A world-record stampede of origami elephants has descended on the Bronx Zoo, as part of a campaign to raise awareness about poaching.

The collection of 78,564 broke the Guinness World Record for the largest display of origami elephants. People from all 50 states and 40 other countries responded to the zoo’s call to send in origami elephants, Guinness World Records said in its announcement.

It added that the diverse participants included a “a 109-year-old woman, students from a school of the deaf, as well as participants from Iran, Kazakhstan and Egypt.”

The colorful folded creations filled rows of walls as a Guinness record adjudicator assessed the record attempt on Thursday.

Bronx Zoo Breaks World Record For Largest Display Of Origami Elephants

Photos: Julie Larsen Maher/WCS


April 25, 1959: Though Fidel Castro’s 1959 visit to New York City included a rally in Central Park at which a bomb-carrying assassin was thwarted, and though the Cuban leader’s program included seeding socialist revolution across the Americas, it didn’t preclude a break for ice cream, nor a trip to the Bronx Zoo. The Times reported Mr. Castro as saying, after he fed some elephants, that the zoo was “the best thing New York City has.” Photo: Meyer Liebowitz/The New York Times

Dinosaur Zoo

GUEST: Hello. Have you ever heard of a Bronx Zoo.
CONCIERGE: Yes. I am familiar.
GUEST: How are the dinosaurs there?
CONCIERGE: How are they?
GUEST: Yes. We are considering the dinosaurs there.
CONCIERGE: I’m not familiar with dinosaurs at that zoo.
GUEST: Their website says they offer a dinosaur safari.
(Concierge confirms that the Bronx Zoo offers some sort of dinosaur safari.)
CONCIERGE: As far as I can tell, it is a brief ride that takes you around to see animatronic dinosaurs.
GUEST: Very impressive, stuff, right?
CONCIERGE: I haven’t done the dinosaur safari, but the Bronx Zoo is wonderful. Most of it will be outside though.
GUEST: Oh, never mind. We want an indoor dinosaur safari.

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