Broadway merchandise

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: why is broadway merchandise sO DAMN EXPENSIVE. all i want is something to commemorate me seeing a show that i already spent a shitload of money on, but i can't do that bECAUSE EVERYTHING IS TOO EXPENSIVE.

For trade/sale. Message me if you are interested in anything!

Picture 1

All the Way Pride Playbill signed by Bryan Cranston

If/Then Playbill signed by James Snyder, Jenn Colella, Ryann Redmond, Janet Krupin and Jason Tam

Mary Poppins playbill signed by the cast

Mamma Mia playbill signed by Laurie Veldheer and others

Shrek the Musical Tour playbill signed by Haven Burton

Book of Mormon tour playbill signed by Gavin Creel and others

Seminar Playbill signed by Alan Rickman, Lily Rabe, Jerry O’Connell, Hamish Linklater, and Hettienne Park

Nathaniel Hackmann signed Les Mis Jean Valjean understudy slip

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time playbill signed by Alex Sharp and one other

Spirit Control playbill signed by Jeremy Sisto and others

Aladdin Playbill signed by Adam Jacobs, and a couple of others

Hairpsray Playbill signed by Kate Loprest

If/Then playbill signed by Jackie Burns, LaChanze, and James Snyder

Jekyll & Hyde Playbill signed by Robert Cuccioli, Christianne Noll, and Lubra Mason

The Rink signed by Chita Rivera

Picture 2

Singin’ In the Rain Playbill signed by the cast

Hedwig and the Angry Inch Playbill signed by Lena Hall

The Book of Mormon Tour playbill signed by the cast

Ghost National Tour Playbill signed by the cast

Kinky Boots Cd insert signed by Annaleigh Ashford

Spelling Bee photo signed by Jesse Tyler Fergusen, and Sarah Sultzberg

Mystery of Edwin Drood signed by Janine DiVita

After Midnight Signed by babyface

Rock of Ages Pride Playbill signed by Carrie St. Louis, Aaron C. FInley, and more!

American idiot tour signed playbill

Jonathan Freeman signed Jafar photo

Arthur Darvill signed Doctor Who photo

Mystery of Edwin Drood signed by Justin Greer

Motown Playbill signed by the cast

Once Playbill signed by Paul Nolan

A Civil War Christmas signed by Alice Ripley

Lion King signed production shot

Charissa Hogeland signed Veronica slip Heathers the Musical

Picture 3

Bonnie & Clyde Wanted Poster

Bullets Over Broadway souvenir program

Nikki M James signed headshot

Laura Bell Bundy signed photo

Sister Act program

Pippin Playbill signed by many of the original company including Patina Miller, Matthew James Thomas, Terrence Mann, and Rachel Bay Jones among others

Godspell Playbill signed by Lindsay Mendez, Anna Maria Perez de Tagle, and Morgan James

Newsies Trading Cards (Ephraim Sykes (x2), Jess LeProtto, Andy Richardson, Ryan Breslin, Jeremy Jordan, Evan Kasprzak (Signed), Brendan Stimson, Ben Fankhauser, Garett Hawe, Kyle Coffman, and Michael Fatica)

Newsies closing night gift paper machete vase made with the newspapers from the show

Picture 4

Laura Osnes signed headshot (has creases and damage)

Rondi Reed signed photo

Spamalot opening night frame

 Alice Ripley CD brand new

On an Average Day programme signed by Kyle MacLaughlin and Woody Harrelson

Hairspray playbill trading card signed Dick Latessa

Felicia Finley signed CD

Phantom of the Opera 25th Anniversary Playbill

Hairspray Closing Night Playbill

Wicked 10th anniversary playbill

Pippin Post Card given out at the cast recording session

Spelling Bee production shot

Flyers: Catch Me If You Can, Bare, Last 5 Years, Spring Awakening, Grease

Pictures 5-7

One Man, Two Guvnors

How to Succeed in Business without really trying

Million Dollar Quartet

Rock of Ages signed by Dan Domenech, Rebecca Faulkenberry, Michele Mais, and 1 other

Lion King

Beauty and the Beast

Clybourne Park

Rocky Horror Show

A View From the Bridge

Addams Family

Additonal Items not pictured

Alice Ripley signed Next to Normal magnet

Newsies understudy slips (opening night cast sheet, Jack as Evan, Julian as Ryan Steele, Julian as Mike Faist, Michael Fatica as Mike Faist, Caitlyn as Julie, Cailtyn as Laurie, Jack as Garett, Fatica as Breslin, Laurie as Katherine, JP as Buttons (headshot & bio slip), papermill slip Michael McArthur as Corey Humemrston, Fatica as Tommy, Breslin as Davey, Sheet with JP as Iain Jack as Clay Julian as Aaron and Jeremy Greenbaum headshot and bio on the bottom announcing him as Davey


OK, so we all see the similarity here, and assume they’re making a similar EPK for West End as the Broadway one. I mean, they already duplicated the “climbing the ladder” posters for both productions. 

Buuuuut… why is Broadway Christine in Elissa/gala costume, while West End Christine is in Star Princess/Masquerade costume? Does that mean West End Phantom will appear in Red Death costume in West End? 

Hmmm… That would be cool! 


Box No. 5.1 details: Back Panel and Inside

The Newsies Box

1. 2. 3. <<photosets

[this item not for sale]

Broadway fans! I have a pressing question:

Is legit?

I made the mistake of not buying the Newsies hoodie I really wanted when I saw the show, and the only place I’ve found it online is at that particular website. However, I’ve never shopped there before and the fact that no other website has it makes me uncertain. If you could shed any light on the validity of the online shop, I would be super grateful.



For Trade/Sale. Send me an ask if you are interested in anything

- Hairspray cast signed  poster (majority of closing cast) Has a crease all the way across the middle and has some other creases and bends)

- Shrek Tour Playbill signed by Haven Burton

- Seminar signed by Alan Rickman, Lily Rabe, Jerry O'Connell, Hamish Linklater, and Hettienne Park

- Book of Mormon Tour signed by Gavin Creel and other members

- Finding Neverland cast signed playbill (Jeremy Jordan, Laura Michelle Kelly, Jeanna De Waal, and Michael McGrath all have not signed it)

- Matilda Cast Recording CD signed by Lesli Margherita, Gabriel Ebert, John Arthur Greene, Marissa Kennedy, Jennifer Bowles, and Celia Mei Rubin.

Alice Ripley Signed Concert Poster

Carrie Ad for concert signed by molly Ranson and Marin Mazzie

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Send me a ship: any of the asks with royality (prince and morality)

thank you for sending me my favorite ship <333

who wakes up first in the morning?

Usually Patton, because he likes to make breakfast for the others, and Roman claims that he needs as much “beauty sleep” as possible (Patton calls it his “cutie sleep”).

Roman, however, has made a habit of getting up not long after Patton does because Patton cannot cook/bake a single thing without making a HUGE MESS.

who’s the first to fall asleep at night?

both of them; Patton doesn’t work well if he’s touch-starved, and can’t sleep without cuddling up to Roman.

Roman would never admit it, but he finds it hard to fall asleep without his arms around Patton because he needs to know that he’s safe.

what do they playfully tease each other over?

“Roman, I think you have a cowlick, you may want to use some gel for that.”

“W H A T”

what they do when the other’s having a bad day?

Patton is the god of cheering people up; he always knows what to say, and he always knows that sometime Roman needs space to figure things out on his own, but not before making sure Roman knows how important and wanted he is.

Roman is, admittedly, not the best at comforting, but he’s a wonderful hugger and knows just how to run his fingers through Patton’s hair to calm him down. He has an excellent memory, and memorizes not only everything that Patton has done to help them in the past, but also his favorite movies and snacks.

how they say ‘i’m sorry’ after arguments

Patton makes a cupcake for Roman that says “I love you” or some form of pun on it

Roman will put his sword down and sit beside Patton in silence until he’s forgiven

which one’s more ticklish?

PATTON. The poor thing is crazy ticklish everywhere and you better believe Roman uses it to his advantage (Patton loves tickles though so it’s a win-win situation).

their favourite rainy day activities?

pillow forts and popcorn and lots of kisses; Patton asks Virgil and Logan if they want to enter their little ‘castle’ but Roman pouts and insists that no one is allowed entry (Patton teases him for being jealous before kissing him on the nose).

how they surprise each other

When Roman defeats a demon or dragon, he’ll name the castle/bridge/land that he conquers after Patton and then take him there to spend the day together.

Patton has acquired lots of Disney and Broadway merchandise for Roman over the years and will take pictures of his reactions to receiving each one.

their most sickening shows of public affection

Patton seems to save his cheesiest nicknames for when they’re around other people.

Roman is very insecure, so if he sees Patton talking to someone and feels jealous, he will not hesitate to randomly dip Patton before leaning down and kissing him.
Cameron Mackintosh: Do not hire a pedophile to star in the Broadway production of the Phantom of the Opera

It was announced today that James Barbour would be taking over the title role in Phantom of the Opera. Barbour has served a jail term after admitting that in 2001 he seduced a 15 year old girl who visited him backstage at the Broadway musical, Jane Eyre. Under a negotiated plea bargain he served 60 days in jail and three years probation, after he pleaded guilty to two counts of endangering the welfare of a child. Hiring a pedophile is an especially unnerving move considering the fact that a large majority of the Phantom of the Opera’s fan base is made up of teenage girls.   We are horrified by this casting announcement and feel disappointed and let down by those in charge, who should really know better.

This is a family oriented show. If you ask ANYONE if they’ve heard of Phantom of the Opera, about 90% will probably say yes. In case you need a formal list as to why this is not a good idea, let me spell it out.

  1. This is a family show. Anyone who has purchased tickets for further in advanced with their children will be taking their kids to see this show with this man as a principal role. A man IMPRISONED for sexual acts with an underaged fan
  2. Not only is this bad for the families already booked to see the show, but for people who were planning on seeing Phantom. Who the hell wants to see a show and support a pedophile? That’s not good for Phantom ticket sales, and it would break all of our thespian hearts if this show closed
  3. A man like this does not deserve to be on Broadway again. Every ticket, merchandise and Phantom related item that you purchase goes straight into his paycheck. Think about that.
  4. If this man gets hired into a broadway show as easily as Phantom has hired him, it basically proves anyone can get onto broadway. Whose to say that another actor won’t do something similar and still get away with it? It’s just a bad example that this man is setting

Nevertheless, there are probably THOUSANDS of better options. Young people should be looking up to broadway actors and see them as mentors. This is not a good example and I’m extremely disappointed in Phantom right now. Sign this petition to let your voice be heard, and let Phantom know that what they did was not okay. 


All of items up for trade or sale. Please message me if you are interested in anything

Picture 1
Lysistrata Jones drawstring bag
Sister Act tote bag
Legally Blonde drawstring bag
Shrek tour tote

Picture 2
Wicked pop up book
Les Mis from stage to screen coffee table book

Picture 3
Of Mice and Men pride Playbill
Laura Osnes signed headshot
35MM program
Spring Awakening Non Equity Tour signed program
Pippin playbill signed by Patina Miller
Godspell Opening Night playbill
Three Days of Rain west End programme signed by James McAvoy
Nice Work If You Can Get It playbill signed by Jessie Mueller and Blythe Danner
Once playbill signed by Paul Nolan

Picture 4
Magnets, keychains, pins, and more!! If you need to see close up photos of anything let me know!

Picture 5
Tarzan Tote Bag
Pippin Scarf
Drowsy chaperone beach ball
Hands on a Hardbody water bottle

Picture 6
Newsies understudy slips. Ask if you can’t read them

Picture 7
Avenue Q program
Aida program
Saturday Night Fever signed program
Drowsy chaperone magnet
Taboo playing cards
Taboo stickers
Pippin postcard from recording of the cast recording
Lion King signed production shot
Spelling bee production shot
Spamalot opening night frame

Everything is negotiable. Please message me if you are interested in anything. Trying to get things out and get new things!