April 25, 1959: Though Fidel Castro’s 1959 visit to New York City included a rally in Central Park at which a bomb-carrying assassin was thwarted, and though the Cuban leader’s program included seeding socialist revolution across the Americas, it didn’t preclude a break for ice cream, nor a trip to the Bronx Zoo. The Times reported Mr. Castro as saying, after he fed some elephants, that the zoo was “the best thing New York City has.” Photo: Meyer Liebowitz/The New York Times

Dinosaur Zoo

GUEST: Hello. Have you ever heard of a Bronx Zoo.
CONCIERGE: Yes. I am familiar.
GUEST: How are the dinosaurs there?
CONCIERGE: How are they?
GUEST: Yes. We are considering the dinosaurs there.
CONCIERGE: I’m not familiar with dinosaurs at that zoo.
GUEST: Their website says they offer a dinosaur safari.
(Concierge confirms that the Bronx Zoo offers some sort of dinosaur safari.)
CONCIERGE: As far as I can tell, it is a brief ride that takes you around to see animatronic dinosaurs.
GUEST: Very impressive, stuff, right?
CONCIERGE: I haven’t done the dinosaur safari, but the Bronx Zoo is wonderful. Most of it will be outside though.
GUEST: Oh, never mind. We want an indoor dinosaur safari.

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