Lying in a bed of broken promises,
I can only hope
he’s dreaming of me
the way I’m dreaming of him.
—  E. Grin, excerpt from Speechless

Right about now I think Shaw has:

1. Found Root. Obviously.

2. Taught Bear to understand Farsi.

3. Had to put Bear on a diet because she’d given him so many treats he was starting to look a bit portly.

4. Helped 17 numbers. She isn’t always very good at predicting other people’s emotions, but she thinks John would be proud.

5. Visited Carter’s grave twice to tell her about the latest firearms she’s acquired. She *knows* Carter would be impressed.

6. Tried out about 15% of the ways she had sex with Root in the simulation in real life.

7. As a consequence, broken two beds and also Root’s pinkie.

8. Finally found a game she can beat the Machine at. Turns out AIs suck at backgammon - or maybe Root’s right and the Machine is just humoring her.

9. Put out some feelers to Dani and Harper. She’s pretty sure they’ll be joining the team soon.

10. Been startled to discover that she’s happy.