Bronze Goddess

The Lady Asherah

Consort of El-Dagon, mother of gods 

She was the supreme mother goddess. She was also “Athirat-Yam”, Asherah of the Sea, the goddess of the sea and fishermen, and supreme goddess in Tyre and Sidon. Asherah gave life to everything, good and bad alike. As the mother of the gods, she assigned responsibilities to each one according to his (or her) character. Shown are some of the plaques and figurines dedicated to her by her followers.

There is a variety of styles for these plaques. Often the goddess has the two long “S” shaped ringlets which were the emblem of the great Egyptian goddess Hathor. Sometimes she wears the cylindrical crown of the goddesses and queens of Late Bronze Age Syria or, occasionally, an ordinary woman’s headdress. Often the plaque is decorated with flowers, sometimes a flower and a serpent.

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