Zach Werenski #3

Anonymous said: Hi! Can you do a Zach werenski imagine where auston sets you guys up and it’s awkward at first and then it’s works itself out? Love your writing💞

A/N: my babes in one imagine, coming right up!!! lowkey not sure how much i like this or not, sorry if it sucked haha 

Word Count: 1,641

This was so like him. Auston has been trying to set you up with his buddies for a couple years now, and most times it never really worked out. They’re busy about-to-be NHL players, and you were busy trying-to-be a doctor. But it never stopped Auston from introducing you to his hockey friends. It was just flat out embarrassing now. 

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Thinkin’ of the C-Cube discourse lol
Why is the foam’s colour mentioned? (specifically, it’s blue in both versions, regardless of the Cube’s colour.)

I need to speak to Artemis about his colouration choices. Make the foam… idk grey or something. CONTRAST, ARTY!

So instead of me continuing the dreaded “what colour is the cube?” argument (which ended like, a year ago), I propose another, more agreeable one:

WHY, if the Cube was blue, would the foam also be blue?

Artemis Fowl II, genius, has absolutely no grasp on how much colour would help his flair for dramatics.
If I were Spiro, I would have laughed at the concept of a bright red box surrounded by blue foam. I would have laughed at it if it were blue as well, just for the sheer fact that it’s blue-on-blue. You wouldn’t be able to see it properly, and it would look tacky! 

This boy, with a flair for the dramatics, has absolutely no idea that he would make my inner artist cringe at this one passing line on page ten of the book.

Now, if it were red/grey, or red/black, or blue/grey or whatever the Cube’s colour is, then I’d be happy with it all. But it’s red/blue, (or blue/blue) so I’m not happy with it all. 

So, a note: Artemis doesn’t wear coloured ties. But if he did, it’s probably a red tie with a blue shirt/jacket.

And that’s terrible.

Ok… i’m suck in decripction…. I’m really, really suck, So I just want to say that I’m so happy with the new album to Gorillaz… and… that it (?) Right?…. Ok i’ll make this easy for me, if you want know more about, just leave me a messege! 8D 

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Every time i see that new art where Victor has his hat backwards with his fringe out the front I think of CF Victor???? Then my mind swaps out that plaid jacket for frat gear lol I thought u should know love your fics <3

Let’s see what it would look like if we swapped those plaid jackets (original image here) with Psi Omega Iota (from centripetal force) letter jackets….