Bronze Goddess

~Bronze statuette of Cybele on a cart drawn by lions
Date: 2nd half of 2nd century A.D.
Culture: Roman
Medium: Bronze

The cult of the Anatolian mother goddess Kybele was introduced into Rome during the Second Punic War in the late third century B.C. and remained popular until early Christian times. The goddess is shown with her usual attributes, a phiale (libation bowl) in her right hand and a large tympanum (drum) in her left. But instead of flanking her throne as they normally do, here the two oversized lions pull a chariot. This elaborate group comes from a fountain, in which spouts projected from the open mouths of the lions. The original cart, harness, and throne no longer survive; the rear left wheel is a nineteenth-century restoration.

~Statuette of Diana.
Artist/Maker: Unknown
Culture: Roman
Place: Asia Minor (Place created)
Date: 1st century B.C.
Medium: Bronze

Diana, the Roman goddess of the hunt, stands with her weight on one leg and reaches back over her head with one hand, while extending the other in front of her. The goddess wears a short chiton and boots, an outfit suitable for her active lifestyle, and her hair is pulled back in a tight bun. Although her clothing is relatively simple, it is shown in great detail. For example, the oval pin on her shoulder and the double braid ornament around the neckline of her chiton are carefully delineated. Diana’s boots are especially ornate. The boots are open-toed, lace up the front, and are covered in vines. They are also lined with animal skins, whose head and paws stick out from the top of the boots. Scholars disagree over the original appearance of this statuette, since the attributes that she originally held are missing. Some scholars believe that Diana would have held a bow in her lowered left hand, and her right hand was reaching back for an arrow in her quiver. Another theory is that the goddess held a mirror and was reaching up to adjust her hair.

Josephine Baker

Illustration from Josephine by Christian Robinson, text from Bad Girls Throughout History by Ann Shen

Black Pearl. Bronze Venus. Creole Goddess. These are just some of the names that showgirl, activist, and spy Josephine Baker (1906–1975) was given in her life. Born into poverty in St. Louis, Baker was on her own at thirteen and danced her way onto the chorus lines of Broadway, quickly followed by the Paris revues. She had a pet cheetah named Chiquita who wore a diamond collar and paraded around the stage during her acts. France loved Josephine Baker, and she became a huge star on the stage and screen. Her influence in Europe was so big that the French government asked her to work as a spy for the Allies during World War II—just by socializing as she did at high-level parties with German, Italian, and Japanese officials. She carried secret notes written  in invisible ink on her music sheets as she freely toured across borders.

When she returned to America for a performance at a New York club, she was enraged by the segregation laws still  in place. She became a civil rights leader and marched alongside Martin Luther King, Jr., in the March on Washington. She was the only official female speaker that day. After King was assassinated, his widow, Coretta Scott King, asked Baker to lead the movement—but Baker declined, stating that her children were too young to lose their mother. To fulfill her dream of showing the world that people of different ethnicities and religions can live in peace, Baker adopted twelve children from different countries, forming a family she would come to call her “rainbow tribe,” and raised them in her French castle, Château des Milandes.

A Bite Of Sin (M)

Genre: Smut, vampire!AU, (a bit of angst?)
Word count: 4748
Description: After one fateful accident your entire life changes, but so does Jimin, leaving you bitter and lonely until you both break down.
Warnings: Mature content
Author’s note: Inspired by Jimin in BST MV (his outfit was screaming vampire to me ><). Also I started writing this yesterday without even realizing that today is his birthday, so great timing getting inspired! #HappyJiminDay everyone!

You had known Jimin for a couple of years already, when you actually got to know the real him. Who knows if he would have ever shared his secret if it wasn’t for that one fateful day.

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Archaeological Museum of Heraklion:

Goddesses with upraised hands and the “Poppy Goddess”

The large figurines crowned with birds on their diadem were found in Karphi along with three more figurines, and are the largest found to date in Crete. The objects were derived from various parts of the settlement, indicating that cult activities took place throughout the site. 1200-1100 B.C

The poppy goddess is the largest figure found in Gazi. It also is the only figure crowned with models of the opium poppy fruit (papaver somniferum). The symbol of opium, a hallucinogen known for its sedative and healing properties conveys the message that the goddess relieves pain and heals worshippers. (1300-1200 BC)