Brody Brown


This saturday Danish newspaper #politiken did their yearly interview with #Lukas Graham in LA. They printed some of the stills I’ve been shooting on the side while I’ve been filming for the upcoming next two episodes of “Hva er drømmen Lukas Graham” (What’s the dream Lukas Graham). Here’re a few more that didn’t make it in the print…

The film series is sponsored by #Dali speakers and I cant wait to share it. Should be out ealy next year. So for now - here are some stills from the process…

If you missed the so far here are the first two episodes:

Lukas Graham in the US EP 01

Lukas Graham in the US EP 02


Just some of the photos posted by the cast and crew of CSI. My heart breaks a little every time I see everyone together because I know it’s the last time and I don’t want it to end because the show has had such a huge impact on me, they are like a second family and I’m gonna miss them all sooooo much 😭💔🔫🔪💣💥💉💊💰🃏🎰🔬🔦


I love their Halloween costumes! Some thoughts:

  • Hayley’s costume, which looks like an easy modification of an existing white dress (they put the piece with the hands on it over it and added a belt), is really well done
  • Hayley teasing/flirting with Calvin over his costume was adorable (this whole scene was adorable, really)
  • Peston being a wizard is cute and perfect and probably made him super happy~
  • I was pretty sure Brody’s costume was the same jacket Tyler wore when impersonating Phillip in episode 10 of Dino Charge, but it’s actually a different one given the spacing of the buttons and some other details
  • I’m betting Sarah being a unicorn was based on Chrystiane’s love of unicorns, which is a neat thing for the costume team to incorporate, imo