There were supposed to be five false endings. Four felt right, in the moment.

November 7

Don’t Let the Scene Go Down on Me! Collective Presents…

Days N Daze
Crusty folk punk all stars straight outta Texas.

Endless Mike
Solo set from that one guy from Endless Mike and the Beagle Club.

Brook Pridemore
Folk punk from Brooklyn!

We The Heathens
“J.R.R Folkin Punk” from Wisconsin!

Cousin Boneless
Pittsburgh folk punk ragamuffins. Homecoming show!

Chattel Tail
Pittsburgh twee pop uke jams.

@ Thrill Mill
6024 Broad Street

$5 suggested donation // 7pm // All Ages // BYOB


Hi, all future shows should look and sound like this. This is not “Folk Punk.” You have been advised.

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Hey Tumblr. My band Weaver is playing with Pat the Bunny on March 5th in Philadelphia. It’s at 7PM @ West Kensington Ministry and we’re playing with some really dope acts, like Pat, Brook Pridemore, Everyone Except Me (Michelle Antisocial,) and Steve Layman. It’s only 5 bones to get in and it’s going to be a great night. Hope to see you there!