The North Star

A @sbbsnippets from my SBB Pirates Historical au, where Captain Steve Rogers commands a crew of scallywags across the high seas in search of plunder.

Steve finds Luis in the Captain’s quarters. Three rooms, each one twice the size of Steve’s own cabin. The one Luis is in seems to be devoted to clothes. Luis crouches in the eye in a hurricane of silk and brocade, a green velvet jacket in his hands.

“You see this shit?” he waves the jewel-encrusted cuff under Steve’s nose. “These ain’t even real, they’re fuckin’ paste! Cheap bastards!” He throws aside the offending jacket and picks up a frilled silk shirt. “And you seen the state of this? Hijo de puta, there’s like three shirts worth of silk in all this business! A man wears that you’d mistake him for a fuckin’ jellyfish!”

Steve reaches down into the pile and pulls out a plain-looking jacket and shakes it out. It’s made of sturdy, quilted cotton in blue, the wide front flaps overlapping and fastened down one side with wooden buttons covered in matching fabric.

A good jacket, one that would keep the wearer warm on cold nights. Would bring out the blue of their eyes.

Luis makes a triumphant sound and holds up another coat. It’s made of felted wool in deep blue, with a silver trim along the shoulders and cuffs. The front is a simple row of silver buttons.

“Cap, you would look fan-fucking-tastic in this thing. Feel it, that shit is serious. Silk lined too, oh man, you gotta try it!”

The coat Steve is wearing is frayed around the edges, so he shrugs it off, setting it to one side, and takes the offering. Luis claps his hands together and Steve pulls on the coat and fastens up the silver buttons.

“Oh yeah, that is some premium shit right there. The cut of the waist, all those pleats and shit, great for bringing out that whole…” Luis sketches an upside down triangle in the air between them. “Shoulder to waist thing you got going on.”

“Luis,” Steve says softly.

“All I’m saying is you wanna catch a fish you gotta throw out your line.”

A Royal Mess

Imagine being Erebor’s Royal Maid and walking in on Thorin naked.

Another day of chores as monotonous as the one before and the one to come after. When you had thought of returning to the Mountain, you had never expected to do so as a maid. Though what could you expect. Before you had been nothing but a servant and Erebor had enough smiths as it were, so you were not of much use to the Forge.

The only grace was the dwarf you served: the king. Thorin was an admirable king and his character was much the same behind closed doors. He was kind to you, kinder than any you had worked for before. He had his days when his mood was darkened and you bore them quietly and patiently. It was not so bad being a royal maid, even if it was quite dull.

You knocked at the door of the king’s chambers and received no answer. Likely he was still in council which meant you could do your work swiftly and be on your way. You pushed inside, fresh linens stacked in your arms and crossed to the grand bed which stood against the far wall. You stripped it, though not easily, as the blankets were nearly heavier than you, and then pulled on the clean sheets.

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Modern Day Meg Masquerade!

I’ve actually put a lot of thought into the companion piece to the revamped design for Christine’s gala look and there are probably more rejected designs in the folder for her than anyone else because every time I came up with something, it just felt way too easy to go down the cocktail dress route.

So I went back to the source material, or the rather the idea that her original costume had these somewhat masculine elements yet was distinctively feminine in cut and style, which made me think that Meg would absolutely show up to the gala in a tailored brocade jacket and matching satin tuxedo pants.

More Modern Day Phantom here and find my art on Redbubble!

A motley crew of models in lace shirts, sequin jackets and brocade suits star in the recently revealed SS16 Gucci campaign. Featuring a skateboard, a stuffed peacock and Gucci’s trademark excess, the new campaign, shot in Berlin by @_glen_luchford. #itsnicethat via @itsnicethat

Le Smoking

Suit up in androgynous tuxedo jackets

Le Smoking, the ultimate tuxedo suit created by Yves Saint Laurent in 1996, was the first of its kind, catching the attention of the fashion world due to its rebellious masculine silhouette. Giving a sense of empowerment to women who dared to break away from dresses and skirts, the ultimate power suit has since been a major staple in women’s fashion and continues to influence designers each season. Remaining one of Saint Laurent’s iconic designs, Hedi Slimane brought back Le Smoking this year, in various blazer and tailored pant options. To get the modern look today, be inspired by some of the biggest stylesetters and shop our favorite smoking jackets below.

Style Inspiration

From actress Emma Watson to fashion editor Emmanuelle Alt, see how they embrace their androgynous side for a sophisticated and chic look.

Model Freja Beha Erichsen in Hedi Slimane’s Saint Laurent Fall 2013 ad campaign.

Yves Saint Laurent, French Vogue, Rue Aubriot, Paris, 1975 by Helmut Newton.

Actress Emma Watson in a Saint Laurent suit, March 2014.

Editor Emmanuelle Alt wearing a tuxedo jacket at Milan Fashion Week Fall 2014. 

Shop Smoking Jackets

From lust-worthy selections by Saint Laurent and Burberry to more realistic options by Theory and Catherine Malandrino, shop the best tuxedo style jackets of the season below.

Leandria tuxedo jacket

Smoking leather-panelled tuxedo jacket

Tuxedo Jacket

Alice + Olivia Tuxedo Blazer - Bryan Long Slim Lapel

BCBGMAXAZRIA Blazer - Ryan Contrast Collar Tuxedo

Collection velvet shawl-collar tuxedo blazer

Tuxedo crepe jacket

Double Breasted Tuxedo Jacket

Crepe Tuxedo Jacket

Double Breasted Tuxedo Jacket

Melissa tuxedo jacket

Leather-trimmed brocade tuxedo jacket

Silk and wool-blend tuxedo jacket

Tuxedo Junction Leather-Trim Jacket

Croc Tuxedo Blazer

Line & Dot Sequin Tuxedo Blazer

Shawl Collar Tuxedo Blazer

Chain Detail Cashmere Tuxedo Coat

tuxedo coat

Jonkler velvet smoking jacket