Hey, hey everyone! Feather here. i’m making this post and an announcement to go with it.

I am opening commissions. 

the reasons i am opening commission are as follows.

I am a transgender individual. I have recently come out to my family, and things are less than accepting. I’m currently not attending school due to issues with money, and though I am searching for a second job, I haven’t had any luck in the last month. My parents are unable to help me as much with rent anymore, and they aren’t as forgiving since I came out to them. As for my first job, it pays my bills for the most part, but i’m stuck in an environment in which my boss purposefully misgenders me and calls me by my birth name, which, regardless of my efforts, leads my coworkers to do the same.

Any and all help is appreciated right now. 

I’m currently charging $10 for simple character sketches, full body.

I’ll gladly draw lineart with simple bg for $15. full body character lines with shades are also $15.

If you’re interested in something smaller, i can do busts for $5. I can draw antrho, and I can do Mech if you give me a little extra time for it. I will also do NSFW, and will tag it accordingly, or if you wish i will not post it and will email it to you upon request. 

If you’re interested, please let me know via email. you can contact me at 

i have also set up a patreon account! you can go here and pledge a certain amount, whether you want to donate every time i update, or with every week for my web comic update. 

Il a longtemps été l'emblème de notre marque : le broc Berger. Le reconnaissez-vous ?

“C’est dans les années 50 que le Broc Jaune BERGER fait son apparition. Rapidement symbole de convivialité, il devient l'Incontournable à l'heure de l'apéritif avec ce slogan qui restera longtemps sur toutes les lèvres "Midi…7 heures … l'heure du BERGER ! ».

On se rappelle encore les brocs BERGER géants tirés par les premières 2 CV et les 4L brocs, arpentant les routes du Tour de France… Celui qui a fait parti pendant longtemps du quotidien des Français, fait aujourd'hui parti de l'histoire collective.

Conçu en céramique, d’un jaune éclatant, et avec ses formes généreuses et voluptueuses, le broc BERGER reste un emblème fort de la marque.”

💙🍄💙 A wild Gloom appears…! 💙🍄💙
Hatched my first Oddish yesterday in Pokemon Go so soon this smelly little mushroom will be mine! Mwahahaha!
Photo by @fatmanphotography
Gloom Gijinka Cosplay based on the art by
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Temple University
Anderson Hall - 1114 W Berks Street

Reclaiming Our Future: The Black Radical Tradition In Our Time

On January 8th -10th, the Black Radical Organizing Collective (BROC) including grassroots activists, organizers, educators, scholars, and faith leaders will convene a conference on the Black radical tradition. The title of the conference is “Reclaiming our Future: the Black Radical Tradition In Our Time.” The conference will take place in North Central Philadelphia on the main campus of Temple University.

The mission of the conference is twofold. First, we wish to celebrate and illuminate the history of the Black radical tradition. Second, we wish to highlight the vital importance of today’s Black radical movements as we look to the future. The Black radical tradition represents a wealth of theoretical and practical wisdom. It is this rich heritage, combined with a forward-looking perspective that we wish to display at Temple University. Like critical perspectives throughout US academia, the Black radical tradition suffers at Temple. Radical approaches, traditions, and voices at America’s “imperial” universities face an onslaught of neoliberal policies which weaken students, faculty, and surrounding communities. In response to these circumstances, we seek to promote onsite critical analysis and collaborative solidarity among activists of today’s Black radical movements and those of previous generations.

Keynote speakers: Charlene Carruthers, Angela Y. Davis, Robin D.G. Kelley, Anthony Monteiro, Vijay Prashad, Steven Salaita, and Cornel West.The conference will include panels with youth leaders from emerging movements.

Registration is required! Please visit our website for registration and the complete structure for the conference. Also, please consider making a donation to assist with the logistics of the conference. There’s information at our website for organizations and individuals who are interested in becoming co-sponsors,

The conference is sponsored by the generosity of the Historic Church of the Advocate.