Teaser Trailer for Anastasia the Broadway Musical

We have an exclusive look at the new “Anastasia” musical, and it’s an amazing journey to the past!

Had a shower thought:

Really, why IS Broadway so against bootlegs? They claim it takes money from the hardworking actors and creators, but 1) why are the rich so obsessed with getting richer, and 2) no it doesn’t, because those watching the bootlegs couldn’t have afforded to go watch the performance anyway.

Which, ya know, is why we’re watching the bootlegs.

It seems like a foreign concept that when the underprivileged steal, it’s not out of malice. It’s out of desperation.

And it baffles me that even someone like Lin-Manuel Miranda, who is making money off the stories of people like us, can’t understand that.

aquaticsatan  asked:

ok IM SORRY but what is Hamilton? Is it just an album or have people on this website actually seen the Broadway musical? It seems to be hella expensive, so is the fandom based off the music? I've been very confused

yeah its rlly expensive cause broadway ins rlly exclusive and that sucks but!! the sound track is on youtube! (i would link it here but the first song isnt available on any playlists i found??) 

but you might this “thats a lil ridiculous that most of the fanbase hasnt even seen the show” but the thing is the music is really, really good

and plus unlike a lot of musicals (from what ive seen) almost all of the story is in the soundtrack itself and is entirely song! theres like one scene that isnt in there where a character ,#spoiler alert™,dies but you can easily look up the lyrics for that scene!

now you ask “ why do people draw fanart for something theyve never seen” 
and to that i say
i have no fucking clue but have you seen 18 century clothing? thats the most fun shit 2 draw 

Ok so this user earlier made a post bashing Laura Osnes. Several Carly Rae Jepson lovers agreed. And us “theatre nerds” as this user called us in a scorning manner meaning to insult us, were rightly upset. Ok, we love love our Princess Laura and the only people allowed to call us “nerds” are ourselves! I’m all for people respecting Carly and defending her if you do like her, but for the love of everything, DO IT NICELY AND WE WILL TREAT YOU NICELY. So I went to this persons blog to see what their problem was, and I saw this anon had already sent a message to which the user responded with this. First off, that is extremely rude. Second, I’m sorry, but which one of them is a Tony Nominee and which is a one hit wonder? Just because someone works almost exclusively on Broadway, DOES NOT MEAN THEY ARE A NOBODY, IT MEANS THEY LOVE WHAT THEY DO AND ARE PASSIONATE ABOUT IT. and I am SICK and TIRED of people not respecting us, those of us who are dreading Carly’s performance have a right to be. With tickets costing on average $100 we better get something decent from it! Not to mention Carly is only doing 6 shows a week. 6. Good god, shes playing Cinderella, not Elphaba or The Leading Player.
Theatre is the oldest form of entertainment and it will never die. Reason being, there will always be people who will love it and are passionate about it. And we demand respect, we demand to have a right to our opinions for all the shit we put up with in this community.


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