Brokedown Palace

Blackbird > Brokedown Palace
Grateful Dead
Blackbird > Brokedown Palace

Audio post number 100 for my Daily Dose of the Dead live music blog!!!! Thanks to all the folks who check it out and who send me a shout out with their likes and reblogs. So I wanted to pick something rare for this and found this encore of Blackbird > Brokedown Palace from the Alpine Valley Music Theater show on June 23, 1988. I’ll be upfront and say this is not the dead’s best effort but it is fun to hear. They only played Blackbird twice… at this show and a few weeks later at the Greek. 

This is heavily flawed from a vocal and lryical perspective but it reminds us that this is REAL live music and not some performer lip-syncing or singing along with a backing track. The dead took more risks than any other live performing band I know. To add to the issues with this encore Dan Healy, the sound engineer, creates an unusual mix… the kind that got him shit-canned soon after. You can hear Phil and others laughing at the fuck-ups but Bobby plods on relentlessly. I actually saw Weir play a beautiful version of this acoustic at Slims in SF.

But with all that said this is still a great listening experience.

Brokedown is one of the all time great songs from the dead and was released on the all time greatest album… American Beauty. A sweet, flowing song that expresses the best of Robert Hunter who is said to have penned this song along with Ripple and To Lay Me Down in a single afternoon.

Enjoy this special edition 100th post of the daily dose of the dead!